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How to increase your odds

imvu friend requests

how to score with hot imvu girls A guy asked me after looking at the website “So what would increase the odds of accepting a cold invite or friend request?” Some people never accept cold requests and some accept all of them. I tend to be somewhere in the middle. Everyone’s going to have their own things and I didn’t survey anyone else for this, I just tried to put down a few of my ideas to start with. Some friends may have a few good ones to add.

1. An Interesting picture and or a professional look. Your IMVU profile pic is the first thing anyone sees and is the basis for the first impression. Make it attractive and unique.

2. Not a Guest. Being a guest isn’t bad if you’re new. But if you’ve been here a while and you’re still a guest it makes you look like you’re not serious.

3. AP a must, VIP a plus. It’s not bad if you don’t have VIP, but it is a plus if you do have it.

4. Clever or funny tagline.

5. Matching or interesting things in your profile.

6. I like guys a little older in here. 18 reminds me too much of my teenage daughter and older guys have more experience and resources. Young guys also tend to want RL pics which are against my married rules.

7. If you invite IMVU Girls to the default imvu room that’s also a strike against you too, although that’s more after you accept the invite.

Tips for Taglines

Use some lyrics from your favorite song. You’ll sound hip and smart and it has a rhyme and famousness already.

Pick a word that describes how you feel and search for a quote about it with Google. A famous quote makes you sound smart and is easy to find if you search.

See also my list of IMVU Tagline Examples

Tag Lines

IMVU Taglines entered in Account PageThis is just a list of fun tag lines I’ve used in here. It’s just to give you some ideas. Please post your own, anything you like in comments or message me a list and I’ll add them.

IMVU is Swedish for NO SLEEP
In imvu safe sex means a towel nearby
The internet your mother warned you about
Shopping, dancing, friends and sex. What’s not to like?
I’m just drawn that way
What’s a MILF anyway?
last chance before, world ends! (worked on 5/20/11)
It’s High School, without any teachers or Rules
We don’t just EMBRACE INSANITY here. We feel it up, French kiss it & then buy it a drink
God made man then he made woman to give man a brain
Welcome to the edge of insanity
Sleep deprivation is your friend.
Les is more, more or less.
Scrape the Burnt part off
Warning!! Real people behind these avitars
the Serial Snuggler and intimacy slut
It’s more than a game and less than real life.
I don’t care who you are, that’s sexy!
For erections lasting more than 4 hrs invite me!
Any time not spent on love is wasted. -Torquato Tasso