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The best wishes for a Happy New Year of 2014

The whole new year of love and happiness in 2014 is touching our feet and we will be very soon saying “bye bye” at the year of 2013. We’ll welcome 2014 with a lot of good wishes and feelings very soon. On this day of “Happy New Year 2014”, wishes and greetings will be sent to all of our friends and relatives by the people within IMVU all over the world.

On 31st eve, the count down will start for new year 2014. At this way do I wish everyone a wonderful 2014 with lots of love and happiness and I’ll hope to see you soon back at the world of IMVU…kisses, kusjes xxx Wendy

Happy New YearWe look back while the months pass by,
as a new year of 2014 starts and the year of 2013 ends,
we contemplate what brought us joy,
and we’ll think of our loved ones and our friends.

Recalling all of our happy times,
remembering how they enriched our lives,
we reflect upon who does really counts,
as a fresh and bright new year arrives.

And when I ponder those who do,
I did start immediately to be think of you.
thank you for being one of this reasons,
and wish you all a Happy Bright New Year…xxx

Words of love…

Some people could write aSnap_CWKpAGCrlj1699300571bout love & beauty,
while others will show their pure heart,
all of their words often are about love,
while the word “love” is not even mentioned.

Words of gentle love brings great pleasure & joy,
some words have arms which embracing me,
gentle sweet words touch me to the core,
so I can feel their presence deep inside me.

A gift to write so beautiful and embrace someone,
is one of the greatest gifts a writer will share,
whether it is a letter to a friend, someone you love or family,
words capture sweet feelings and shared memories.

Words will always be my greatest passion in life,
even at times when it is not just the words themselves,
it is the manner in which they are presented,
for me, words define the greatest love of all…xxx

Happy Anniversary to the sweetest couple I’ve ever known

the sweetest girls in imvu

You meet a lot of people and if you get to know them you don’t see the outside, but you see a lot deeper than I think you do in real life. And I have to say, that these are without a doubt the sweetest people I’ve ever met. They are an amazing couple and one that I’m sure will be great friends for an awful long time.

I looked through their albums to make this and loved reading the descriptions of how they met and had their first date on March 24th last year. It is heartwarming and beautiful to see such a great bond between such loving people. They struggle and juggle busy lives and time differences but I’ve never seen a more loving couple. It’s my great honor to be their friend, and to love them both with all my heart. And that’s why I wanted to help wish you both a Happy First Anniversary and many many more.

YouTube copy is at

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friends!

when you're sick in imvuEven in a difficult time like this, I want you all to know how much I love you!
At this moment it is a very difficult time for me. This is because my grandmother, on her birthday Tuesday, had a double heart attack. I want to thank you all so very much for all the support, the messages and prayers you’ve send me. This really means a lot to me, to know that there are friends at the other side of the Atlantic ocean who cares for you. It’s too emotional to thank you all in private but I’m sure you all will understand this. Thank you all for everything!


Happy Valentine`s Day to all my dearest friends,
I wish you all happiness that will never ends.
Now this special day of love is here,
may you have memories to last through the year.
Valentines Day is a day to show you care,
like I care for my special friends on line and everywhere.
I just could not let this special day go,
without writing this verse to let you all know.
How much I care for all my special friends,
we’ve made some friendships that never ends.
Valentines Day is not just for romance you know,
so take the love in your heart and let it show…xxx

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friends!

Happy New Year my dear friends…

happy new year 2013 imvuIt’s almost here… 2012 is almost passed and 2013 is here! Wow, this year flew by really fast. We all start the year with such good intentions for the New Year. One friend’s resolution to do more for sports, one promised to stop smoking and another said just to be happy like the way she is and has no resolutions for this New Year.

This was my first year in IMVU. I noticed an ad for it a year ago, and was very curious after reading about it. I had never heard of IMVU or anything like this before and really never gave it much thought. I figured I’d probably stay a few weeks or months at most. But now a year later I am so glad to say, I have met some wonderful and dear friends from all over the world and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

happy 2013 in imvuFor some of my friends here, I live in the future and the new year comes several hours sooner. The time difference can be strange and make it difficult to wish everyone in personal a happy New Year. So I’ll post it here on Kaitlyn’s webpage.

I wish everyone a very lovely, sexy and fun, happy New Year but most of all with lots of luck and good health in the future. Have a great New Years eve and I’ll see you soon again in the future of 2013!

