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Different Sex Phases in IMVU

I look at IMVU overall and see several phases, one of them being the Sex Phase. A lot of guys never get out of that but I like Katy’s comments about there being two stages in the Imvu Sex Phase. The first is the Random Sex stage, when you just have fun learning and enjoying cyber. Some people never make it out of that stage. That’s not necessarily wrong if that’s where they’re at. But there’s a big difference between sex and love. People on the outside looking at IMVU can’t see the love, they just see it as fake sex.

It’s not their fault because you honestly can’t appreciate the power of the emotions if you haven’t experienced it. If you try to tell them about the feeling of love, they think you’re getting carried away and are too caught up in it. Even if nobody on the outside sees it or understands it, there really is a second sex phase, the Love phase. That doesn’t mean you’re carried away or putting IMVU ahead of real life. There is a real person behind the pixels and there is nobody that’s been here for any amount of time that doesn’t realize that the emotions are definitely very real.

There are at least six people here that I really love with all my heart. It’s funny how different each relationship is. Two of them I don’t really have anything physical with, and never have. One I have some intimacy and play around the edges with. And a few that I have amazing love with. There are also several runner ups that I see once in a while, kind of Cuddle Buddies, that have a great mixture of sex and love and friendship too. Guys tend to be more of the sex phase, which can be really great too, but I think I hold my heart back with guys slightly because I’m married in real life and as comfortable as I’ve gotten with things here, I still don’t want something competing with my real life. Though a couple are amazing both as people and intensity.

There’s nothing black and white in very much of this. There are still times when I just want sex, and there are also times when I want loving intimacy even without any sex. And other times I just want to hang out and feel close to my friends. There’s also all kinds of shades in between too. Some guys have a hard time understanding that. I feel like guys come here more for sex and sometimes they don’t understand the intimacy of friends and combining love and friendship. Heck I hardly do so I can’t blame anyone else for not seeing it. I don’t mind inviting and checking, but just be patient and understand that I don’t fake it and don’t always need that or may not be able to again. But when we do get to, I promise to do my best to make sure you have the very best time ever.

Guys if you could totally understand women what would be the point or the fun in that?