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Ally is my Young Fun and Hungry imvu friend

my young fun hungry sexy imu friend AllyThis post is about one of my very best and most special friends Ally. I wanted to write something special to her real life girlfriend. It’s not very often that I write to someone that I’ve never met but I feel like I do know you. I’ve never seen Ally so bubbly and happy and I do know the most important thing, that you love Ally and she loves you.

I met her 8 months ago and have probably had more awesome fun and adventures with her than anyone. I don’t get to be there and hold her hand or even see her face but I see her heart in an amazing way and feel her soul shining through. I know you know this but for what it’s worth getting to know her from the inside out has been the most wonderful thing. I honestly couldn’t possibly say enough great things about her.

She is the best friend, the best playmate, and the nicest person. If it sounds like I love her, I certainly do, but our deep friendship has always been the first and most important thing. And I’m happy to say I’m her biggest cheerleader (or should I say Biffest cheerleader). I truly want her to be happy and am thrilled to death about your relationship, I truly am.

I wanted to make something to show how much fun we’ve had and all the amazing memories but how do you boil 2000+ pictures into a couple minutes. Well here’s what I came up with. She is Young, Fun and Hungry but such a good girl!

The single best thing you can do to meet sexy imvu girls

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Someone said something to me yesterday, that I didn’t think much about at the time but realized is important. I said I like RP. He said he liked Roleplay but not Roleplaying. I understood what he meant by the context, meaning that he liked to play, but not the more serious type that makes it more than playing. I think some people need to realize the difference. Serious role playing, being a demon in a family of demons or vampires or a dom or sub is very different than just playing. It involves building a whole persona and taking on that person and BUILDING a character. RolePLAY is much simpler and less involved. It’s just acting out a sexy situation.

You can’t really have sex without roleplay. You’re not doing anything physically, you’re just talking it through in your head. You don’t have to get into it or be totally committed to it. You just play along. You don’t need exotic fancy costumes or to talk like a baby or a demon to do it. You just have to paint the picture with words, describing as vividly what you’re doing at the moment, as possible.

I would take it one step further and say that if I could only learn and use just one tactic in imvu, and wanted to maximize my opportunities and the quality of my IMVU encounters, it would be to role play aka play along more. Not creating a whole character, but playing. There is a tremendous range of directions you can go as you play, but in my opinion, this is clearly the best way to get the most out of your time here. If you’re standing there trying to get something started with that hot girl, stop staring and start playing.

Instead of saying wow, you look hot, say “I try to look away but find myself glancing back repeatedly mesmerized by your charms.” Next time you go into a room, don’t just type Hello. Say, “A (tall figure/curvy girl/attractive young woman/handsome traveler) slowly enters the room, waving a friendly acknowledgement to the others.”

Don’t think of it as Role Playing, think of it as Playing along. If you want to play with someone you’ve got to play along. Out of all the things you could do to increase your imvu fun factor just learning to play along, is probably the single most important helpful thing you could do. Here’s a good example of Role PLAY, playing along which a friend and I had earlier today. It wasn’t anything brilliant, but it takes some playing to