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Your worst downtimes are just turning points

Lyn family waking up in imvu
I recently sat down with a friend and talked about dealing with the down times in imvu and realized something about my experience in here that I hadn’t quite thought about like this before. The very worst times I’ve had in here, when I’ve been down and at my very lowest in here were actually important changing points in my life in here.

At one point I had to essentially walk away from the whole group I was with. That was right about the time I started the website. The person I had the problem with was going to make me a website and I had to figure out how to do it myself. That’s why I ended up hanging out with Gabby and that’s how the Night Shift started. When one door closes in IMVU another one opens

Night Shift imvu sexy girls dancingThen when my ex Holly left I was kind of floundering and decided to try to get to know Katy (& Susan) which led to the Lyn family. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but the two worst downtimes in here actually led to the two most important connections of my IMVU life.

We all get down at times but realize that just like in life sometimes it takes a push to get out of our comfort zone and start something new. If you’re down, maybe you’re at that turning point that starts something even more exciting and fun then you can imagine right now.kait and kris imvu kissing

I kind of picture my time here like a garden and I feel like I only have so much space (time) available to garden in. It hurts to pull something out because it was good at times and we all kind of resist change but what grows back and winds up filling up that new free space might be even better then you were expecting. I also find that things tend to get better and better, from relationship to relationship. I know it’s hard to look at it like this when you’re feeling that pain, but it’s part of growth and life.

Extreme Emotions in IMVU

imvu bdsm with schoolgirls not dirty

imvu bdsm with schoolgirls not dirtyI would honestly be one of the last people to ever be into bondage in real life, but some of that in here can be fun and create powerful emotions. If you can’t experiment and do things you’d never do in real life here, where can you?!

I’m really not into BDSM and don’t want to make that my life. But I really love being able to experience such a variety of extremely powerful emotional things here. Relationships are built on shared emotions and this can certainly be very intense and emotional.

If you really get into it, the powerful contrast between and combination of fear and pain and pleasure, even if they’re only in your head is shockingly potent. It does take a strong loving connection to be able to trust someone that completely. And passion with someone you really love is always more intense, although a first time encounter that really connects is exciting too.

A touching Thanksgiving Message

I woke up this morning to the most amazing 1024 character Thanksgiving message from a long time friend who I’ve spent literally countless hours holding and loving for probably 18 months or more, through quite a lot. I always tell her she uplifts me as much as I do her and you’ll see why here. Her situation is actually worse than you can tell from this. It’s very personal and if she wants me to I’ll take this down, but it is so amazing I had to share it. Just living is a struggle, but you can tell she is beautiful and strong. This also shows a little of the beauty of IMVU allowing us to be there for great people we never would have been able to get to know.

I was asked recently “How can you still smile with everything that has happened in your life?” the question seemed huge but when I thought deeply …it came down to the fact that I AM THANKFUL!! Like everyone I can make a long list of the ways life is NOT fair but as I continued think it got deeper I was hurt by family But there was others in that SAME family who picked me up brushed me off and watched me soar. I was beaten by someone who to the outside world he said he loved me. I was used sexually by many nameless humans for drug money for the same man but I survived. I was given a second disability because someone did not care if I got sick but I reach out to others & protect them instead I live with nightmares sometimes but I am healing I have lost my Dad & grandparents But I have gained all of you my friends who have become my family and have honored me with your presence in my life. That is why I can smile so bright even when I have a heavy heart. That is all the Thanksgiving blessing I need.