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It’s a Social Network not a game

the game of IMVU

the game of IMVU
HollyKaren said something on Friday I really thought was a good point and should be posted. (Maybe I’ll get her to post it next time) Imvu promotes it self mostly as a game. A lot of the people treat it as or refer to it as a game too, and that really doesn’t do I justice. A better term for it is social network.

imvu favorite bedroom fantasy

To be a game it would have to have a goal and a winner. But the purpose of imvu is really just to build relationships. Hence it’s a social network. You enjoy it because you feel part of something and have great friends.

Not only is this a better more appropriate category for it but this also raises the value and I think the acceptability of it. Calling it a game kind of trivializes it. Anyone who spends time here knows its way more than a game, and anyone calling it a game is generally trivializing it or putting it down. The people that are good at it certainly don’t treat it like a game.

Setting ground rules

Just dancing with my friend Foxxy

dancing with a foxxy friendA new friend (Girl7770) made an important point the other day, about setting ground rules. There are so many different types of relationships in here and a much wider broader range of what’s acceptable than anything in real life. You’ll want to make sure you are compatible in several areas, such as whether you could ever take anything off of here and have real life potential, the level of communication, both in terms of the amount of time and what things if any beyond IMVU would be acceptable. Time zones and the amount of time and times of day you intend to commit are considerations, because there’s nothing harder than being committed to someone that’s not around or is only available at a time you can’t be here.

The other big area that you need to make sure you’re on the same page with is your exclusivity. First of all, this isn’t real life and seeing other people here may not be cheating at all, and in any case isn’t really the same thing as doing it in real life. Exclusivity goes against the grain of IMVU. It’s not that it’s impossible but it’s harder to do in here than real life. It’s like limiting yourself to one ride in Disney World. There is temptation around every corner. Also be aware that your partner probably needs some time away with other friends, to be really healthy and happy too.

There are a variety of ways that people handle it. Some couples make a list of acceptable partners that the other can play with, or a list they can’t play with. Some say it’s OK to do when the other is on and some say only when the other is off. Some people limit themselves to no orgasm, no penetration, or just about any variation you can dream up, someone is probably doing that. The point is that you have to understand what your expectations and behavior should be. This should certainly be a much bigger post with a better break down and maybe even a survey too.

The trick to making a relationship work here (as in real life) is communication. Also realize that things change and evolve in here so this may be something you’ll have to revisit. And if your partner’s doing something that’s not comfortable for you, you have to talk about it. To keep it bottled up until it blows up is even worse. And please don’t attack them for breaking the rules if they don’t know them. From personal experience that is really not fair. Relationships are what this place is all about and can be absolutely awesome, but they require even more communication than they do in real life.

“Lesbian Room” doesn’t mean “threesome.”

It’s funny to watch guys coming into lesbian rooms. Maybe they don’t read the descriptions. It isn’t really a pickup place for girls who want to do a threesome. I’ve known a lot of lesbians and bi girls too, and that never really happens. If a room says only family or no guys allowed, follow the rules.