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The Best IMVU Sale (6/22)

I love you

I love youIMVU is always doing sales. Every time you turn around there’s another sale, and I get immune to them as much as you do. But they just put their best sale on till midnight today. Their sales range from 10 to 40%. They sometimes do a little more on grab bags or wacky things, but not on regular credit purchases.

I know you’re thinking, but you can get 50% or so off from resellers, and that’s true. But this sale can be more than 40% if you use it right. Let me show you! If you buy a smaller amount it’s cheaper to go through resellers and I’ll tell you more about using them another time. But look at the price for 300K, $120. Then add a coupon code of R8ZB513SJA for another $10 off and it’s only $110 for 300K. That’s significantly cheaper than the resellers, and the resellers are fine but I think there is an advantage to buying from IMVU directly too.

If you’re really not serious don’t buy such a big block of credits. But if you are serious I’m going to tell you something else that I’ve never seen anyone else say but might make this more fun for you. I used to buy credits as I needed them, then moved up to getting 100K at a time. I’m not rich, but I knew I was going to use them and it seemed like the smart way to do it. I made some mistakes with some resellers and I always dreaded having to recharge. But when I started buying them 300K at a time from IMVU I found something a little surprising, that it’s a LOT more fun and freeing not having to watch your credits constantly.

You don’t have to buy a million credits to feel rich, but you really do feel rich in a sense when you have several hundred thousand. And that freeing feeling makes the whole experience here actually much more fun. I’m not in IMVU’s pocket at all. I have plenty of issues with them. But my goal is to make this place fun for you and show you how great it can be. So think about it. And if you buy anything over $50 use the discount code R8ZB513SJA. I’m going to keep that in the right margin of the site and update it with new codes as they expire, in order to be a resource for you.

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Music is on Sale – Half Priced

Music is on sale, half price till Thursday. I don’t usually mention sales except things that I really like. And I missed the last half priced sale. I’ve got a lot of music I was waiting to get. I will have to make a video how to set up music play lists soon too.