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By Your Side, These hands are holding you…

By your side these hands that are holding youThe church I go to has great popular christian music that I really love, and it always makes me think of the people I love in here. One song in particular By Your Side, by Tenth Avenue North, hit me so hard. I put some pictures from IMVU to it and wanted to share it. It’s not a fancy edited video but I hope you enjoy it.

….About two hours after I posted this Taylor divorced me.

The day the Music DIED at IMVU.

the day the music died at imvu

the day the music died at imvuUPUDATE: They didn’t shut off the music in the US but they did send out messages to some people saying they shut off the music in their country even if they weren’t in the 12 countries they did shut it off in.

Wow, IMVU just shut off music within the US! And they’re serious because they just reversed all of my music purchases! I can’t help but hear the song American Pie which I embeded the of video below. Play it and remember today as the day the Music Died at IMVU.

I can’t get on to check the forums or read any more yet but it sounds like a serious law suit to me. I guess I can’t complain getting almost 400K in credits back but I’m gonna miss my mixes. Does anyone else know anything about this or has anyone heard anything? If not feel free to spread silly rumors or vent, lol.

Music is a great way to set the mood

Wendy playing sexy music on the beachWhat kind of music do you like to play or to listen to in a public room and what kind of music do you like to play or listen when you are with someone special?  This is of course entirely dependent on the situation and with whom and where you are and in what kind of mood you and your friends are.  Music is a great way to create or enhance the mood in a room.  If you’re in a public ‘dance’ room, there is often some music playing, but if there isn’t, it would probably be smart to ask before playing your music.  Also look around at the kind of room you are at that moment.  Most of the time you can see or at least get a clue, in people’s clothes or the design of the room about what kind of music they would like to dance or listen.  In a rave club it will look weird to play some jazz music in a jazz club it’s a bit weird to play some heavy-metal music!

I am not a person who has many different types of music that I could play in a public chat room, and the music I have is most of the time older than my own age.  Some of my good friends have a lot of different types of music and made some awesome mixes.  Furthermore, I like a lot of different kinds of music in real life and do not care much about what I hear or what someone should play.  Whether this is some sweet romantic songs, soul, classic, pop, jazz, punk, rap or whatever it is doesn’t really matter.  Also remember if you don’t like the music playing in the room, you could choose just turn the volume down the volume or turn it off completely!

The music I wrote down below is music I like to play or like to listen when I’m with someone special or just when I’m with my dear friends dancing at an early morning or late at night. Softly as background music, nice and sweet romantic and timeless being!  These are probably the first types of music to get if you’re new because this is the type of music you play when there aren’t as many people around and it’s even more important to set a really good mood.

Sheena Easton – For your eyes only.
Norah Jones – Come away with me.
Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown – No air.
Billy Ocean – Suddenly.
Chantal Kreviazuk – Feels like home.
Bonnie Tyler – Total eclips of the heart.
Dionne Warwick – That’s what friends are for. (I like also the version of this song very much from a dutch singer. Her name is Trijntje Oosterhuis!)
Barry Manilow – Mandy
Lady Antebellum – Need you now
Robbie Williams – Mr Bojangles

I am curious about what you would like to hear and love to see all of your comments. Maybe you would like to share this music with anyone else and probably you could make the best music mix ever…xxx

When will my reflection show who I am inside?

I don’t know what kids did in the car before dvd players, or maybe it’s that I don’t know how parents were able to drive kids without dvds. I’m not even sure our car will work right without a disney dvd playing. I have memorized some videos I’ve never even seen. The other day I was listening to a song and realized it was singing about IMVU. The song was “When will my reflection show who I am inside?” from Mulan.

I was going to just link the YouTube video in here but wondered how it would look in IMVU. So I bought it on iTunes and went to a couple rooms and started singing. It’s my first real music video, well other than my Kiss Me one. It is so neat and kind of opens up a lot of neat possibilities. :) I love the words of this song, and don’t know where to put it in here, but it just seems to be about IMVU in a sense.

If you like it please Like it at YouTube or watch it there if you prefer.

Music is important in IMVU

imvu rock stars playing great imvu music

imvu rock stars playing great imvu music
Music is a great way to add to the feel of any room or situation. Sometimes I feel like Bumble Bee from Transformers, talking with music. I’ve tried to get music for all kinds of different situations. I am a little over board in that, but hey I’m not as ridiculous about that as I am about pictures.

