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These are the moments

Mountain Fairies in IMVULife is full of laundry, cleaning and paying bills. IMVU is just the fun part, connecting with people, feeling sexy laughing so hard your cheeks hurt and loving. It’s the best part of life and can be so beautiful. We can’t really fly or feel like this in real life, but in here we can and do share these precious moments and deep feelings. The special moments that simply make your heart soar. It takes some time, building real relationships to get to this point, but you can have the most mind blowing relationships and fun in here.

There’s something magic about this place, the intensity of the feeling and closeness you can reach when you let your heart go and share so deeply. These are just a few examples from the past few days, or in the third video, I guess the past few years. My goal is just to show you how amazing this place can be and capture some of that fun and love.

Happy Valentines Day Katy and Susan

I have a special Valentine’s Day gift for the two most special people I know in this crazy virtual world. I love them more than words can say and I wanted to share how much they mean to me with the world and how beautiful this place can be. Dear Katy, Dear Susan, I love you with all my heart! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Kait is Head over heels in Love!

head over heels in imvu loveI wear my heart on my sleeve in more ways than one and share a lot on here but I haven’t talked a lot directly about my personal situation lately. But I so need to say I LOVE YOU with all my heart to the two most amazing people. I’ve never been so happy not just in here but in my life.

I’ve been truly blessed beyond anything I deserve. I’m so head over heels in LOVE that the whole world seems brighter sunnier and every day feels like Christmas!! I’ve had the most amazing life here and met a lot of totally wonderful people here but I have the biggest honor imaginable to be the loving partner of Suzilyn and Quidlyn (aka Susan and Katy).

heart felt imvu loversI’ve had a lot amazing relationships in the two years I’ve been in here. But all of them added together don’t even touch the intensity of love that I have now. It’s more than just a heartfelt connection, and almost feels like a soul connection, like it uses the same spiritual circuitry in my head or my heart that my connection with God does. I’m sure that sounds crazy even to most people who get this place. But this kind I’m makes me feel like we are designed to be connected more than we ever realized.

kait i love you head sign cliffsNo matter how you look at it, I have never been so head over heels in love or happier! I love the magical feeling, the giddy, tingling inside, the control and the effect they have over me. And I wish this crazy love for everyone. It takes some time, some effort and growth inside, tearing down walls and opening your heart and your soul. It’s scary in some ways and tricky and painful sometimes. But there’s no way to describe the value of this other than PRICELESS!! I don’t say this lightly or flippantly but with all my heart and soul. It’s the most magical feeling in the world and what IMVU is all about.

I recently made this video for Susan that I wanted to share. I have to do one for Katy next

My Twis and Miss

I love you both so much!

I love you both so much!
I’ve met a lot great people in here, and made some of the most amazing friends I’ve ever had in my life. But I’ve never felt such an awesome love, a sincere true friend and heart felt passion as I do for Susan and for Katy.

This world is made up of the most amazing variety of rooms and activities but it’s the people that make a room and your friends that make this so amazing. And I have the greatest honor today of announcing the re-commitment of my best friends, my twin sis, aka. my Twist, Katy, and my most loving owner Susan.

Katy and Susan imvu wedding invitationKaty has from the first day I met her 8 months ago, been the most amazing kindred spirit I’ve ever met. I could talk to her forever and love her even longer.

I met Susan through Katy and she has grown over time from a true friend into the the most amazing love. She pushes me and makes this place unbelievably special. They both make me want to be a better person.

So it is with the absolute greatest honor excitement and love imaginable that I announce Katy and Susan’s recommitment ceremony on November 7th at 1 am. (an election night they won’t forget). I’ve said it before but have to say it again, they are the most amazing people I’ve met in almost two years in here or anywhere and I love respect and admire them both more than I can ever say. But I will gladly be here showing them both as long as they will have me.