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What’s the biggest secret of IMVU?

great relationships in imvu are based on emotionsImvu is all about relationships. I say its a secret because there’s nothing that tells you that in the instructions or their materials. But this really is clearly about relationships. It’s built on emotion. It’s not a game any more than Match or Facebook is. If you had to describe it, it’d be more of a social network. It’s definitely extremely social.

Every relationship in IMVU just like in life, is different and its own mixture of friendship, lust, and love. There are several different types of relationships in IMVU and endless variations but they are all relationships. real emotions and passionate kisses The principles of life and real life apply here and they grow stronger and stronger every day. It takes consistent contact and shared emotions.

Relationships here are essentially the accumulation of all the experiences and emotions you’ve shared together. Passion is very intense emotion and certainly can cement a relationship. When you feel like things are a little off the best thing to do is pour on the passion, if that’s part of your relationship. But don’t forget all of the other emotional things too. Whatever you do, open up and share your emotions.

Why exclusivity Is hard in IMVU

the most amazing dance partnerEven virtual passion is definitely more powerful and more real with the one you love the most. It strengthens the relationship and is important to it. You can create a great variety even with the same person by changing rooms and costumes very easily. Even someone else that’s technically as good wouldn’t know me, what sets me off, and wouldn’t be able to reach right into my heart and make me explode the way my lover does. I could be perfectly happy being just with the one that I love the most, if they were always available but that can be hard to maintain.

Fairy LoveThat’s why one of the issues with having a relationship here is that we all have different and varying hours and schedules. If you and your partner were only on at the exact same hours, it would minimize any need for outside passion. Unfortunately though life here doesn’t seem to work that way and schedules don’t ever seem to mesh perfectly.

Even when they do seem to for a while, Murphy’s law kicks in and life often changes and our availability changes. One of the hardest things that can happen to you, is to be in love with somebody that you csee less and less of. Trust me I’ve been there. Breakup or divorce by lack of contact does happen and hurts almost as much an explosion. It’s just more spread out.

sail lovingOn the other hand, there is definitely some benefit to waiting for them too. That’s why I feel like something in the middle works for me. Instead of focusing or thinking about it as exclusivity (which is limiting) or not exclusivity, think about it more as making your partner your priority, and doing everything possible to constantly reinforce that and show that you love your partner every way that you can! As long as you keep doing that and focus on that, you will have a great growing empowering loving relationship.

It seems obvious to me that having one highest priority partner is the best and can be totally amazing. But it’s also helpful to have some other good friends in imvu that you can share some passion with but which understand your priorities. Beyond that its also important to have great solid supportive friends that you are super close to but not overly physical. (I say overly because cuddling and even flirting is nice and strengthens the connections).

so much love and so specialThis isn’t easy and definitely takes a lot of balancing. This is also very personal and only my opinion of course and I there really isn’t a right answer about this for everyone. The best solution for you in this is probably also going to change over time. There are also a lot of great relationships that are probably very different. So as usual this is just one crazy girls opinions at the time. I reserve the right to change them and disagree even with myself sometimes too.

Who does a girl go out with here?

imvu makeout cuddling by the fireI wrote once before what I was looking for but thought I should expand on that. This isn’t just me, but some things girls in general look for. Someone that shows affection and appreciation. There are lots of ways to do this. I’m not a gift hound but some really respond big time to that. I like sexy or exciting messages. Role play opening messages are the best.

Someone that writes often, and talks well. Silence is golden and that’s fine sometimes but being more expressive is the biggest thing to me. Don’t just stop talking! I love someone that pushes me and makes me feel sexy or seduces me.

meeting in imvu doorstepThe person that has a fun, sexy, different room. I admit I like sexy poses and especially a good progression that just makes me melt and want to, no NEED to go further.

The person that’s persistent and committed in imvu. A lot of people take not being available as a sign I’m not interested but its really just that I’m busy. Sure at some point you have to move on but err on the side of patience if you can.

