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Have a THEME Party

imvu green lanternHalloween is a great time to have a party, but you can do it ANY time really. Pick a really different room with a theme and make or send some costumes. The more unique or different it is better. These are the memories and times you’ll always remember and laugh about for a long time, and make your friendships so solid. You can’t help but laugh and have an awesome time, whether it’s a holiday theme, or motor cycle gang, or space station, super heros, Indians, mermaids, gangsters, or, or, or…. It’s a great way to build a strong group and great friendships. Any excuse for a party, and this is a great way to have a memorable party! (Search 1Krisslyn for these costumes and the room)

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Any excuse for a Party

happy halloween in imvu
I’m a little bit older and kind of prefer to ignore my birthday in real life. But in here there is no negative to a birthday. It’s really just a good excuse for a party.

The same thing is true for Halloween. It’s fun for kids but I don’t tend to do that much myself for it. But in here costumes and dancing are easy and fun. We’ve had a great time at my and Allys birthday party, and a few fun nights for Halloween too.

It’s definitely fun to keep changing and playing (and taking pictures). Put up decorations (which you can find by visiting a few rooms and looking at their inventory) and make up a few costumes (which you can find by looking at the Daily Outfit Challenge or shopping in the catalog) and invite friends.

And a room is a actually easier to do than most people realize too, and it makes such a big difference. And if you can’t or don’t want to make one you can literally find just about anything! You can also just put up a few decorations in your regular room in about two minutes. Look around at other rooms and pick out a couple things and have fun with it!

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Go overboard for Birthdays and any Special Occasion

Use someone’s birthday as an excuse to do something special. Just wishing them a happy birthday is the MINIMUM you should do. You should really reach out and find them in person to wish them a happy birthday. It means much more. I love bringing balloons or a hat in and gifting that to them for them to wear. Or get a room that says Happy Birthday and invite them there!