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Sharing the journey

what do you want for ChristmasOne of the most surprising but ultimately most important valuable benefits of IMVU is the amazing way you get to share the journey with people you are closer to then your closest friends in real life.

sharing the journey bubblesSome of the changes and struggles and growing I’ve gone through together with friends in here is too personal to tell everyone about. But Let’s just say a couple of my friends that were single when I met them are happily married or in long loving relationships, friends have graduated and there have been a few real life marriages and even some families have started.

Those words and things alone can’t describe the emotional impact and feeling it gives me. When you have a really powerful heartfelt connection with somebody and share all of the emotion not just the event or details, it’s just amazingly powerful.reflections of Santa

So as I sit here on this holiday looking back on all the lives and connections I’ve felt here I can’t help but feel so lucky and appreciate you all so much! MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you so very much! I can’t say it enough, but I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOUUUU!

Deeper Love

Laughing so hard you cry sharing more than you can explainPeople sometimes think that it is only about sex… And if you looked at my life here it might be easy to think that at first. I have an awful a lot of fun, but I also have so much more!

Holding someone you love in the hospitalJust in the past couple days, I have prayed with someone before their surgery and when their grand parent died, flown as fairies in the moonlight with new friends, introduced two friends that have started a relationship, held a friend that thought she was pregnant and and reassured her that it would be alright, (before anyone in her real life knew) and just shared a lot of life events with the people that I truly love.Fairy Love in the moonlight

So yes I love the passion in here, but there is so much more, more than I would ever have imagined. Real love is made up of a lot of different things, not just being physical. Every relationship is different and unique but open your heart and be willing to share all of life’s little moments and ups and downs too. That becomes even more important in the end. more than just friends in imvu

I’ve probably said this many times over the past couple years in different posts, in different ways. But IMVU is much more then you see on the surface. It’s beautiful to be able to share and feel these things and make such truly meaningful connections deep in your heart.

What’s the Purpose of IMVU?

intimate love in imvuWhy are we here? What’s the real purpose of IMVU? I came here initially to feel sexy again. After kids and 9 years of marriage, I wanted a safe way to feel sexy. It wound up being more.

After the sexiness I realized the intimacy was even more special. You can get the sexiness from A video or romance novel. But you can’t get the feeling of intimacy you get here from a video or feel so connected.

I used to tell a friend that all I wanted was to know her heart and share mine with her. Maybe that could be the ultimate purpose for this crazy place. It’s sexy, it’s fun, but the real value, the real purpose of this to me may be to connect in a very special and deep way. That doesn’t require sexiness although sex is a great way to solidify a good relationship. But sex alone doesn’t make a relationship.

Another interesting question is, what is the purpose of this blog? It’s a combination of three things (in no particular order). It’s to help and talk about issues and give them some interesting ideas and helpful advice here or there. It’s to connect and bond with readers and encourage friendships. Thirdly, it’s to explain a little bit of this crazy experience to the outside world. Oh, and maybe it’s a little bit entertaining along the way.

You may have other ideas about the purpose though. It’s different things to different people. So add your idea in the comments!

Better Safe than Sorry

imvu jail cellmate

imvu jail cellmateThis place can certainly be very emotional. And while I don’t have many issues or drama personally, you still have to be safe and respect that line between virtual and real life. Once you open the door it’s hard to put the tooth paste back in the tube. It’s easy to say the wrong thing or have something get taken the wrong way and offend someone. No matter how much you love someone right now, there’s a reasonable chance they won’t always love you as much. And if they feel hurt by anything, you don’t want to give anyone, even someone you love, the ability to do anything that risks your ability to be here or worse yet hurt you in real life.

If you’re open to real life potential it’s not as cut and dry as it is for me, being married in rl. If I had to worry if anyone in the activities I’m involved in connected me with my website, I could be in trouble and forced to let it go or kill it, which would kill me. It’s not a question of trusting one person or not, but if someone just thought it was cute and nice to send flowers, something simple could cause a major problem. If someone was jealous or blamed me for their son or daughter’s activity on here, just a phone call in anger could put this at risk. I don’t want to think about this too much but I had an issue at one point from my husband about yahoo messages that he saw on my cell phone. I immediately deleted the app from my iphone to prove it wasn’t anything. That’s the closest I’ve come to having to leave but it scared me. I am addicted and I admit it, which is why I try not to risk things.

chained in loveNobody’s worth risking everything here for. I walk away from people who don’t understand that, and are asking for pictures or video cam. (especially guys because they feel much more stalker-like when they say it) But please don’t take my concern to mean I don’t love you or feel close. It’s the opposite actually, its because I do care about people here very much. I want to be able to share the things that matter, but no matter what bump or issue we have I won’t mess with that or your life. Also because of the website and my name, I also can’t really change my avi name or prevent people from accessing my website very easily. So if this is an issue with you I’m sorry, but I don’t want to risk this for anyone.