The person that’s available at the right time. If someone was available at 11 pm one day, try again at that time the next day. If it was a weekend try them again the following weekend. Consistency is important in a relationship.

Someone that invites and or writes sexy notes. I have too many people on my friends list so I start with my messages and missed invites to see who I should talk to. Don’t invite too fast when someone comes on because they may not have loaded or may need a mi ute but you can write right away.

When you write its ok sometimes to just say a quick Hi! How are you? But sometimes write something clever or exciting. (Save a file or document of great messages you’ve used). Also try to send messages from your webpage which you access at when you’re notable to get on for a while. Part of building a relationship is staying on the top of someone’s mind.

imvu castaway island3Someone that seems to really care (loves?) is VERY attractive as long as its in here and sounding like it goes into real life. That may not be much of a concern for some people but to me being married, that’s cheating and could very easily be the end of this whole thing. So I love real passion in here but it has to very safe too.

The biggest thing about who I go out with and see repeatedly is who makes it exciting and makes me feel really sexy and wanted. If you shut up and don’t make me feel sexy I’ll probably keep going and carry it but I won’t look for you again any time soon. If you make it awesome I’ll look for you and do my best to curl your toes and make you scream (with me).

Filling Buckets on IMVU

imvu girl talkMy son had a book to read yesterday (How Full is Your Bucket, by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer, video below), that was so neat I kind of wanted to just retype the whole thing for the site. It’s not about IMVU of course but it definitely applies a lot. I guess a lot of life principles apply here. It’s just easier to see things in here sometimes.

The point of the book was that we all have a bucket that we use for our good feelings. And we are either filling each others buckets or we are emptying their bucket. We can’t fill our own buckets but we can fill other people’s buckets. If we always fill the buckets of the people around us, we will get our own bucket filled in the process. And taking something out of someone else’s bucket does NOT add it to ours.

It was cute but it made me think of here for some reason. When we start here we think its just a fun sexy game or something. But along the way as we start to connect with our avi and connect with friends we learn to let our walls down and our heart out and it almost takes on a life of its own. And the principle we kind of know for life seem to work even more clearly in this clutter free virtual world.

So even though you can do or be anything you want in imvu, you’ll probably find that being a better version of yourself is much more rewarding . I don’t mean better in terms of morals but I mean better in how you treat others. Karma definitely applies here and in the end whatever you give out is what you’ll get back.

Love everyone with all your heart. Don’t play games, just fill buckets and you’ll soon find that your own bucket is more than overflowing. One of the neat things I think I’ve learned here is to just pour out love and share easily. Sure, pixels are initially attractive, but what really makes you attractive in IMVU his your heart. As long as you keep filling buckets and sharing with the people around you will be loved and have the time of your life in imvu!

Life in IMVU can being such a soap opera

imvu drama and relationshipsI don’t mean it necessarily in a bad way, but even when everyone is pulling in the same direction you still have so many personalities and relationships and characters twisting and growing and sharing together that it is NEVER boring. It’s so funny, because even between two people that love each other very deeply, it’s still interesting to watch how they twist and playoff of each other sometimes.

Katy has often said that a certain amount of twinging is necessary. I guess I wrote recently the same thing in a different way, that we all have drama, meaning ups and downs in IMVU. Sometimes it’s more like swings from side to side rather than ups and downs. Sometimes it’s loops and spirals. It’s all more than a little crazy but I wouldn’t change a bit of it. It all takes energy but it’s part of being real and it definitely makes things

It takes some ups and downs

imvu happy snugglesI dislike imvu drama like most people. But when you have relationships with real people it doesn’t feel real unless you share some of the ups and downs too. You don’t have much drama when you just wander through rooms and just meet new people randomly all the time. The more you open yourself up and connect with people the more at risk for drama you become.

Life is a struggle, we all have ups and downs in real life. Unfortunately the only way to avoid the downs is simply not to go up. I know that sounds a little silly and may be overly simplifying it, but it’s the truth. Falling in love requires opening yourself up and tearing down walls which also makes you vulnerable.

