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Dear IMVU Customer Service,

angel under arrest for whatDear IMVU Customer Service,

If you have having trouble reading this message you can also see it online at (btw I’ve had over 60,000 users on my website and 100,000 page views in the past year!)

profile glowing white sexyAbout 2 hours ago you took down my profile picture stating that it was reported by an IMVU user as violating the IMVU Terms of Service. I’ve put it back up and linked to it here for you. It’s a picture of an ANGEL!

I really want to know what is it in the profile picture you took down that violates the terms of service. Is it the halo or light around the head of the ANGEL or is it just that a Satanist doesn’t like angel pictures? Before this one I had a picture of my fiancé and I kissing that had no body parts in it at all. Both would clearly be considered GA by any human being actually looking at them. I’m making this ticket public and will post your answer too. Sometimes I just think it takes some attention before a problem gets fixed.

I’ve pointed this out before because Imvu trains their users to hate them with non specific violations of vague rules but this is just such an obvious case of the system being screwed up. I’m honestly not trying to attack you, I want the system to be successful and grow. I want everyone here to enjoy it safely. I don’t want IMVU to get a bad reputation either. I understand the importance of guidelines and of enforcing them. What I don’t understand is how you expect users to modify their behavior when you give such intentionally vague messages. It’s like getting a ticket without saying what they did wrong or even where you broke it, just you did “SOMETHING” wrong. Sometimes maybe it’s obvious but this clearly shows the ridiculousness of the system.

Their response (and an enlarged picture of the profile)

Hi Kaitlyn,

Thank you for contacting IMVU!

We apologize for any inconvenience. We understand your concern and we will be glad to look into this.

Please be advised that the reported photo violated the Minimum Coverage Guidelines (MCG). It is because of what the avatar is wearing. It is a see-through top that shows the breast part if you look at it more closely. For information about MCG violation, go to:

We would like to inform you that all the reports submitted to us are being carefully reviewed and investigated by the proper department before it reaches a verdict. We do not tolerate nor give courtesies to any users found in breach of IMVU’s Terms of Service. We also have violations for those users who are inappropriately flagging other users and we are more than willing to take it against them if found guilty.

Due to privacy and safety issues, we cannot disclose any information about the said reports (name of reporter, copy of flagged photo etc). We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.

Should you have any other concerns, feel free to visit our Knowledge Base to find answers to most of your important IMVU questions. Just go to or click on the Help link located on the upper-right corner of the IMVU webpage and 3D chat client. For anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.


Customer Care and Education
IMVU, Inc.

Dear Hanna,

I realize that’s a canned answer designed to hopefully just get people to go away. But this is being shown publicly. So please take at least a few seconds to look at it before you just spew incorrect answers, because I’m not trying to make you look bad.

I’m including a blown up image of the profile picture to make it easier for you to see. Please look closely because there’s clearly no transparency or anything showing WHAT SO EVER!

Further, it was FLAGGED AGAIN! So this issue is clearly relevant. IMVU said TWICE that they agree with someone that this picture is inappropriate and we all really want you or a supervisor to explain why you flagged this picture, not once but TWICE!

If you want to hide behind anonymity then you have to provide some review which imvu clearly isn’t doing. You can’t simply allow people to anonymously take down other people’s pictures for NO REASON! Maybe we should complain about a default picture and see if you take that down!

So again, please explain what is in appropriate about this picture!

ENLARGED profile glowing white sexy

6/17/14 9:15pm Update. They didn’t answer the customer service ticket, but they did take down the profile picture for a THIRD TIME within 48 HOURS!

Added to the Customer Service Ticket:

12 minutes ago IMVU claimed my profile picture was inappropriate for a THIRD TIME! I replaced it again and will keep on replacing it until you provide a satisfactory answer. I’ve enlarged the image to show you as clearly as possible that there’s absolutely no nipple visible at all.

You clearly think something is wrong though or you wouldn’t have removed the same picture three times in 48 hours! So I’m simply asking you WHY?!

6/18/14 It’s been two days since the canned response so I used the live chat and they said they would escalate it and someone would get back to me today. That was this morning and it’s 11pm and of course nothing. I understand having limited resources and will be patient. At least it wasn’t taken down again today.

How to increase your odds

imvu friend requests

how to score with hot imvu girls A guy asked me after looking at the website “So what would increase the odds of accepting a cold invite or friend request?” Some people never accept cold requests and some accept all of them. I tend to be somewhere in the middle. Everyone’s going to have their own things and I didn’t survey anyone else for this, I just tried to put down a few of my ideas to start with. Some friends may have a few good ones to add.