The Good Bad and the Ugly in IMVU

the good bad and the sexy in imvu

the good bad and the sexy in imvuThere is a lot of good and fun things in here but there’s also a lot of bad too. The anonymity of this place and the Internet makes it a magnet for people with issues. Don’t let your guard down or think that because you know someone here that you can trust them.

When you open up and feel so amazingly close to someone it’s easy to feel like you can bend the rules or you have to trust someone you love so much. Unfortunately once you let things out you never know who knows what. Remember you don’t show someone you love them by breaking the rules. You show them you love them by NOT letting them break the rules. Unfortunately when things go wrong they often go very wrong in here, and the people you’re the very closest to are the most likely to be upset and may feel hurt enough to want to hurt you.

Imvu doesn’t want to talk about it or seem to want to do anything about it either but there are child pornographers and predators in here. I know someone that was pursuing them and I’m trying to get her to tell the story. I live in and talk about the good side here. My job with this is pretty much showing how much fun it can be and trying to inspire you. But just know that there is a dark side and the rules about protecting your personal information aren’t just guides and they are there for a reason, to protect you! Enough said but know that I love you and want to help you have fun but stay safe above all.

The Power of Painful things (No not the BDSM kind of pain)

imvu lets you share powerful emotions

imvu lets you share powerful emotionsYes, passion is great and I love that as much or more than anyone (hey no comments… giggles!) Maybe I’m weird though because I really do feel just as strong of a bond and as powerful and vivid emotions sometimes without it. Sometimes it’s good things like dancing and laughing with my closest friends or cuddling and confessing things between classes and work and kids.

Sometimes its sharing very painful things, being there for someone you really care about going through a really hard time in life. Maybe it’s a friend that was considering suicide, or painful real life breakup, or a parent passing away. Yes it’s been a tough week, a heart wrenching week in many ways. But I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

Relationships are built on shared emotions and it may be painful to share some things, but that’s what IMVU is for, it’s for sharing. And that’s why it’s so good at building relationships. Sometimes it’s not easy and sometimes it’s the most beautiful amazing thing ever. It’s funny, in a way it does kind of point out why the bad times are actually a necessary part of life.

I can’t say how much I love being there for my amazing friends. I love sharing tears as much as screams. I guess life is kind of similar to the movie Monsters Inc. Tears are just as powerful as orgasms. Though imagining them trying to capture the power of an orgasm is kind of sexy (though I would have to use a password on this pose if I tried to show that!) Maybe that could be the sequel to Monsters Inc where they realize that orgasms are even more powerful than laughter, lol. RAWR!!!

Generosity goes hand in hand with Happiness

building strong imvu friendships

building strong imvu friendshipsGenerosity here doesn’t guarantee or buy you happiness. But generous people certainly tend to be happier. And happier people are definitely generous too. Be generous with the people you love.

Generocity can make a big impressionChristi was the one that honestly taught me the power of gifts and how effective that could be in making someone fall in love with you. I was in love, engaged actually. You have to be loving for sure, write great notes with them, and be there for them at the right time. But how else can you make some smile for the cost of a postage stamp. And if you add several smiles together with someone that comes here to feel sexy and have fun you’ll probably find that generosity does lead to happiness too.

I’m not sure if this as universal but at least for me I found that I can’t truly enjoy things here without helping other people to enjoy it too. Generosity doesn’t have to be with credits. I am spending a lot of time trying to make this a valuable resource because it makes me happy. We all have different ways of helping but however you do it, helping others leads to happiness, here and in real life too.

Share everyday things

In a RL relationship you do normal things together. A good friend Gabby that’s great at relationships, tries to do normal things together here too, like eating together or just hanging out and watching youtube.