Enjoy the ups, there are actually more positive things about imvu drama than negative things though the bad things can be extremely intense. Sometimes we have to step back and get some space. Take a longer-term view and don’t react or beat yourself up too badly or let anyone else.

imvu explosionsIf this feels like a roller coaster too much get off and take a break, or just go back to the bunny slope. The bunny slope is just the things you used to do earlier when you first got here. Maybe it’s shopping, or maybe it’s making some new unrelated friends or just hanging out with people who are safe and you don’t have any issues with.

I know it’s hard to stay on track when everything is falling down around you and even the smallest thing can really mess you up. Just try to remember that it’s only temporary and don’t overreact and it will get better.

I never did bother much about the little things.

snuggling and teasing a real manThat’s a line from the movie, La Femme Nikita, but it’s also important to remember in here too. Sometimes no matter how close you are, no matter how in love you are in here, little things can come up. And it’s amazing how such a tiny little thing can change or affect your mindset. Maybe it’s because this is so much more emotional and in your head, that even a small attitude change can sometimes change your feelings and affect your relationships in here more than you realize.

I know little things start big fights even in real life, I understand that. But I kind of think that little things can somehow cause more damage in a virtual relationship then real life. Maybe it’s because a real-life relationship has more momentum, more baggage, more dependency and routine to it, and that makes it more consistent, even if it’s not as much fun sometimes.

don't bother much about the litteSo what do you do or how do you handle these little bumps that come along and keep them from getting you off track? The answer is Communication, Openness, and Love! (though not necessarily in that order) I don’t just mean that in general, they are really the answer, along with just taking a deep breath sometimes.

The point is though that you have to be more careful in here, because these little things can disrupt and hurt even the best relationship more in here then they do even in real life. And ironically, sometimes the strength of the relationship is what makes you susceptible to disruption if it comes from the person you have your walls down to.

dancing on the beachAlso realize that, sometimes the little ripples give you a great chance to prove yourself, and strengthen your relationship too! A relationship is in many ways the sum of all the emotions you shared, and sometimes sharing this type of emotion and being there for each other definitely does make you stronger.

So remember, love them totally. Communicate and be honest about how you feel, listen a lot and focus on their intentions. Focus more on the bigger picture and love even more! We all make mistakes or just say or do the wrong thing sometimes. Sometimes things just come out wrong. These things are going to happen. But when you both want the same thing, being open sharing and loving your way through things is what makes this so real, so intense, and so special!

When it’s really important

imvu friends mean the world to meWhen it’s really important with someone… sometimes it’s better to wait! In here it’s literally all in your head. That means it’s literally as powerful and important as you make it. So sometimes a little bit of extra time and effort, especially for your first time with someone important can make a huge impact.

That doesn’t mean it’s not exciting to get swept away with something spontaneous. I definitely enjoy that a lot too. But sometimes when it’s really important like someone you’ve known for a long time, having to wait and let it build up a little bit longer, making you both a little bit crazy, can make for awesome fireworks!

very best imvu girl friendsIt’s important at this point, when you have to put it off, to write a very good note explaining how much they mean and how you’re looking forward to finally being able to spend more time together. Again because so much of this is mental, and in your head, building up a little bit extra emotion and excitement only adds to the intensity.

It’s also nice if you can plan a special date. Calling it a date in here also makes it a little bit more special. We tend to have a lot of different random encounters but most people don’t get a “date” very often. So try to schedule this final one in advance and even send them something special to wear with a note about how much you’re looking forward to it. You aren’t going to do this with everybody obviously, but when it’s important and you want to make that amazing first impression it’s the build up and the little things that make all the difference.

Does IMVU reduce cheating?