1. An Interesting picture and or a professional look. Your IMVU profile pic is the first thing anyone sees and is the basis for the first impression. Make it attractive and unique.

2. Not a Guest. Being a guest isn’t bad if you’re new. But if you’ve been here a while and you’re still a guest it makes you look like you’re not serious.

3. AP a must, VIP a plus. It’s not bad if you don’t have VIP, but it is a plus if you do have it.

4. Clever or funny tagline.

5. Matching or interesting things in your profile.

6. I like guys a little older in here. 18 reminds me too much of my teenage daughter and older guys have more experience and resources. Young guys also tend to want RL pics which are against my married rules.

7. If you invite IMVU Girls to the default imvu room that’s also a strike against you too, although that’s more after you accept the invite.

Updating your Profile Pic

your imvu profile picture in the account web pageA picture is worth a thousand words. So try to change your tagline and your picture often. It shows what kind of a mood you’re in to the world. It’s also better to save your profile pic outside of IMVU, especially if it’s a good one, so you can go back to it more easily. It’s very easy to re-upload the pic you like.

There is some benefit to continuity. If you don’t like to change it, find something good and keep it the same and just change the tagline. When your profile pic is always the same people recognize it and you which is valuable too. That’s why I change my pic when I want to show a different mood or look, but go back to my standard pic often too (because it was uploaded and therefore is easy to put back) so people recognize it too.

Also try to do something a little different to make it stand out. Remember your profile pic will be one of many in a page of small pics in your friend’s friends page. It’s also what people notice the most when you invite someone, so make it as attractive, unique and recognizable as possible.

Tips for Taglines

Use some lyrics from your favorite song. You’ll sound hip and smart and it has a rhyme and famousness already.

Pick a word that describes how you feel and search for a quote about it with Google. A famous quote makes you sound smart and is easy to find if you search.

See also my list of IMVU Tagline Examples

Tag Lines

IMVU Taglines entered in Account PageThis is just a list of fun tag lines I’ve used in here. It’s just to give you some ideas. Please post your own, anything you like in comments or message me a list and I’ll add them.

IMVU is Swedish for NO SLEEP
In imvu safe sex means a towel nearby
The internet your mother warned you about
Shopping, dancing, friends and sex. What’s not to like?
I’m just drawn that way
What’s a MILF anyway?
last chance before, world ends! (worked on 5/20/11)
It’s High School, without any teachers or Rules
We don’t just EMBRACE INSANITY here. We feel it up, French kiss it & then buy it a drink
God made man then he made woman to give man a brain
Welcome to the edge of insanity
Sleep deprivation is your friend.
Les is more, more or less.
Scrape the Burnt part off
Warning!! Real people behind these avitars
the Serial Snuggler and intimacy slut
It’s more than a game and less than real life.
I don’t care who you are, that’s sexy!
For erections lasting more than 4 hrs invite me!
Any time not spent on love is wasted. -Torquato Tasso

Pictures of you with another girl

Putting a picture of yourself with another girl on your profile might make you look more attractive to that girl, but it might not look as good to other girls. I’m not sure if guys think that it will make a girl think you’re more attractive because at least one girl likes you, but it can have the opposite effect. Put a creative interesting and even sexy picture of yourself in your profile. Please nothing rude or too dirty though.

Make your profile pic different and interesting

Your profile pic is your face to most people. It’s the first thing people notice when you invite them and it says a lot about you. Like they say a picture is worth 1000 words. So make it stand out somehow. Make it attractive but not too sexy that you’ll get into trouble.

And pictures of you with another girl don’t make you more attractive to anyone except possibly the person in the picture with you. I’m not sure if guys think that it will make a girl think they are more attractive because at least one girl likes you, but it can have the opposite effect. I have accepted random invites just because the picture was interesting and I figured it was worth checking out.

Be creative

Don’t leave your profile blank. Give people a reason to pay attention to you, something in common and something to ask questions about. People will also search for other people with certain words in their profile. So put things that you do or like and which other people would search for there.

I had the questions, “What’s a MILF” as my tag line not because I didn’t know, but it was a great ice breaker. Say something that can start a fun conversation. Don’t waste that space because people have to make a decision about you based on that and a blank profile looks like you’re hiding things.