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The Shady Lady Fantasy

The actual Shady Lady signYour mouth is suddenly dry as you feel the car sputtering to a stop on the gravel and sand on the side of the road. You cringe as you see smoke coming out from the hood of the car and start calculating how far back the last town was, and knowing you don’t have money to fix anything.

Surveying the desolate dessert road brings you to the inescapable conclusion that you’re fucked. The only sign of life on the road is a large yellow sign up ahead and a couple dilapidated trailers a little off the road. You start walking because the shadows are getting long and it’s going to get dark soon. As you get closer, you see that the weathered sign that says Shady Lady and is in front of a long gravel drive way. Figuring they must have a phone at least you start walking.

You see a large house looming at the end of the driveway and realize why it’s called the shady lady. It certainly does look dark, almost downright sinister. All the shades are drawn but there are a couple cars so you figure you have to give it a try especially since its getting dark and you have no other options.

The Shady Lady RanchYou notice some stirring in a window as you walk onto the porch. You knock as you pull the screen door open and see a startlingly beautiful women standing smiling in front of you. Her gorgeous body only exaggerated by the long flowing black dress. Her ruby red lips spreading into a captivating smile as her as she poses her perfect body invitingly.

This IMVU Fantasy was made up by and with Gabby who had a long drive through the dessert and took these actual pictures of The Shady Lady Ranch. This could be a brothel of vampires or just a place you can work off the cost of getting your car fixed. You could be held hostage or could be treated as a guest or join them, it will be fun to play out in any direction from here.

Here’s another sexy vampire story I liked about two vampires hunting for girls to make a meal of that find Roxxy, who gets sired instead of killed.

You’ll like this Creative Vampire Room

I love creative rooms and recently found one of the most fun creative rooms, Psy & Sanguinarian Vampyre Lab, by XIIIDrDeath. It’s a vampire room from the description but it’s ultimately just an ultra creative room you will have a lot of fun in. You’ll want to go with a couple friends and just have a blast. Dress in something spooky or vampy and take lots of pictures! Here are a few of the ones I took. Send me yours and I’ll add them!

Search for Sanguinarian.
(the link doesn’t seem to work for rooms with a & in the name)

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Extreme is only a matter of perspective

When I first got here I was afraid of or nervous about so many things. I remember the first vampires I met made me so nervous and a demon that freaked me out. (I stayed on sunny beaches in here for several days afterwards), muttering to myself, “It’s just a game, it’s just a game…” But the more time you spend here and get used to things, and the stronger you seem to get.

You may also find that it takes more and more extreme things to keep you excited. So even though some things may seem really extreme at first, don’t worry. Over time as you progress you’ll be get better at it and will probably be surprised what you can ultimately do. Today, the same girl that sat in the corner afraid of demons till she had to run out of the room freaked out, can even role play really hot intimacy with them.

See also Cyndia and Mace for another view of extreme, sexy and scary at the same time.

Must see Creative Room: Carnival of Lost Souls

“Carnival of Lost Souls” by MrLinoge is one of my all time favorite rooms. It’s a dark yet fun room full of toys as well as a lot of hidden things to explore. You have to go here with a friend or a couple friends and take lots of pictures. It’s so creative and they keep changing it a lot too. At one point it had a big second upper level but I’m guessing it was too heavy. There is so much stuff here, you’ll have a lot of fun exploring and hopefully role playing with it too.

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