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How to get a 3 some

imvu 3some, threesome

imvu 3some, threesome
Every guys fantasy to some degree or another is a threesome. And there are more girls here than guys so you would think this shouldn’t be too hard.  I may be wrong but I don’t think most get this very often though. So I figured I’d see if I could help.  This is for guys looking to get a threesome with two girls.

First don’t ask two girls on the middle of sex unless you know at least one or are spoken to first. They know you would want to and will say something if they’re interested in the possibility.  And don’t go to lesbian rooms to look for a threesome, that never works.

If you have a girlfriend, ask if she’s ever had a 3some and then ask her which of her friends she would most like to do it with, or who she thinks would be most likely to do it. Even if she didn’t expressly agree to it, if her friend agrees you’re most of the way there. 

Now you can just ask the friend but you’ll often have to sweet talk them a little. Send her a gift and a nice note that you’d like to talk to her. Or try making up a story about her car breaking down and the two of them ringing your doorbell late at night. Or their boat sinking and you pick them up on your yacht. Or you rescue them from a dungeon or whatever type of situation you like best and have a room for.  If you can incorporate an article of clothing and you gift that, it makes them feel even more obligated to participate. It takes more planning and effort than a regular couple but if you write a nice note and include a gift or two you’ll probably at least make a new friend. 

The other way to do this is work the other direction. Ask a girl if she would join your GF and you. You can come right out and ask that much easier than you can just ask her to have sex with you directly. But don’t do this unless you’ve talked to your GF or are really sure she’ll say yes.   Another way is to ask for a threesome for your birthday. You might start by asking your GF what her fantasy is first. Then see if you can explore that with her, which you should definitely be doing anyway.

Suggest that it might be fun to spice things up a little. Even the most conservative girls can appreciate that because it sounds like you want to improve your relationship with them which is a good thing as opposed to them not being enough for you.  I admit this takes a little more effort than just the normal encounter. But the worst that will happen is that you wind up with just one and there’s a good chance you’ll have an awesome time.

Another very easy step you can take in that direction is to simply suggest having sex in a public room. Start this by finding a sexy room that’s empty. Just have fun and you never know who will walk in. But make sure when someone comes in that you say hello to them even if you’re in the middle of sex, because otherwise they will often run right out. This will also give you a chance to ask your friend if she’s interested in having someone else, when she’s most receptive to it too.

Go after the deserters

people leaving a room may be good prospects to chat with
One friends tactic for meeting new people is to go after the deserters.  He watches the people who leave a room and invites them. The logic is that they were probably interested in talking to someone and probably bored. They are also more likely to be available to talk at that moment.  You have to admit it makes sense.   For extra power use this tactic with the recent post about Imvu Hunting Tips!

“Bored” is guy speak for Horny

Any time anyone (regardless of the sex they claim to be) says they are bored, that is a male code word for horny.  And if it’s a female avi, just realize it’s a high probability that it’s actually a guy, especially if they are saying it in front of or trying to pick up other women.  Girls aren’t usually bored in here and if they do they go shopping. Listen carefully and see if I’m not right!

Update: Quid wrote me with a good point, that there’s a secondary meaning to “I’m Bored.” It can also mean I’m boring. You practically can’t be bored in here. Maybe you just don’t have many friends or know all that IMVU offers or you’re too timid to go out and try. But other than that the only people that are bored in here for any amount of time are boring people. Most of the time people that say that is just guy speak for they’re available to do something fun if anyone else wants to. But sometimes it can mean the opposite in a sense, that they’re boring.