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Megans beatiful red dance club

imvu room video dancing

imvu room video dancingI did my first product video for my friend Megan to show her new room. Some friends and I just hung out and played in the room a little. It’s imvu developer megan nyte angel a very attractive imvu room called Crimson Silhouette, that I thought was worth showing off a little.

Megan is a great designer and a very special friend. She has a lot of very sexy and creative outfits. I have a lot of her products and I’m going to include a link to her Megan’s imvu catalog in a new Products category I’m adding. I try to be a resource and highlight things that are especially worthwhile.

A land where anything is possible

the president of imvu

the president of imvu

Even the President uses IMVU on his oval office laptop, (but don't tell Michelle).

I mentioned in the post about Susan’s Wipeout Video, that it would be neat to have an oval office room in imvu. It was just a random thought as I was writing. Well wouldn’t you know it, a few hours later I got an invite to her oval office. We had a blast. We found some Obama masks and a Clinton mask and had a great time.

We don’t usually talk about politics much in here because this place is so international and you don’t want to turn people off unnecessarily. But there are so many possibilities with this. I can see being able to make mock commercials, funny remarks about current events or even staining a blue dress. I think Susan will probably make this room public too, and I’ll link that here so you can make your own imvu fun. The point though is like the title suggests, imvu really is the land where absolutely anything is possible.

Search and Fav Public Rooms

You can find great imvu rooms for almost anything

You can find great imvu rooms for almost anythingNo matter how new you are, whether it’s your birthday (very first day) or you’ve been here since before there was a 3D chat, it’s fun to find and explore new rooms in imvu. Sometimes I do that really late at night or if I only have a few minutes, not long enough to really talk very much. That’s when I look for rooms with exciting sounding descriptions and pictures. I look for ones with four stars too. You don’t want to favorite everything but unlike sending out blanket friend requests you can fav as many rooms as you like as fast as you like. Technically there’s a limit of 100, but by the time you reach 100 you’ll be able to remove a bunch.

You’ll have to try several rooms to find really great rooms. But that’s the fun of it. And when you have a lot of good rooms saved you just click favorites in your chat rooms tab and you’ll be able to see the ones with people in them very easily. That way even if you don’t have many friends you’ll never have a hard time finding something fun to do. When I come in I usually check my outfit, then my messages, friends and then favorite rooms before deciding where to start. Private rooms are ok for a place to invite someone special to, but you’ll usually have much more fun in public rooms. So especially if you’re new fav a lot of good rooms, and you’ll also start to know the people in those rooms and find a good crowd to hang out with. Another great perk is that even if you don’t like crowds yet, you can find someone alone in one of your fav rooms much more easily.

Red rum, red rum

Ok it’s really Red Room but that sounded more fun. This is actually one of my very best friend, Kim’s rooms but it’s here because it’s a great room. It’s called A Lover s Retreat, and it’s definitely a beautiful peaceful retreat (hence the name) and its very beautifully decorated in red.

It’s nice to sit at the piano to start with to play a very nice piano radio station. You can sit and cuddle, swing or dance with someone you love or want to. It’s not a crazy or amazing room but a really nice place to go and hang out with a friend.

It’s a great tree house relaxing and sensual place and there are even some cool pirate ships to play with a little with too.

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A sexy beach room

what a sexy imvu beach

what a sexy imvu beach
You sigh as you sink down into a comfortable chair, exhausted, smelling like sun tan lotion and afraid to look at how sand you have in your shoes. Your hair is a mess and your cheeks from laughing so hard and you think back on the day thinking that this was just another special once in a lifetime romance. Smiling warmly to yourself, you wonder how many that has been so far this week. And heck it’s only Wednesday.

That’s the craziness of IMVU. You can walk into this and have the time of your life almost at any time, meeting such amazing and exotic people, imvu girls and places and doing almost anything. You can’t help but remember feeding the birds and swimming the dolphin with was cool. Maybe you’ll get up the courage to try the sharks next time. It wasn’t the amount of rides, but the combination of the awesome sunset and the relaxing pillows and dancing in front of the fire that made it so warm and so much fun. I don’t care what type of room you have, but you almost can’t help but feel close and special with anyone you have this much fun and laughter with.

Copy this url into your browser: imvu://room/sweethotdream/The+Warm+BEACH
Explore this room, The Warm BEACH by sweethotdream with a friend! And enjoy a few pictures of my time there last night…

If you can’t see the video above for any reason or prefer YouTube, here’s a link for it on YouTube:

You’ll like this Creative Vampire Room

I love creative rooms and recently found one of the most fun creative rooms, Psy & Sanguinarian Vampyre Lab, by XIIIDrDeath. It’s a vampire room from the description but it’s ultimately just an ultra creative room you will have a lot of fun in. You’ll want to go with a couple friends and just have a blast. Dress in something spooky or vampy and take lots of pictures! Here are a few of the ones I took. Send me yours and I’ll add them!

Search for Sanguinarian.
(the link doesn’t seem to work for rooms with a & in the name)

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We all belong in The Psycho Ward

Psycho Ward, Insane Asylum by MyFriendBecah, is a must visit room for everyone in IMVU. It has to be one of the most creative rooms of all time. It is a blast to go to with friends and act a little crazy in. You’ll also want to keep your camera ready because you’re going to need it! There are a lot of pictures from here in my Christi Memories video, and I bet you’ll take pictures that you’ll enjoy and remember for a long time too. I recommend buying a straight jacket for extra effect. Oh and if you like fun music get the music from the shower scene in Psycho. (You can use this in your halloween mix and it’s fun to have!)

IMVU is crazy, but this place is the craziest of the crazy, but you can’t help but have a good time, trust me. Relationships aren’t just built on passion. Go here and share some laughter and leave your own comments or thoughts below, or even send me a picture and I’ll add it to the slideshow. Here are some pictures of my recent visit, as well as some previous visits.

Copy and paste this link into your browser to go straight there:

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Pirate Fun at D&A Hidden Island

Well shiver me timbers if D & A Hidden Island isn’t another one of my favorite rooms to play and explore. It’s very creative and fun in a great Pirate-y way. Start with the island and then the ship and see what you can find from there. It’s a great room to role play and maybe even bury your treasure in.

Paste this into your browser:

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You’ve out grown your old default room

Please don’t invite people or your friends to the original default room that came with your IMVU account. It’s like wearing the default head and outfit. It’s OK if you’re a week or two old in here, but it makes you look like a noob even more than a guest_ name. It’s like the big default head you started with. It’s there to learn and practice on but you’ve out grown that so change your default.

When you invite someone especially if you don’t know them, they are looking around quickly at everything, looking for clues as to whether you’re worth staying and talking to. And the default room is one of the most obvious red flags and makes me want to leave almost immediately. Almost nobody interesting or good in here ever invites people to the default room. The good new is that it’s super easy to change in just a few seconds.

Here are the simple steps to change your default room.
My IMVU Room1. Simply Open “My Room” from your home page.

2. Then click on your room inventory button in the bottom bar, to see your room options.

3. Click on the Room Info button in the top right corner of the room you want to use for your default.

Set as default4. Click on the link that appears that says Set as Default.

It’s also a good idea not to use a really big room with too much furniture that takes too long to load. You can always jump to a bigger room afterwards. I do like to have a comfortable place to sit and even more important that the room is interesting.