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The Future of Imvu and Virtual Relationships

the future of imvu 3d chat and virtual relationships

the future of imvu 3d chat and virtual relationships
Computers get exponentially faster stronger and cheaper every day. What would this be like if the image quality improved to the point that it was hard to differentiate between real life? We already know that’s possible. Just look at special effects in the movies.

What if you controlled it by moving around the room like the Xbox Kinect 360? What if you just talked to it like you can already do with the new iPhone or Dragon Naturally Speaking? You’ll probably have to have big screen covered walls like flight simulators too. Or maybe just glasses that sense how your head moves.

It’ll take a little time for computers to combine all these things effectively but they’re already in the process of doing all these things. If you think this is fun and exilerating now it’s really only getting started. You may be the exception having a virtual relationship now but in the future it’ll be as common as couples that met online is today. Actually it might be even more common.

This will concept even if it’s not IMVU specifically, will literally evolve into a version of the hollo deck from Star Trek. All the pieces are already there. It’s just a matter of time for technology to progress to the point that it’s cheap enough and fast enough for everyone.

Will it end wars if we all have best friends all around the world? Will someone like Google have a big enough database of conversations to be as real and as human looking as your friends here are? And if they could and you talked with it all day long how close could you feel? Will humans being so immersed in connections that we ultimately become a human Internet? So many cool questions and things to think about. It’s scary in some ways but it’s developing, if we don’t kill ourselves somehow along the way in the mean time.