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Would you please LIKE my Photo Sharing

Kims zen moutain room photo sharing

I take a ton of pictures, averaging about 40+ gigabytes per month. Yeah so I’m crazy, I know. I don’t do very many of them on Photo Sharing. But my best friend Kim, recently developed the most amazing and dramatic Zen Mountain room and it had all her own things in it, so we put on all her clothes (GA only) to take some Photo Sharing pics. If they get enough likes they’ll show up on a lot of pages and viewers can click on them and see the products in the picture. I wanted to do this to support Kim and see how many I could get. If you’re in IMVU and like these pics, take a second and go to your Friends Photo Sharing section and LIKE my pics. Free Kisses to anyone that LIKES me… ok anyone that LIKES my photos!

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