Zoro kiss

First we have to start with the understanding that an online only relationship is NOT cheating. If you define cheating as watching porn or a sexy movie or fantasizing about somebody you meet, then almost everything is cheating. So for the purpose of this point, let’s define cheating as sexual physical contact. (If you think just thinking something sexy is the same as doing it, then everyone’s cheating and this whole discussion is pointless and you might be perfect but you may also be very lonely.)

I searched on the internet and found an article in Psychology Today that listed the following eight most common reasons given why people cheat. It was based on a survey conducted on an online dating site. I think I fall into numbers 4, 2, 8 and 1 (in that order of priority).

1. Lack of sexual satisfaction in your primary relationship. (This was the most common reason cited by individuals in their study.)
2. Desire for additional sexual encounters.
3. Lack of emotional satisfaction in your primary relationship.
4. Wanting emotional validation from someone else.
5. Falling out of love with your partner.
6. Falling in love with someone new.
7. Wanting to seek revenge.
8. You’re curious and want new experiences.

IMVU cheatingI would say that IMVU or a virtual relationship like this can help address at least six out of these eight issues. I don’t think these things necessarily make you cheat because we all have some of these things at times. I recognize and felt several of them, but have never had any real desire or inclination to cheat. But I do think that if there’s a safe way to address these issues without risking or hurting anything it certainly could say that it may reduce real life cheating.

So even if you can’t say IMVU actually reduces cheating it certainly is a good way to address some of the issues that can lead to cheating. The down side is that if you cross over into real life, it suddenly turns into cheating and can lead to serious real life issues and hurt your relationship.

The Anthony Weiner affair wasn’t just Virtual

Anthony Weiner Virtual Relationship pictures on imvuI listen to the discussions on the radio here in NY about Anthony’s Weiner new scandal and they’re debating if a virtual encounter is the same thing as a real life one. I know they don’t actually care, they just want to get people talking and stir things up. But Weiner’s affair clearly wasn’t just virtual. It crossed over into real life. It isn’t actually the virtual part that they talk about either it’s the real life part. It’s texting and pictures and phone calls.

Sending pictures texting and phone calls are things that you do in a real-life relationship. They aren’t things that you do in a virtual relationship. They also require sharing your true identity. A virtual relationship is different because you don’t share your identity. That gives you more freedom And allows you to stay focused on things inside that you don’t see on the surface.

Virtual KissesIf you have a virtual relationship and you start to share things outside of that virtual relationship, such as pictures and phone calls, then it is no longer just a virtual relationship and has crossed the line and is becoming a “real” relationship. To me, that’s when it crosses the line from a virtual relationship which isn’t hurting your real life into a real relationship and becomes cheating.

If Anthony Weiner’s relationship was really just a virtual relationship and he hadn’t sent pictures or texted or phone calls then he wouldn’t be in this situation he’s in right now. So to me, it becomes a serious problem when you cross over. The moral of the story is, be very careful about crossing over into real life because you don’t want to end up turning into a Wiener

Great Passion helps lots

great imvu love requires passionPassion is important in a real life relationship and its also important in here too. That’s probably obvious in real life but its interesting that it matters so much and so works the same way here.

intense passionIf you had a bad day or your partner did, push their buttons. If you feel distant or like something is missing, take them on a sexy adventure. Be bolder or more passionate or aggressive than you usually are. You might be surprised how much better everything feels when you kick it up a notch or two.

do something different to spark imvu passionOh and here’s another sexy secret. If you don’t usually push much, pushing and saying how much you need them is even more exciting. Whisper in their ear not just that you need them but graphically what you want to do to them. If you don’t usually do this, try it.

You can create the same feeling you get from having sex and get them super excited by describing it as if you were doing it under the guise of saying what you want or what you’re going to do to them. This is one of the sexiest forms of teasing. Try it next time you’re whispering!

