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What to expect in IMVU

do the imvu dance with people you love

imvu fun lion king dancingWelcome to my secret life, my inner smile, my souls retreat, my love, my heart. This isn’t just a game or a toy. It’s more real than a reality show, more emotional than a soap opera, more passionate a brothel.

You’ll meet zombies and dragons and people from every corner of the world. You’ll dance with cats and vampires and You’ll laugh so hard your cheeks hurt and cry your heart out. You will fall in love and it’ll fall apart in a heart beat. Then you’ll fall in love all over again.

You’ll find what you didn’t even know needed and experience more emotion than you ever thought possible. do the imvu dance with people you love It’s a fantasy and a dream that you’ll never want to leave. You’ll lose more sleep and have more sexy clothes than you ever thought possible.

You’ll make friends and laugh and cry. You’ll really communicate more than you can with even your best friends in real life. You’ll make mistakes and get hurt and hate it at times. But watch out because you’ll get addicted to it too.

It never gets old…

sexy imvu demons

sexy imvu demons

I don’t know if it’s the variety of situations, places, people, looks, sexy outfits, or the lack of mundane chores, or responsibilities but this just never gets old. I was telling a friend that she’s in the best part of a relationship, the fun exploring, learning and getting to know each other part of a new love. But honestly I still feel that, maybe even more than ever. I not only feel that heart pounding love but all of passion you’ve shared, the anticipation, the desire to please them on top of the variety makes it constantly new and intensely meaningful every time.

chained in loveIt not only doesn’t get old, but it keeps getting better and better every day. At first I laughed when Susan said that and thought to myself it doesn’t get any better than this. Then the next few times she said that, I thought well, ok but this time it can’t get any better. Then I thought OMG, how could it ever get any better. At this point, I give up. It’s better than anything ever, but I’m resigned to it just continuing to get better and better.

fairyflyingMaybe it’s the people I know. In fact I’m sure that’s got to be a big part of it. I’m so amazingly blessed it’s not funny. Your actual mileage may vary! But I can say this, it CAN keep getting better and better if you both work at it. I also want to say that although this is just my personal experience, not a study at all, but aside from the endings which can vary, the middle exciting loving part of every relationship seems to be better than the middle part of the last one. None of these things are easy to explain, but trust me. If you stick with it, open up and love with all your heart, it doesn’t get old and at least in some cases, certainly seems to keep getting better and better!

IMVU Completes Me

imvu butterfly

Katy said it, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized how true it was. “Imvu completes me.” It’s amazingly flexible and can be anything you want, whatever you need in your life. It’s the chance to do what you have had a chance to do when you were young. It can be supportive. It can be your social life. It could just be an outlietIt’s the place to experiment and try things you’d never be able to do in real life. You’ll make friends, go to all kinds of places, and do anything and everything you can imagine.

Another special friend put it another way. She said, “It’s funny how this place makes you think about things or realize you have been missing things that you didn’t even know existed in that part of you.” It can complete your life even if you didn’t know you were missing anything!

We all come from different places and points in our lives. We may or may not even know what we’re looking for and it’s different for everyone. But if you stay here long enough, and really open up, you might just find what you didn’t even know you were looking for. I came here because I wanted to feel sexy, but one of the things I didn’t really realize I was also looking for was a sense of belonging. I have a lot of sexy fun but it’s the friendships that matter the most.

Try new things, build relationships and have fun with it. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for too.

Every day is so different but Friends are the best

imvu rock stars

hot imvu drummer girl
After a night like I just had with 50 screaming cub scouts racing pinewood derby cars and screaming I sure miss my friends and the good insanity of this place so much. I am addicted to insanity. Or maybe it’s that I really need to escape some days. It started out when we dropped and broke his pinewood derby car on the way to the meeting. So we’re gluing it in the car on the way there and it just went down hill from there.

Maybe if I had to find a point in that this place can be so many different things that no matter what you happen to need at the moment, you can almost certainly get it here. Some days I want a crazy sexy adventure, and other times I just want a quiet conversation with a friend. There is such a huge variety of things in here you are never more than a click or two away from anything you can think of.

You can be a rock star in concert, dance with vampires, and then go hang gliding over a nude beach all within few minutes for almost nothing. It can be a raging spring break party or it can be a sanctuary of solitude. It can be anything you or anyone else can imagine. And it’s my job to do and share as much as I can with you about this crazy world. I originally came here to feel sexy and find more intimacy. I have that and more but I think it’s sort of interesting that just like the super rich in real life, even when you have so many exciting opportunities it’s still ultimately your friends that matter the most.

Try something different!

imvu hell

hell in imvuOne of the best things about this crazy world is the variety and how easy it is to do such different and often amazing things. If you always tend to do something do something different. 

I don’t care if you like the poses in that room or you are afraid of role-play or vampires or whatever it is. Go in and play in a room you’ve never been in before. Exploring new rooms and new friends keep things exciting. 

I don’t care how long you’ve been here, you are only seeing a tiny sliver of this amazing world. Pick a new word to search on and go visit the first four star room that comes up for it or the one with the mist interesting picture. And when you get there play along and even ham it up a little.

Do this and leave a comment here about what you found. I’ll do the same thing!  Actually I’ll post this without a picture and add a picture or two after I do it too. 

What an Amazing Variety

A wide Variety of IMVU friends and fun

A wide Variety of IMVU friends and fun
One of the most amazing things about IMVU  is the variety of people and things you’ll meet and activities available for you.  You never know what will happen in here from day to day or even hour to hour.  

 Some days I have an amazingly sexy adventure, sometimes its just consoling a friend or cuddling and sharing intimacy.  And other times we just talk and laugh.  Some times it’s a mixture of all the different aspects.  To me I think it’s important to have all of those things and it’s amazing how quickly things can evolve in here too. 

You will meet and get to know a huge variety of people from all over the world.  You’ll also be able to do an amazing variety of activities in the most imaginative settings too. You can explore a castle, chat with a demons, flirt with scantily clad women, windsurf on a beach resort, get a job as a stripper, fight with pirates, dance with vampires or just about anything else you can think of, all without much expense, risk or effort.