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What’s the downside of IMVU

downside problems negative things about imvuI talk a lot about the good things in IMVU but what are the downsides? First and foremost, the biggest downside for many people is that it sucks up so much time. It’s a great feeling and a lot of fun when it’s going well and it’s easy to let that suck up more time then you probably should.

The next downside is probably more painful. That’s the intensity, especially when things go wrong. Things happen very fast in here, and when they go wrong it can often be even faster and more intense then real life.

Another thing you have to watch out for is assuming this is more than it really is. This isn’t real life and although it’s exciting to imagine it as real it’s a danger and not something to be tried lightly. I think there’s also a danger, especially for young people to take the things and lessons and attitudes from here and let them spill over into their real life.

This is gonna hurtNo discussion of the downside could be complete without talking about the Darkside. IMVU Definitely has a dark side. There are a lot of really bad people and anonymity seems to empower them. There are child molesters and people that you would never want your children anywhere near. The freedom here is fun but it can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful too. The corporate attitude also tends to be anti user at times.

All that being said it can definitely be the most exciting and amazing thing ever. So watch out for the downsides but go for it.

How IMVU trains their users to hate them

imvu seems to intentionally hurt their usersIf you have a child or dog and you punish it without without explaining what you are punishing if for with unspecific rules and do it inconsistently, they can’t improve and will only grow to hate or resent you.

If a teacher graded your paper and didn’t mark what was wrong but just said something was wrong so you fail, how would you know and do any better next time? Sure sometimes you may know what it is. But their rules are intentionally vague and they don’t tell you what you did wrong on purpose so you can’t dispute anything.

IMVU is coming for youTo make it worse, imagine if you were failed out of the course if you got three things wrong. They don’t tell you what was wrong, just that you failed. That’s pretty much what they do. They are the judge, jury, and executioner and they don’t even have the courage to tell you which vague rule you broke. Oh and of course there’s no appeal process.

They can and do, absolutely anything they want to, to anyone they want at any time. And if you are banned, they don’t give you your credits back, they just keep them, essentially giving themselves an incentive to ban their users.

It’s the most insane process I think they could possibly come up with. I understand the need for rules and the need to enforce the rules. But this insane way of enforcing non specific rules it’s as if they are trying to intentionally alienate and destroy their users. You are presumed to be guilty and there’s no way to know what violated the rules let alone any way to appeal it. I worry because I don’t think any business or organization can last with this attitude. Kait waiting for Halloween in imvu Even if they don’t go under someone has to be able to do a better job and pass them.

I don’t say this because I’m upset at IMVU. On the contrary, I say this because I love this place and it hurts me to see practices that are hurting it especially when they are done by the people in charge. Make sure you backup your friends and contacts and keep an open mind to other programs too. To me this is the biggest weakness and drawback to the overall good IMVU system.