Hold them with love

imvu love and commitmentYou’re never more than a click or two away from another room or other friends in here. So the only way to hold onto anyone here is to love them more than anyone else. You can get promises and even chains and cages (which can be kind of fun, by the way) but the freedom and ease of meeting people in here makes it impossible to hold onto anyone that doesn’t want to be held. So the trick is to make them WANT to be held.
holding my love
So the question becomes what would make them want to stay. In real life stay together because they don’t have many choices, because of kids, because of the expense of leaving or breaking up, because of the stigma of divorce, or because of their physical needs. Obviously none of these things are true in here. So how do you hold onto people who are constantly seeing supermodels wanting to spend time with them?

I think there’s only one thing strong enough to hold, really hold someone here and that’s LOVE! Emotions in here can be very intense (VERY intense) and none is stronger than Love. The only way you can keep anyone in here is to love them with all your heart and in every way. I’ve written posts about how to make someone feel loved and I’m sure you can figure out a few things of your own too.

The secret

Lyn girls Katy Susan and Kait togetherI was going to call this the secret to a three way relationship but its also the secret to any group situation. I think it could also be said to be one of the best approaches to all relationships in IMVU. It’s also deceptively simple.

foursome imvu girlsThe secret is to put the other people’s relationships first. I don’t mean in just some ways or when it’s convenient. You have to do it at all times and constantly up lift them and do anything and everything you can to support and help them in every action or conversation. And even then there will be significant tears and pain necessary to balance things. And like most right things its easier to do than to say.

loving on the couchIf you do this though, you’ll make an even stronger structure. You’ll have a core of people you can count on that will make you important relationships stronger. You won’t have just one person putting you first you’ll have two (or more?)

When you think about it, a relationship or marriage is essentially just a commitment to make the other person your priority. The rules may vary but that’s the common core of any marriage or relationship, along with openness and intimacy.
imvu blondes
The alternative ends up hurting everyone involved and pits you against the others. Even if your relationship is stronger than the other you’ll hurt the person you love pulling them apart and causing a lot of pain.

New Online Service for Virtual Relationships

imvu virtual girfriendsI came across this company cloud girlfriend a little while ago in this article. Ok, the article is a bit old, but its new to me.

It’s interesting, the founders of cloud girlfriend had the idea for a service very similar to what goes on to imvu. Clearly, the popular press didn’t understand, and it became a site for creating a fake girlfriend to make your rl friends jealous. But the original idea is a lot like what we see imvu. virtual relationships A way to be a play and practice at relationships as a more perfect version of yourself. One unencumbered by the constraints of reality.

You can say a lot of things about IMVU but it does give people an outlet and can give you some of the benefits and feelings of a relationship in a safe way. OK, it’s not perfectly safe if you give out too much information, but real life dating isn’t necessarily safer.

Ripples of Love

we're all human but all love each other

I agree with Kait, things do happen fast here. I was reminded recently that my old rule of thumb is that 1 imvu day is like a week, 1 week is like a month, and 1 month is like a year.

I’ve also written here before that one great thing about imvu is all the different relationships, the different loves, and that we should cherish each new relationship.

But there is a reason why poly-amory is rare in rl. I believe there is beauty in it, but it is delicate. One place where multiple ties of love does abound in rl is within a family.

I was lucky that I was too young to remember the birth of my younger sibling, and that somehow my single mother waited until I was adult before dating again, because if television family sitcoms are to be believed, the birth of a new sibling, or the introduction of a parent’s new significant other, will lead to hijinks and hilarity as the existing kids act out until the newcomer is accepted into the family. That’s why entire books are written to help prepare kids for their new siblings.

We are tied both on imvu and in rl by a web of love. And it is a wonderous thing. But that means a shakeup in one thread will lead to vibrations throutout the entire web.


I am truly honored to be able to call Katy my imvu twin
IMVU twin mosaicThis is one more of those things that I didn’t get at first in here. (Wow looking back at it, it’s crazy how much I had to learn in here!) “Twin” in IMVU doesn’t mean you’re born from the same mother or even the same age. It means you feel a unique bond, kind of like “soulmate”. It’s not necessarily sexual, but more of an inner connection. Dressing a like can be an awful lot of fun. Dressing up is one of the most fun things in here. And it’s even more fun to share it with someone special, to dress each other. It gives you a special closeness feeling. Kind of like saying to the world, we belong to each other. We are a pair. Like a lot of things in here, it’s not about being born that way without any choice, it’s choosing each other.

