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Enchanted IMVU Proposal

enchanged IMVU Fairy proposalTaylor and I proposed on Tuesday and I also got a love letter from Sheri that I wanted to share! This is one of the best feelings and sharing it is even better.

I’m not great at writing but I had to write to you because you’re the one to BLAME for all of Collette & My Happiness here, and no matter how hard I try, I can never do enough to repay you. It all started when one day you told me of a friend of yours that I might like to meet well with me being pregnant then and Collette so busy at her work, it seemed like forever before we ever got a chance to sit and chat but once we did we became instant friends.

I have been reading your stories about happiest girl in the world and how to touch the heart of another here and I just needed to say my sweet fiancĂ© Collette has done all of that to me. We still don’t get to have live chats as much as we’d like, but when we do it’s just fantastic. My love for her grew and grew and then on May 10, I decided to ask Collette to marry me! I went shopping to get everything perfect before I proposed to her. I found the cutest orange dress and i added a floating Platform in my romantic moonlit room. I added a proposal pose facing the moon and kept practicing where I stood so I’d be on one knee. I put a Red Rose marker On the spot where I wanted Collette to stand and I had everything prefect.

enchanted proposalI waited till she got on and we chatted for awhile. I asked if she had time to see what I did to my room, and she said she did. She stook where the rose marker was and I was on one knee professing my love to her with tears rolling down my checks, and I asked her to marry me! There was such a long pause I didn’t know what to think and my heart was pounding. Then she said she had to leave the room cause she was starting to cry and that, Yes she would marry me. I was definitely the Happiest girl in IMVU when I heard that. We are now Planning vows and looking at wedding dresses. All I know Is I’m the happiest girl in IMVU and without Kait’s magical matchmaking powers, I would not know such true happiness.

I Love you so much Kait! Collette and I are still trying to decide on a last name for each other so ill just close this letter with the latest one we are thinking about, Hugs & Kisses to all my friends at Gabbys place and to Kait and last but not least I Love you so very much Mrs. Collette Enchanted from your blushing bride to be Mrs. Sheri Enchanted. I know i kid you a lot about blaming you for Collette and My Happiness but you are truly a dear and sweet friend and I Love you!