New Years come and new Years go,
pieces of a fun time all in a row.
As we live our life, each second and minute,
we know we’re privileged to have you all in it.
Our appreciation will never ends
for our greatest blessings, our family and dear friends.

Happy New Year to all my dear friends…xxx

IMVU friends…

I was going to write a poem for all of my friends within the virtual world of IMVU, but when I sat down trying to think of what to write about I realized that no paper could all of the happiness I receive from my best friends. Knowing that no matter what happens I still have my dear friends there to help me out in the in the good times and the bad always makes me smile. I don’t know what I would do if I woke up one day and knew that I didn’t have the friends I have now. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the many friends I have. I love them all so very much and thank you all for being there for me when I need you all the most. In good or bad times, friends like this are very special to me and will always remain my friends…xxx

I have still just written a poem to say…I love you all!!

Whenever the day we’ve met,
I never thought we’d be as close as we are,
I didn’t know we’d be best friends,
because in distance we are so far.

But now I know
that I couldn’t live without you,
you all I lean and depend on,
whenever I am feeling blue.

You won’t judge me,
for the things I do wrong,
You help me through,
and help me to stay strong.

You all help me through trouble,
never leaving my side,
even when we disagree,
you won’t run down my pride.

Sometimes I can be foolish,
and tend to turn things bad,
but I know I can count on you,
whenever I start to feel sad.

You all always seem to know
whenever I am feeling down,
but then you pick me up
and turn my thoughts around.

I worry about you,
a lot more than you know,
for I couldn’t stand to lose you,
your all the best persons I know.

I hope we never fall apart,
or slowly drift away,
you all are the best friends I have,
and I hope together we always stay…xxx

This is for my best friends. I am so thankful for you guys. I Love you all!

Who’s website is this anyway?

kissing my imvu sweetheart Wendy

kissing my imvu sweetheart WendyThis isn’t just my website, it’s all of ours, my friends and really everyone at IMVUs. I love seeing comments and especially getting such great articles from my friends. I kind of feel like its my job to show the world how much fun IMVU is and how to make it fun.

The only thing I like more than hearing from people on the website is meeting people from the website. They tend to be higher quality like minded people. I don’t make money at this. I do it for the same reason I do IMVU, because it’s fun and I enjoy it. Meeting great people and making friends is payment enough.

So if you have something to share we’d love to see it and if you read and enjoy this, please leave comments or even better, come say hello in imvu. You might have to write a message first though since I don’t always accept random invites or requests. But meeting people is a big part of the fun in IMVU and the website.

You know you have a story in here. Lets share it!

True Love in IMVU

True love in imvu

True love in imvu
What happens when the Princess of Happiness meets the Princess of Sweet? You get Hershey Kusjes, lol… I’m on my way to a real life wedding in a few minutes and then I’ll be away for 10 days driving my kids to meet Isaac in Disneyworld. So I won’t be around much for a little bit but I had to share this with the world. IMVU is amazing at sharing emotions, and I’ve had the unbelievable honor of sharing the love and emotions of two of my very best friends, from the first falling in love all the way through real life things and last night a proposal.

I hope this isn’t spoiling the fun of announcing it. But I have to run and don’t know what my internet situation or time will be like for a while and I have to share this. I may be able to make a video later when I have some more time. Words alone can’t say how amazing their love is, how much I love them both or how happy I am. Ik hou zoveel van jou Wendy and Stephanie. They are truly the very best of IMVU.

Sleep well…..

Sleep well my sweet angel,
turn out the light,
I wish I could be there,
lying with you here tonight.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
for I know in my heart,
that I am always with you,
we’re never apart.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
and know that I care,
I will never leave you,
I’ll always be there.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
the one who makes me always smile,
as you lie in bed awake,
will you think of me awhile.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
in your dreams I will be,
we’ll dance in a field of flowers,
until you wake and think of me.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
turn out the light,
I will soon be there,
lying with you another night…xxx

Fathers Day

daddys little imvu princess

Every year in this wonderful month of June,
we celebrate the greatest man in our life,
every daughters hero and sons image,
the man of the hour is our father.

Every year I am thankful to still have him,
what is so rare as a day in June, my Dad,
one of a kind, a man, a father, and he’s mine,
I love you dad, Happy Fathers Day.

I wish everyone a happy father’s day … xoxo WENDY

Messages, sweet or just for fun?

