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Join us with Join.Me

Making wedding plansThey’ve been threatening to allow shopping together for a long time and IMVU still doesn’t do it but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it another way. I found an easy way to share your computer screen with Join.Me. You can use it to shop together, to show outfits and even watch a chat.

Join.Me is extremely simple. Anyone with even the most basic computer skills can use it. All you have to be able to do is a couple clicks and tell the other person the code to join you. You don’t have to download anything or sign up for anything or give out any information.

The only thing I would make sure to do ahead of time is to make sure you have no icons for programs or folders with your personal information on your desktop or in your browser bookmarks. Then go to click share and tell the other person the link to go to.

imvu fairy magic and loveTaylor and I are going to use that for our wedding. It allows more people to watch even if the room is full. We’re asking FRIENDS to use JoinMe so it’s just family in the room. It’s actually very intimate to walk down the aisle and see the words being typed as they’re typed even before they pop up in the bubbles.

The code will be Just go to that link a little before 1am eastern time or midnight central time on Thursday night (July 18th). We will have family in the room and friends on JoinMe so we can have as many friends to be able to share this special time as possible. We’ll do the reception / party afterwards normally. I may try to send out the reception link at the last minute too, but the reception room is my surprise for Taylor. :)

IMVU girls with Stunning style and class

Quidlyn is the queen of cute

It’s really not that hard to look good in here. I mean it’s a land of awesome beauty. It’s literally crawling with not just beautiful but stunningly sexy IMVU girls. Ironically it’s the fact that it’s so easy to look good that makes it even more important to develop a unique IMVU style. This is one thing that I confess to struggle with at times. It’s fun to shop but I tend to do it hap hazardly at times. I’m trying to develop better looks by buying a whole set of things from a designer with style, by looking through lots of derivations of things that I like, and by copying more from the Daily Outfit Challenge.

I thought about because I was going through the hundred plus pictures from last night and so many of them seemed to just jump off the screen. Katy is in the banner for this post, on the top of the page is clearly the Queen of Cute, and my VBFF and Sister Gabby, is the Queen of Style, although she would be the first to admit that she gets it from her wife, Kim. That’s probably another post about how you can feel even closer by sharing styles and looks with a spouse. And OK, I admit that this post is mostly just an excuse to show off amazing pictures of my best friends. I’ll call it a visual tip, high lighting some amazing examples of how you can have stunning style and class, even in a world crawling with drop dead gorgeous IMVU girls.


How to Use the Daily Outfit Challenge

imvu daily outfit challenge, doc, shopping tips
The Daily Outfit Challenge (DOC) is a great way to come up with the best costumes. Unfortunately they eliminated the AP version. There are two ways to use it. If you’re new try on the outfit with the Try It button on the entry you like. That will give you everything they have on in the shopping page and allows you to buy a whole outfit if you want it.

If you’ve got most of the clothes you can click the entry name and then try on individual items that you might like. I do this now since I have most things and only need a piece or two to make a look combined with things I already have.

I’m going to share a cool secret tool that I made which will probably help you. I made a list of all of the outfit challenges in one page because that makes it easier to search for the right thing. If you’re trying to make an angel, search for the word and find the challenges that had that in the title. It’s not perfect but it’s MUCH easier than opening each month to look for a challenge relevant to your mission.

Adult Dress Up?

IMVU is just an adult version of “Dress Up” that you used to play as kids, but on steroids.

But Kait, that’s not a tip. Well, pick a theme and go shopping. Once you have a costume go find a room based on that theme. You can probably do that part without even buying much if you’ve been here more than a couple weeks. Wear that little red riding hood costume to rooms with wolf in the name and have some fun. (By the time he got his wolf on, I didn’t have much of my costume on so this pic will have to do)

I’ve found that the more extreme your costume is, the more fun it is. The other night I dressed up as Catwoman and a friend was Batman. That made it a lot of fun! So make a good costume and have fun with your friends or go meet some new friends. You will have fun!

Shopping Together soon?

shopping together in imvuHow would you like to be able to shop together with a friend? Shopping is one of the most fun things to do in IMVU but it’s always been limited to a solo activity. I often thought they’d sell a lot more if we could shop with a friend. Someone recently told me that they had talked to a programmer in IMVU and that they were very close to allowing us to shop together with friends. I hope this is true and can’t wait to be able to shop together with friends.

Maybe next we’ll be able to allow other people to edit items and build rooms together? What features would you really like to see? Leave a comment.