The picture above is me with my Twin, Katy. We don’t always dress the same, but we’re twins inside. And if you know her, that’s the biggest compliment to me you can imagine. I love her with all my heart on so many levels. I admire and respect her more than anything I could ever say. She makes everyone’s life brighter, and any time with her is a treasure. That’s just my Imvu Twin. I often say IMVU is about Relationships, and an Imvu Twin is a very special kind of relationship. And I’m glad to include some awesome Twin pictures that show in a cool way how special and how much fun this can be. Click the pics on the left or the title or picture above or here to see all the IMVU Twins.


The benefits of Drama

We all complain about drama.


While looking for this comic I saw recently to illustrate the point, I actually found an article that said everything I wanted to say:

Why is there so much drama in relationships?

1. To quell uncertainty
2. To seek reassurance
3. To enliven the relationship
4. To grab power
5. To exact payback
6. To breakup
7. Because some are really psycho

Answer: All of the above.

Honestly, I’d prefer to live a drama free life. I try. But a couple recent conversations stuck out. One was a slave trying to convince me to be his owner. He promised to be the perfect slave, obeying everything I say but creating just enough trouble to keep it fun. I got the same advice when I was seeking tips on being a better sub.

It is fun. It also does “quell uncertainty” provides “reassurance” and “enlivens” the relationship. My favorite book from high school was Brave New World, a scifi world where the government basically outlaws “drama” and sadness, basically using lots of sex and drugs. The point of the book is when the main character redisocvers Shakespeare and learns that without sadness, without drama, you can’t have beauty or love.

Anyway, drama sucks. It hurts. It’s stupid. We should all do our part to get rid of it. But its ok to like it, just a little.

Silly SNL sketch about drama.

Being Open means being Vulnerable

imvu murder

imvu murderI haven’t talked or even thought much about my first marriage, but 20 years ago I was married. It only lasted about 2 years or so and it turned into a nightmare of nonstop arguing. I’ve kind of blocked a lot of it out but the intensity of the emotion of a fight with someone I love that much brings that back and makes me have to run and retreat. And every time I do that I feel like I’m emotionally taking one step toward giving up on the whole thing.

In order to be truely close and love someone in here you have to tear down your walls. That’s an awesome feeling and time in a relationship as you circle and dance, each opening up together. I kind of think I’m good at opening up and tearing down my walls with people. But the more thoroughly I tear them down the more vulnerable I become too. It takes a while to truly trust people and feel like they are a part of your heart huge imvu dragonsbut it’s an awesome feeling.

99.999% of the time that’s great because they are awesome people and we really love and would do anything for each other. But every once in a great while something goes wrong and if I feel like someone in my heart is attacking me I can get very hurt very easily. It can just be a misunderstanding or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and it’s amazing how fast all the good things suddenly go out the window. I can face down the biggest scariest demons, assassins or dragons in here but if someone in my heart hurts me, it brings me back to the verbal abuse from my first marriage and makes me want to run away both physically and emotionally as well. Trust me this isn’t easy to say or face but in hind site I’ve kind of done this in the major conflicts I’ve had in here.

The Argument Myth: It’s always better to stay and work things out when you have an argument.

I actually find the opposite is true. Any time I’ve ever felt the urge to run away when an argument is escalating I’ve always looked back and found that it got worse because I stayed when I wanted to leave. That doesn’t mean this is true for everyone, but I find it’s much easier to work out your differences when you’ve had a chance to let the emotion die down. There’s no reason it has to be addressed right then when people are upset about things. Sleep on it, catch your breath, and come back with love later. If you feel like it’s getting out of control call a truce and give it a rest. That’s the best way to stop things from spiraling out of control.

