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Lock in new friends

building great friendships in imvu

building great friendships in imvuYou may not want to do this with everyone but when you meet someone important or special, it’s important to lock them in after you’re friended. Send them a personal note about meeting them or about something in their profile or homepage. Then if they write back invite them to a chat.

Its worth inviting them in the beginning because if you don’t know them enough to invite them now you won’t two weeks or two months later. It’s worth doing this because it’s easier to turn a new friend into a good friend than to turn people you don’t know into good friends. And it’s really the number of good friends that really counts not the number of total number of friends.

I think the trick here isn’t meeting new people but turning new friends into really good friends.

Use some Fairy Magic

sexy fairy love in imvu

sexy fairy love in imvu

Part 1 of 2:

You open you desk drawer and see an envelope with a big red perfect lipstick kiss on it. You quickly check to see if anyone is watching as you pull it out, smiling so big. It has very elegant and shiny silver ink lettering and sparkles fall and float from the paper into your lap as you open it. The fragrance of summer flowers comes from it and your fingers seem to sparkle as you hold it… continued!

Add gift:

Part 2 of 2:

Dear *****,

You light up my heart with your cheerful attitude and I can’t wait to see you again. I’ve thought about you and the special magic we’ve shared, a lot today. It’s so fun to laugh and play with you. You make my whole body light up and my soul smile. I’ve included some special Enchanted fairy love dust in here that will make you feel very happy almost giddy, and really heighten your senses although it does tend to make some people day dream. But they will be very good dreams. Whatever you do though don’t get it near your private areas. Enjoy and I’ll see you soon, my Love :)


Looking down you and you notice to your dismay the sparkles in the lap of your short skirt. You instinctively brush it away only to see it flurry and shimmer. You look away and try to brush it away quietly only to realize it was on your fingers and you feel all kinds of tingling….

This is just a cute note I sent, that I thought might inspire someone. I sent it with a sparkling gift, but you can do it with anything. The point isn’t that you or anyone should send a fairy note, but just to show how making a fun little story to go with a small gift can make someone feel really special and good about you. There’s a million different ways you can do it. I like to send Susan’s “drooling” action with a note saying that since you make me drool I thought it was only fair to make you drool ( I’ve also sent a blind fold or hand cuffs with really fun stories or an appropriate song. It depends on the type of fun you had or want to have with the person and your imagination.

Huge Tip: Follow up and Communi-Kait

always follow up and communicate

Communi-KaitOne of the most important things to do in building a relationship is the follow up. It’s the difference between the start of a relationship and a one time thing. It doesn’t have to be huge but a small note that takes less than a minute to send can literally make all the difference.

When you add someone as a friend, send a quick note. If someone leaves before you have a chance to say good bye, send a note. If you see something that makes you think of someone, send a note. And it’s especially important to send a nice note after intimacy. That’s one of the most important things you can do not only because it’s the right thing to do, but its just smart because it increases the odds of another encounter.

I like to send my badge afterwards too, but I still try to send a note too. Also think about sending 30 to 40 cents worth of credits in the form of a small sexy gift not just to show your appreciation but because it can increase the odds of another time. It’s also honestly as nice to give something, as it is to give, with someone you really care about.

No note and no gift puts you down in the middle to bottom of my list. It’s not even that I need the credits, but it makes me feel appreciated and loved. It’s not that I’m selling anything really but it really does make me feel good about the person. It doesn’t have to be something big or even every time. But this place runs on communication, and the little bit of communication afterwards is extremely important.