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Lock in new friends

building great friendships in imvu

building great friendships in imvuYou may not want to do this with everyone but when you meet someone important or special, it’s important to lock them in after you’re friended. Send them a personal note about meeting them or about something in their profile or homepage. Then if they write back invite them to a chat.

Its worth inviting them in the beginning because if you don’t know them enough to invite them now you won’t two weeks or two months later. It’s worth doing this because it’s easier to turn a new friend into a good friend than to turn people you don’t know into good friends. And it’s really the number of good friends that really counts not the number of total number of friends.

I think the trick here isn’t meeting new people but turning new friends into really good friends.

The Science of Making Friends

making imvu friends

making imvu friendsA recent article in the NY Times helped answer for me a question that Kait has posed here many times: why is IMVU so powerful? The article pointed out that it is really hard to make new friends after you leave school because psychologists have found that friendship depends on three things: “proximity; repeated, unplanned interactions; and a setting that encourages people to let their guard down and confide in each other,” All three of these are hard to come by once you graduate so we tend to have fewer and fewer friends as we get older, but that need to connect never goes away. But, proximity, unplanned interactions and letting down your guard, are three things that imvu is the perfect invention to provide.

No wonder this place feels like High School but without any teachers or anyone enforcing the rules.  I would also add shared emotions to the list.  And super attractive people and sexy clothes don’t hurt either.  Seriously this place does build the most amazing friendships and the most intense feelings of closeness.  The good news is that you don’t have to understand it really, but you do have to be a little careful.  It’s easy to get swept away, but it’s oh so yummy too.

Don’t quit just make a fresh start.

when you feel like quitting imvu just take a breath and start over

100,000 people here and I feel so alone...
We’ve all made mistakes and felt like leaving once in a while. Even if it wasn’t your mistake, it could just be the people you were around. The biggest factor in how much fun you have here is definitely the people around you.

The good news is that you can change the people around you much more easily here than in anything else. I have to tell you it feels very painful walking away from people. It’s hard but once you do it you’ll be surprised how quickly you can bounce back too.

Unfriend them and remove the rooms from your favorites and walk away. You can always add a few of back later on, but you have to walk away to heal. In some cases you may have to block one or two people and maybe even change your name. Both of these things are very easy to do though.

Then go to the gym and workout to clear hour head. Get a good nights sleep and you’ll be surprised how good you feel the next day and how easy it is to make some new friends. Everyone deserves a second or third chance and we all make mistakes and have to move on sometimes.