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One of the worst things in Virtual Relationship

IMVU Prayers

IMVU PrayersA virtual relationship can awesome but it can also be very painful when your partner is sick. It’s hard because there’s so little you can do for them. It’s important to be there for your partner when they’re sick in real life, but unfortunately that’s just not possible in here. It’s painful and hurts not to be able to help especially when it often means extended absences. There’s no answer and no solution that I know to this, other than just be patient, keep them in your prayers and love them more when they’re back. It’s just part of the cross we bear in a virtual world.

The only consolation I can give is that it will probably make you closer and stronger. I know it’s hard. A friend says that love is, or requires suffering. I don’t know about that, but I do know that relationships are built on shared emotions and this type of negative emotions may be extremely powerful in that. Sometimes I also think that the negative times are more real than the passion. Yes my heart aches wanting to be there for a partner when I know they’re suffering but without the rain, would we really appreciate the sunshine?

Loving a friend that needs it

I’ve never used this site this way but one of my most special friends is going through a terrible situation and needs your prayers.  I don’t like to share anyone else’s information, especially about their real life situation.  But please pray for HollyKarenPeachHeart.  If you know her just let her know you care.  If you don’t just say a prayer for her or leave a comment of support.  She lost someone very close to her in real life in a very difficult way.  I’m writing this even in the middle of my vacation at Disney world, because she is important to me and I wish so much that I could do more.  I will be praying very hard for her and know that your prayers will count and help too.

It’s also on YouTube if this link doesn’t work or you prefer to watch things there:

Sing a Song, Say a Prayer or a Poem

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sexy cat girl cuddle in imvu
This place can be very powerful and create amazing connections.  Most of the people reading this have probably felt that I’m sure. But you might not have tried some of these things. 

There is something amazingly powerful about these things and the strong emotions that they create. Virtual Relationships are built on shared emotions and these things all create strong emotions aka. build strong relationships. 

The other day I was on imvu with my cell phone, talking to someone I barely know who was really down and had a problem in real life.  I don’t know why but I asked to pray with her. I’m driving and texting a prayer to her and soon crying.  There is something very powerful about praying with someone.  I’ve done it live and in messages. 

When you are lying in the meadow kissing and cuddling there is nothing more powerful than singing the words of a love song to your partner, as it plays. You share that emotion of the song really feeling the words as you’re lying together.  

And even if you have to get a little help from the Internet a poem either typed line by line as you chat or in a message to keep that loving feeling going the next day is so special. Saying it with a poem, a prayer or a song will have a lot of emotion.  Relationships are built on shared emotions and these things all convey a lot of powerful emotions.