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Kait and Kris Wedding Pictures and Video

snuggling by the fire on the beach after weddingI wanted to put up and share the pictures of our IMVU wedding and a video of the vows. I’ll just link to the actual WMV file of our wedding video here because it’s hard to read the bubbles on the lower reserve version it plays. But the original in 720P is big 800megs for 30 minutes but gives you more of the experience of being there.

It was immensely powerful and touching for me and I wanted to share it with you. IMVU is nothing if not intense and emotional and it’ll touch your heart if you let it. I hope you can see how special not just the wedding but ALL of the people are to me!

Wedding Vows

all the Bleue Doll Girls

Weddings in IMVU are slightly different than real life. You write you own vows because it’s not a question of being legal as much as meaning a lot to the people involved. Here are the vows from a wedding from my best friend’s wedding. Actually it was between two of my best friends that I introduced. :-)

Ashley & Diane (Blueixis & Mustangchic2) Married August 19, 2011

Ashley & Diane (Blueixis & Mustangchic2) were Married August 19, 2011. It was a beautiful wedding and they are a good couple.