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To Imvu: Fix Imvu 2Go!

imvu2go cellular phone ap is brokenIt’s been at least a month since the Mobil Ap for Imvu, called Imvu2Go has worked. It wasn’t great bit it was helpful when you can’t get to a computer. But it has a bug and stopped working a while ago. It constantly says you’ve logged on in multiple places and logs you out. I tried upgrading my iPhone OS and even disabled wifi but it doesn’t seem to work for anyone.

It did however ask me to rate it when I logged in so I did. I gave it a low score as everyone was doing and told them to fix it. That’s why I figured it was time to say something and recommend that anyone that used or has the Mobil app installed rate it and ask them to fix it. Bugs happen but they’ve had enough time to fix it and this is one of the rare areas that the customers can have a voice so it’s time to say something.