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What makes something sexy?

king and sexy queen on thrown in imvu

Sexy IMVU Dance
The other title I considered for this post was “It’s not the Pose that makes it sexy.” I love sexy poses, don’t get me wrong. But it’s really not the pose that makes something sexy. I had two examples of this today I thought I’d mention. The first was a chat with someone that started out saying they wanted to have sex with me and then said he had a lot of great poses. I sat on a couch and he started dancing on a pole. I use the word dancing loosely because all they did was click the spot and ask me if I wanted him. It was quiet at the time and I was more than willing. But that just wasn’t very sexy.

I told him to sit down and started describing it, giving it some background and describing my feelings of fear and anticipation but how I desperately needed to please him. I was a young sexy slave girl and he was a king and my family lived on his land. (it was a castle type of room) I described the pole nestled between my legs and wrapping my body around it as I slowly slid, up and down letting the music move me. This is a virtual place and you get out of as much as you put into it. And my lust filled eyes and hands roaming over my soft young body was much more vivid and exciting than just clicking a spot and asking if I wanted him.

Unfortunately for him, I got another invite as I was doing this with a very sexy girlfriend. All we did was dance. It wasn’t about a pose or what we were wearing at all. It was just purely sexy and loving. I took over a gigabyte of video and pictures and had two orgasms before she even slowed down enough to let me do anything in return. I made two videos of it, one with the first half just getting it going (trying to make the point without being bad), and the second longer version of the video with my two orgasms on it. I’m not putting it in the private section with a password because it was visually graphic, but just because I don’t want to put too much out there for the whole world and make them think I’m a sex fiend (blushing). The point is just that your brain is what makes something really sexy. And it took more thought and effort but was immeasurably better and more than worth it, trust me.

IMVU Dances

imvu dances


imvu dances

imvu dancing girls

One of the things I try to do in this blog is capture and show some of the magic of IMVU. It’s so hard to share that with the outside world. They can only see the pixels. I took a few pictures of the dancing the last night or two of some very sexy imvu dances. It’s nice but I still have a feeling that you can’t really feel it as much watching it from the outside because you won’t appreciate how much you associate yourself with the pixels. I watch this and feel the room spinning, the warmth of it and her hand in mine. I know it sounds a little silly to the rest of the world but I think the people that matter will enjoy and feel it. I guess the point of this post is just to show one more small sliver of the magic.

PRIVATE Posts require Passwords

The more Adult oriented pictures and videos are password protected
In case you haven’t figured it out, I don’t work for IMVU or have any relationship with them, other than as a member.  They have more to worry about than I do in terms of their brand and the long term success of the community so do I understand their need for stricter rules.  But I don’t work for them so I’m not going to draw the line at keeping all AP content off of my personal website.

I’m going to draw the line at keeping X rated material or even strong R content hidden and protected with passwords in a separate category called PRIVATE.  I do have kids and understand protecting them, but I come here to feel sexy and don’t share personal information so that I can be sexy. If that bothers you, please don’t read this, and accept my apologies.  I’m not trying to shock or upset anyone. But for better or worse, adult themes and content are a part of IMVU.  I agree with trying to keep them separate but don’t think that they are inherently bad.

So you’ll see most of the posts in the PRIVATE section are password protected.  If you want the password for a post ask me nicely.  (Sending me something from my wish list is always a nice way to show some appreciation too.)  Please don’t post a password publicly though or I may have to take that post down.  I want to share the sexy side of IMVU but certainly don’t want to get anyone in trouble or hurt the place.

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