A few days ago, I got a great idea to send several friends the same message. A little inspired by Kait, her previous story in “Passing sexy notes” in the category “Fun Messages“.

While I was writing this story I could see in my mind the faces of many friends when they read it, and enjoyed it a bit feeling a little sneaky. A message with a wink and a smile should I say! I was curious about the reactions of those that I send this story, and whether there would be someone who would continued this story and would send it back. This didn’t happen, but the reactions I received have been very sweet and nice. I really laughed a lot with this story and especially because there were some who thought this story was actually really happening! Lol … I will not tell any names Kait, so don’t worry.

The point was just how much fun it was to and write a sweet, nice of sexy story. See what the reactions are of those that you send your story to. Maybe you get a sweet, cute or nice message back or maybe there is someone who continue the story where you have ended this. As a tip I would say, write your story first in something like word. This makes it easier to send everyone the same story. Have fun and good luck…xxx


Today was an exciting day for me. I have met some time ago, someone at IMVU and had agreed with her that she could come over for a few days and stay with me when she visiting Europe. Oh so exciting, our first real date! Today was that day dawned, very nervous and very tense where I waiting at the airport for her when her flight would land. I had already looked at the clock several times whether I would be on time and checked her flight data several times. On the TV screen at the airport I could see that her flight had landed exactly on time and my heart began to beat faster at the thought that we would meet today in real. I stood with a big sign with her name written on it and waited at the exit of arrival hall number 3! Many people came through the exit, but not the girl I was waiting for…I tried to call her but got no answer. Maybe she missed her flight? Quickly I checked my email…not any sign of her! Helplessly, I looked around!! Hopefully that I could find her between all the people. I looked so….. 

frighten and helpless until a hand was laid on my shoulder and an arm wrapped around my middle. A soft, sultry voice whispered behind me…I LOVE YOU WENDY! My heart began to beat faster and hit my sorrow into joy…I turned myself around and my eyes began to shine. Oh we both had already waited so long and finally were there the day that she has arrived at the airport! Our first meeting…We looked at each other and started laughing, both nervous and a bit tense! Oh she was even much prettier than at the pictures she had sent me. There was also our first kiss, first volatile followed by a passionate loving kiss. Oh a tingling floats through my full body and I felt myself glowing from the tip of my head till my toes! We had almost forgotten where we were and thought even less of all the people around us. That moment, we have had only eyes for each other! Even if we have stood on a treadmill it was not even noticed us!! After a while she picked up her luggage and I took her hand…….

Dealing with time differences

Wendy is my best friend in IMVU

Wendy is my best friend in IMVUOne of the neat things about IMVU is the worldwide nature of it. Geography doesn’t matter very much in cyber space but the time differences can be a factor when you have dear friends from all over the world. As an example, I come from the Netherlands. Within Europe, we don’t have to deal a lot with time differences, sometimes an hour ahead or an hour back. But many of my friends on here are in America and the time differences can amount to 6, 7, 8, or even 9 hours which makes a difference.

Often I can only see my friends when I really need to go to bed or when I just wake up. Between Kait and I for example, there’s a difference of 6 hours. Fortunately she doesn’t sleep and I can often see her when I wake up. The funniest thing is when they ask how my evening or night is or they say good night when I just opened my eyes after a deep sleep (and hopefully a very nice and beautiful dreams). The good side of that is that no matter when I go on, there are almost always a number of good friends available to talk to.

With friends at a distance you may have to work harder to adjust and find common time and you should definitely write more notes. This may be just a few words to include “I Love You”, a complete story in which you write something about yourself or what you have experienced that day. Write a fun or a sexy story or just simple a poem or some poetry. Try to leave something of yourself in the message so that when you do see each other once again you’ll have some things to talk about together. Messages are timeless and will always read when the other person logs on or check their e-mails messages and are often saved. Even a short note will also show in their inbox if you’re online and will often encourage them to invite or respond.

Love knows no boundaries and one of the neat things about IMVU is the way you get to know people in other parts of the world and other cultures that you never would have been able to before. The friendships you make all add up and create an amazing network connecting and shrinking the world like never before. None of my real life friends have the friends all around the world that I do and it’s very special.

Wendy wrote this and I was looking for a picture to put with it and thought of this song. I was going to put embed a youtube video of this and then realized I had so many pictures and video clips I should probably put together a video for her. This is just a small glimpse into the fun and love we’ve shared. Thank you so much Wendy!!

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