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Obsessive and Possessive

imvu relationships can be Obsessive and Possessive

imvu relationships can be Obsessive and Possessive I think we are all drawn to someone that loves us. We all want to be loved. But at the same time you can have too much of a good thing and wind up scaring the other person away. There’s a fine line between loving more than anyone else and slipping into too much and being obsessive and possessive or clingy. There are a few things though that you can do though to keep it from feeling like too much.

Be Romantic. Romance feels less threatening and more attractive. It doesn’t even have to cost anything in here. It’s just the thought that counts so think romantically.

very sexy imvu girlsGive them space. Don’t act like they have to be with you every minute they’re online. Checking with them first shows they’re a priority but be super respectful of their time.

Realize that the only way to hold someone here is to love them more and make them want to stay with you. There are a million distractions just a click away and other people inviting them. And if you want them to make you a priority give them a reason. Don’t ask for a commitment. Just be committed and be a friend not just a lover. And love the person behind the screen without ever saying it.

imvu sunset hugLove them a lot but do it loosely and try to be their friend and cheer leader. Don’t try to control things to much and take your time. Have fun with it and some patience. Things progress fast in some ways here but they still take time to be real.

Cherish the time you have rather than lament the time that you don’t. So many guys spend their time with me complaining about not getting enough time with me, instead of enjoying it. and then they wonder why I’m not excited about seeing them. ~Katy

Most of all respect their real life. The quickest way to ruin something good here is to try to take it outside of here. Even if they’re not married don’t push it at all. Act like you don’t care and let them have time and get comfortable and committed. You might not have to work this hard to get someone that doesn’t have many prospects but if you want something special this is how.

Don’t just stop talking

imvu guides
In porn it seems like the girl tends to do most of the talking but she’s getting paid to be there. If you’re paying for a lap dance it’s appropriate to let her do most of the work and most of the talking. But if you aren’t paying for it and want them to do this again with you, you have to do your part and make her want to. You do that by being sexy and getting her excited, and if you stop typing don’t assume that the pose or your amazingly muscled avi is going to do that. It’s your mind that makes it sexy, or makes the difference between average and great.

I met a fun guy the other day that had a rule. I admit everyone isn’t going to follow this rule and don’t honestly expect everyone to follow this. But his rule is that his fingers can’t leave the keyboard till she has come. Now when he said this, I had come twice already. I had things to do and would have often stopped at one and almost always stopped at two. But he was so good that when I realized he hadn’t come yet, I took him to my best room and made dam sure he enjoyed himself.

So if you want to have a longer better session with someone, and make sure she wants to have sex with you again, the best imvu advice I think you can have is to keep talking/typing. This also means don’t rush straight to sex, enjoy the process and build up and make her want it before jumping into a sexy pose. You’ll get much more and much better pleasure if you don’t just rush into it, and stop talking as soon as you get a hard on. Use lots of adjectives and be very descriptive. Read a romance novel if you want to see what women like. It’s no secret and it honestly won’t even take that much work to stand out from the crowd, believe me. Oh and by the way, I am bringing a sexy friend back with me to do the threesome fantasy for the fun guy with that rule. So maybe I should add a link from the post about how to get threesome in imvu, to say make it great for her and she’ll bend over backwards and want do more to please you.

IMVU Fairies can tear down your walls

imvu fairy fantasy

sexy imvu fairy perch The most amazing thing in here is the level of connection that you can develop with the people you’re close to. And if you don’t get derailed along the way, each relationship seems to build on each other. Everyone is unique but as you go through your journey here you may discover that it gets easier and easier to let your walls down.

I think the way our walls seem to come down in here is what allows us to build such amazing friendships. And each time we let our walls down we learn to let them down more and more easily. You have to learn to protect your heart and if you get hurt too badly when things don’t work out you can get derailed. But aside from that if you can learn to love the ride, it does get better and better as you learn to share. And that connection, that sharing is amazingly powerful.

I have found an amazing connection with my Twin Lyn Katy. We started talking and I had been working on a Fairy outfit for a friend, and one thing led to another. We honestly had the most amazing intimate and loving time together, with nothing more than a kiss and tearing down our walls.

Protect Your Heart

imvu heart

imvu heart

when it comes to me, the kisses come free, but they never get all of the heart

This was a line in a Marilyn Monroe song I saw in the pilot of “Smash” on Monday. It also paralleled advice Stephanie said my sis, Gabby had given her which I thought made a good point. :-) When you first come in here and fall in IMVU love for the first time there’s almost no way to be prepared for how much you can feel, how fast and how strong it can be. It’s just one of those things that you have to experience for yourself. When you do, you’ll understand the importance of that advice, “Protect your heart.”