It’s all fun and games till someone pokes an eye out

It does get complicatedThe people you love the most can also hurt you the most. Loving means opening up and letting someone in to your heart. That feeling that you can’t get close enough is great but it also means that person has the ability to hurt even the strongest person very deeply too. It’s amazing how big and damaging even something small can turn into, and months and months of love and being there for someone goes out the window.

I was going to write about what to do when you get hurt, but honestly I guess I’m not very good at that. I’m trying to focus on my family and work and I shut off email forwarding of messages so I can just hide. There’s nothing urgent in there that can’t wait until I feel better in here. I have to cut back my time in IMVU anyway so I’ll just use this as a vacation from non-reality. Don’t write me or worry.

You had me at Hello!

imvu dancingWhy does just the thought of someone I really love just make me tingle and feel like a little girl? I’m not a psychologist and there’s probably an easy answer for this one but it’s almost scary how someone I love and lust over can make me feel like I’m in heat as soon as they invite me or say they want me. I came here because I wanted to feel sexy but once someone you know makes that connection it’s like my body knows that they’re here for me. My dog gets that way when he smells ribs cooking in the oven because he knows he’s going to be getting the bones. I feel the same way like I know I’m going to get a bone! ~Giggles~

This is a great argument for staying with people you already know, as opposed to random hookups. The power and intensity of feeling real love, and a real bond with someone can be absolutely amazing. all the love we've had seems to return when I see some peopleIt’s like all the love and passion we’ve shared seems to flow right back, when I see some people.

It’s not that I never do random. I know some people don’t, but I kind of like the excitement of something new and different. Even though I have to admit that half the time all randoms do is end up making me appreciate the really great people and friends I’m already close to. Sure it’s exciting not knowing how a relationship will go and having new friends you’re still getting to know, still unfolding and getting close to. But nothing can compare to the special full heart connection when you’ve truly let down your walls and feel your lover in your heart. Yes this is written for people who’re still in the random sex stage.

Kait is Head over heels in Love!

head over heels in imvu loveI wear my heart on my sleeve in more ways than one and share a lot on here but I haven’t talked a lot directly about my personal situation lately. But I so need to say I LOVE YOU with all my heart to the two most amazing people. I’ve never been so happy not just in here but in my life.

I’ve been truly blessed beyond anything I deserve. I’m so head over heels in LOVE that the whole world seems brighter sunnier and every day feels like Christmas!! I’ve had the most amazing life here and met a lot of totally wonderful people here but I have the biggest honor imaginable to be the loving partner of Suzilyn and Quidlyn (aka Susan and Katy).

heart felt imvu loversI’ve had a lot amazing relationships in the two years I’ve been in here. But all of them added together don’t even touch the intensity of love that I have now. It’s more than just a heartfelt connection, and almost feels like a soul connection, like it uses the same spiritual circuitry in my head or my heart that my connection with God does. I’m sure that sounds crazy even to most people who get this place. But this kind I’m makes me feel like we are designed to be connected more than we ever realized.

kait i love you head sign cliffsNo matter how you look at it, I have never been so head over heels in love or happier! I love the magical feeling, the giddy, tingling inside, the control and the effect they have over me. And I wish this crazy love for everyone. It takes some time, some effort and growth inside, tearing down walls and opening your heart and your soul. It’s scary in some ways and tricky and painful sometimes. But there’s no way to describe the value of this other than PRICELESS!! I don’t say this lightly or flippantly but with all my heart and soul. It’s the most magical feeling in the world and what IMVU is all about.