I hate it when I end up buying a second version of the same song though. And your songs aren’t very easy to search. So I made a list of them. I would up pasting it into html because I figured it would be easier for me to find. I don’t figure it matters all that much to many people but just in case you want to see my IMVU Music List, here it is. Yes, some of it’s a little dirty but a lot more of it’s loving and just good music. If you don’t use music in here yet, just start with a couple of your favorite songs and play with it a little bit if you haven’t yet. You might find that you really like it.

Girls Girls Girls in Concert

Have you ever wanted to be a rock star? Katy’s wife Susan made a great rock concert room and we had such a blast there last night. She made a video of it to the music Girls Girls Girls, which is very appropriate. I’m going to work on some rock videos, but she did a good job with this one already! Thanks Susan.

Music is on Sale – Half Priced

Music is on sale, half price till Thursday. I don’t usually mention sales except things that I really like. And I missed the last half priced sale. I’ve got a lot of music I was waiting to get. I will have to make a video how to set up music play lists soon too.

Sing a Song, Say a Prayer or a Poem

beautiful imvu girl faces

sexy cat girl cuddle in imvu
This place can be very powerful and create amazing connections.  Most of the people reading this have probably felt that I’m sure. But you might not have tried some of these things. 

There is something amazingly powerful about these things and the strong emotions that they create. Virtual Relationships are built on shared emotions and these things all create strong emotions aka. build strong relationships. 

The other day I was on imvu with my cell phone, talking to someone I barely know who was really down and had a problem in real life.  I don’t know why but I asked to pray with her. I’m driving and texting a prayer to her and soon crying.  There is something very powerful about praying with someone.  I’ve done it live and in messages. 

When you are lying in the meadow kissing and cuddling there is nothing more powerful than singing the words of a love song to your partner, as it plays. You share that emotion of the song really feeling the words as you’re lying together.  

And even if you have to get a little help from the Internet a poem either typed line by line as you chat or in a message to keep that loving feeling going the next day is so special. Saying it with a poem, a prayer or a song will have a lot of emotion.  Relationships are built on shared emotions and these things all convey a lot of powerful emotions. 

Say it with Music

Say it with an IMVU Song
You can say literally anything with music. You can’t think of any phrase you’d ever use that doesn’t have a song. Save a chat and pick out something you joked about and search it in the music. I’ll be real surprised if there isn’t a song with that title. There is probably so many you’ll have to listen to a bunch to find the best one or the best version. It costs less than the price of a regular postage stamp but there is something about saying it with music that seems deep and thoughtful. And even someone that has a lot of stuff appreciates music.

I recently met a very successful Mesher (I made the mistake of calling her a developer, but she does this for a living and makes the things that developers use). Anyway the point is that she’s done this for years and the things she’s made are impressive as heck. So what do you get for someone like that? I sent her a note afterwards saying how nice it was to meet her and sent it with a song that I thought she would like. You pick a word or two out of their profile or conversation and you can probably find an appropriate song in just minute or two, and it says that you really cared, and were listening, especially if they like and use the song.

The Sexiest Music in IMVU

I recently found an album of music that was so good and so sexy I had to share it. I made several mixes of this. Listen to it yourself at Ibiza Lounge – The Porn Café

Unfortunately as you probably already know, you can only put two songs from that in a single mix. If you don’t have something else that fits it take a look at Sex Sound Effects, Women Orgasm, Porn, Adult, Girls

Another really awesome one that’s very sexy and hard to find is Tales of the Erotic. These are very sexy short stories that are fun to play sometimes when you want to stir things up a bit.

If you have any good tips for really sexy music in imvu, post them here or message me in imvu user name: Kaitlyn

Tips for Taglines

Use some lyrics from your favorite song. You’ll sound hip and smart and it has a rhyme and famousness already.

Pick a word that describes how you feel and search for a quote about it with Google. A famous quote makes you sound smart and is easy to find if you search.

See also my list of IMVU Tagline Examples

IMVU Music Search Tip

imvu music mix searchingI really like the music fuctions at IMVU. The limitations imposed by IMVU, such as limiting mixes to two songs by any one artist or album are stupid but otherwise music can be a big plus in your IMVU experience. Unfortunately the IMVU music search process can be a real pain. If the name of the track you’re looking for isn’t totally unique you may have to page through page after page of songs with the same term. That’s why I like to search for the song I like first on Goggle or YouTube and get the correct name and artist. That makes it much easier to find the song you were really looking for.

Most people don’t have as many mixes and as much variety as I have. I like to make a special music mix for every different room or type of room. Music is a very good way to create a mood and convey emotion.

Another good tip for finding the right music for something is to search for it on iTunes because that will sort them by popularity. So you can find the popular one you were thinking of, and then go look for it in imvu.