It’s amazing how fast things grow in here. It can definitely surprise you and catch you off guard sweeping you off your feet. It’s fun to be swept off your feet. My twin Katy said “Its amazing how many romances you get to experience and live, but it is a little scary fast.” Unfortunately it can also fall apart even faster. When what was mind blowingly good for weeks or months falls apart in a day or two, it’s going to hurt, ALOT. And I find not being able to talk to people about in real life can make it very hard too. That’s why Gabby’s advice is so important. Enjoy the ride but protect your heart a little bit too. Don’t do it to the point of being jaded or unable to enjoy the awesome rush of the mind blowing romance. But have some friends and realize that it’s the nature of the soap opera insanity sometimes.

That’s why it’s important to take your time a little (if you can) and just know that what goes up must come down, to have friends and maybe some chocolate ice cream on hand, and to know that you will get over it with some time. (I know it doesn’t feel that way at the time though, believe me we’ve all been there) I also tend to find that my experiences seem to build on each other and it’s not always the case but each new imvu romance tends to seem even more vivid and stronger than the one before. I don’t know if that’s true for everyone but the more love I feel the easier it is to love again, somehow. Anyway the point of this was to just pass on Gabby’s good advice that she gave to Stephanie. I also thought since I couldn’t pick just one of her pictures, I’d make a slideshow of the pictures with Stephanie from last night.

Make it more exciting with Role Playing

Roleplaying in IMVU RP

Some people are afraid of role playing or think they can’t do it. Role playing is just putting some story and more exciting and powerful emotion into it. Whether you realize it or not cyber is role playing anyway. You’re describing it and trying to make it vivid and fun. So if you can do it there, you can probably do it in other things if you think about it. It’s just a matter of putting extra effort into it to paint a more exciting picture and make it more than just sex. Sex without role playing is like porn, there’s no plot or real emotions. Role playing is like Romance, it just makes the sex better and more exciting.

That’s why I really like fantasy dates and the RP fantasy intros (in our IMVU Fantasy Section) because they make it easier to start a fun fantasy scenario with your partner. Otherwise we tend to fall into a rut and either wander around hoping for something fun to just happen or just doing the same things that we usually do. So hopefully our fantasy intros will either spark an idea or give you a fun starting point.

A sexy beach room

what a sexy imvu beach

what a sexy imvu beach
You sigh as you sink down into a comfortable chair, exhausted, smelling like sun tan lotion and afraid to look at how sand you have in your shoes. Your hair is a mess and your cheeks from laughing so hard and you think back on the day thinking that this was just another special once in a lifetime romance. Smiling warmly to yourself, you wonder how many that has been so far this week. And heck it’s only Wednesday.

That’s the craziness of IMVU. You can walk into this and have the time of your life almost at any time, meeting such amazing and exotic people, imvu girls and places and doing almost anything. You can’t help but remember feeding the birds and swimming the dolphin with was cool. Maybe you’ll get up the courage to try the sharks next time. It wasn’t the amount of rides, but the combination of the awesome sunset and the relaxing pillows and dancing in front of the fire that made it so warm and so much fun. I don’t care what type of room you have, but you almost can’t help but feel close and special with anyone you have this much fun and laughter with.

Copy this url into your browser: imvu://room/sweethotdream/The+Warm+BEACH
Explore this room, The Warm BEACH by sweethotdream with a friend! And enjoy a few pictures of my time there last night…

If you can’t see the video above for any reason or prefer YouTube, here’s a link for it on YouTube:

IMVU Porn or a Romantic Encounter?

romantic imvu romances

imvu fantasy
The difference between porn and a thrilling romantic adventure isn’t whether or not you have sex or not. It’s whether there’s a story or plot. I find that a lot of guys when asked what their favorite fantasy or RP scenario is, they just think sex, anything with you babe or two imvu girls at once. Most guys don’t understand or appreciate that girls (not guys pretending to be girls) need more build up, that they don’t usually just want to jump into sex. They also don’t realize how much more sexy it is to really build up and put yourself into a whole scene, not just a pose.

Even if they’re only ultimately only looking for interactive porn they have to realize that adding some build up and plot to it doesn’t make it less sexy and it makes it much more sexy and harder for a girl to resist. So guys, even if all you care about is the sex, learn to paint a compelling and vivid scene with some romance and excitement and the sex will be much better.

And if you don’t quite see how to do that, look through some of the imvu fantasy scenarios here to get ideas. Have fun and send me a note to let me know how it worked for you.

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