I recently made this video for Susan that I wanted to share. I have to do one for Katy next

Manti Te’o’s Online girlfriend turns out to be fake

How could you get that close to someone you never met?

meeting people oline via imvuIs it just me or does this main stream story about a college football star’s year long relationship with a gf that turns out to be fake sound like IMVU? I heard about it on the radio and my ears perked up. I read this article about this virtual relationship on Drudge and it doesn’t say anywhere what service or program they met through. It mentions twitter and facebook a lot. It doesn’t say IMVU but how else do you get that close and have a relationship for a year with someone you never met??? It really doesn’t matter if it’s actually from IMVU or not, it’s kind of interesting and scary at the same time, how we can read into things what we want, and how vulnerable and dare I say gullible we can be at times.

We all embellish a few things from time to time. It’s a fantasy and an escape so we get to be who we want to be in some ways. Unfortunately some people tend to get off by making up more and more outlandish things sometimes. Or they make up so much that they get trapped and do the death thing to get out of the lies. I kind of think it crosses the line when you do it to gain something or lead someone on. This is a tricky thing to talk about. This place requires some faith and anonymity to make it fun. If you look at everything with skepticism this won’t be fun, but if you trust it too far, you can get hurt too. Personally, I don’t really want to see real life pics that much because I like the fantasy.

How could you get that close to someone you never met?In some ways I’m naive and easy to fool, but I have so much fun here and a good life in reality too. I keep the worlds separate and don’t cross over into real life or lead anyone on. I don’t know if I could do that if I were single though. I can honestly understand how stories like this happen too, given the intensity of the love I have felt in here. It’s just mind blowing and great but also dangerous too. I don’t have an answer, and know this won’t be the last story like this. In a lot of ways, this is why I started this blog because I think this will be a more and more common thing in the future as computers increase in their speed and capabilities daily. How do we protect ourselves and still enjoy the freedom and passion in here at the same time?

One of the worst things in Virtual Relationship

IMVU Prayers

IMVU PrayersA virtual relationship can awesome but it can also be very painful when your partner is sick. It’s hard because there’s so little you can do for them. It’s important to be there for your partner when they’re sick in real life, but unfortunately that’s just not possible in here. It’s painful and hurts not to be able to help especially when it often means extended absences. There’s no answer and no solution that I know to this, other than just be patient, keep them in your prayers and love them more when they’re back. It’s just part of the cross we bear in a virtual world.

The only consolation I can give is that it will probably make you closer and stronger. I know it’s hard. A friend says that love is, or requires suffering. I don’t know about that, but I do know that relationships are built on shared emotions and this type of negative emotions may be extremely powerful in that. Sometimes I also think that the negative times are more real than the passion. Yes my heart aches wanting to be there for a partner when I know they’re suffering but without the rain, would we really appreciate the sunshine?

Exclusivity in IMVU

an example of a great relationship

an example of a great relationshipI’m very conservative in real life, ok maybe even boring. I was never crazy. I go to church in real life and I’ve never even been tempted to cheat. I totally believe in exclusivity in real life marriage and even relationships. But I think no matter what you prefer in real life I think you to chalk this up as one of the things that’s different in here.

It’s not that you can’t be exclusive in IMVU relationships, you can literally be anything you want in IMVU. But it does kind of go against the grain of this crazy place. This place is like miracle grow for relationships and even if you’re not looking for anything, fish jump into your boat and pop out of nowhere. You’re not being bad. This happens to everyone and this is an issue we all have to wrestle with.

There are a lot of ways to handle this with your partner and any can work, but it’s important to talk about it. You can obviously be exclusive or open. You can have a list of acceptables or just say nobody in a group or anyone not in a group. You can allow limited touching or only go so far or just nothing without the other person present. powerful imvu relationships I could give you examples of couples that worked with each of these variations. You can even have different rules for different people, because every person and every relationship is different.

The important thing is to talk about it to establish it and understand what your ground rules are with your partner. Also remember communication and love are the keys to happiness in here. And it’s a very fluid place, so what you or your partner want or need will change sometimes too.

You cant look at it like its real life. It’s not exactly a game but it’s not real either and it’s not you being bad. It’s just kind of the way this place seems to go. I guess that’s the downside of it being so easy to meet people, it’s also hard not to.