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IMVU is like Living in Disney World

IMVU is Adult DisneyI just got back from Disney World and can’t help but make a comparison here with IMVU. For me IMVU isn’t just like going to Adult Disney World. It’s not even like getting a season pass for the Adult Disney World. It’s like falling in love with the top ride designers, and living out every fantasy you can imagine with people actively trying to design the most amazing things ever, all to make you crazy head over heels in love! That’s all it is. And guess what, it totally works!

Katy bee dancin her ass offThey think I do a lot, I just ride and have the absolute time of my life!! And Love them more than I ever thought was even possible! That’s all… It’s just being head over heels with the most amazing people who constantly push your buttons and seem to be able to make you more and more in love every day… ALWAYS!

Then it’s sharing your heart and soul with the Queen of Happiness and better friendships than you ever had in real life. It’s more than passion, it’s honestly loving and sharing friendships, laughter, and tears. It’s almost unlimited sexy clothes, music and people that want to love and be with you all over the place. The only downside is there’s never enough time to see it all. It never closes and never gets old. It just gets better and better every day! It’s totally addicting and gets better and better every day.

Road Trip

road trip

The summer is almost over but I’m on my way to Disney World with my real life family. Its nice to get away but I miss everyone here.

Kait’s on a Diet for the Holidays

Kait and family dancingAs I get ready for Thanksgiving I know we’re all real busy with the holidays, but I also have to apologize. My time has already been getting shorter and shorter for the past month or two but I’ll be extremely busy with some pretty big work things in real life for the next month. I’ve kind of dreaded and avoided the reality of the things coming up in real life for several months because I knew IMVU would have to go or suffer for a while. So I’m apologizing ahead of time.

Hopefully by or a little after Christmas things will get a little easier. But in the mean time it’s not you, it’s me! I’ve already kind of slowed down on my posting for the past couple months. I’ll try to continue to do some here or there but this is one of the things I’ve had to adjust. I’ll still try to be on most nights for a while but that’s mostly with family, because even if I have to play a lot less, I can’t live without my friends and family. I may end up getting on later and having to head to bed at a more reasonable time. I wanted to tell you because if you don’t see me around as much and when I am, I’m not available as much, it’s honestly not because I don’t want to talk with you, but unfortunately I probably can’t. I wanted to say it here so you knew it wasn’t just something I was telling you.

Do NOT worry about me though, because I’m definitely NOT going anywhere. I love my life and friends here but sometimes we have to do what we have to do, and real life sometimes does get in the way. We all have seasons and things change, but Imvu is flexible and it’s never been better for me.

You can take this with you

cell phone loveYou’ve heard the expression, you can’t take it with you… Well you CAN take THIS with you! No matter where you go, you are able to hang out with your friends and share what ever you want from anywhere. Right now, one of my best friends is in New Orleans, and another is in London for a couple week vacation. I miss them but still get to see them a little bit here and there when they can get a few minutes free.

Another of my best friends used to travel all the time. This is excellent In that type of situation. There is something very special about feeling so connected and able to spend time with your friends no matter where you find yourself.

kiss the phoneWhen I’m away, it’s often with family so I try to be good and really just miss the friendship. But sometimes when you are away if you are alone this can also be Very reassuring in a sexy kind of way. It’s hard to have a social life anywhere else if you are traveling all the time, but the Internet is never very far away today.

Imvu and Vacations

dirtyroleplaygirl showing me her new dungeon sex room with machine and new poses (13)Vacations can be an issue when you’re really addicted. I admit I’ve had trouble tearing myself away at times for vacations. I know I’m sick. I’ve sat out on the balcony late at night on vacation more than I want to admit. I even remember this on small hotel room in Disney where I sat on the bathroom floor till I couldn’t stand up.

Internet connections can also be such a pain. One hotel had free Internet but it was so slow it barely worked at all. I could load a room that i had opened recently and had in cache, if I waited long enough but everyone stayed as Granny Ghosts. It was such a pain. It definitely made me miss everyone! We all go away but absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I’ll certainly be here waiting for you when you get back. The picture below to the left was just friends talking about missing Katy when she was away. We’re all so glad she’s home and missed her a LOT!

missing katyI try not to let my addiction affect my plans too much but it’s hard not to think about that when we talk about summer vacations and plans. I know we all need a break and I need to get away sometimes, but honestly I’m happier staying home than I used to be. Most people will probably think this just shows I’m a fool, but promise you I’m the happiest fool you ever met!

Why does time go by so fast in IMVU

imvu time flies
IMVU time seems to go by even faster than dog years. Dog years are about 7to 1 but IMVU years are about 10 to 1 or maybe even 12 to 1. I’m not sure if that’s because of the amount of activities you can do or the amount or intensity of the interaction but everyone feels it.

If you’re here for a while and miss a month it feels almost like a year. That can be really rough on relationships. If you’re away for two weeks It’ll feel like six months. That’s long enough to fall in love and even get married if you wanted to.

I think the point is if you’re going to be away for a while stay in touch. Send messages or email because it feels longer in here. On the other side of the coin there are some people that I may not see for months and as soon as they walk into a room I feel the same heart felt connection.

Maybe the point is that time or even relationships are a little different in here. My two year anniversary is this week and in some ways it does seem like it’s been close to 20 years. Yes I’m addicted and I love being a part of this and most of all the amazing people I’m close to here.

I’m addicted to the friends

I have come to conclusion after a couple vacations now that I can live without the passion from here but I can’t live without the friendships I have in here.