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New Feature: Hiding Menu Text

menu commands are now silentAnother new feature although more subtle than some of the others, is that menu trigger commands don’t show up in text any more. I really love this small change. It allows you to do things more subtly. It was always so distracting for the different dance commands to pop up when you’re dancing for example. You can still type them instead of using the mouse to do it but they show up that way.

They should really make the command you type after the slash, which triggers a command not show up too. That way you can use the slash if it’s in the middle of a line or even when you type it separately if you want to avoid the text. It would also be helpful if they would make a command to collapse all the menus in avi too. I wind up with so many menus it makes it harder to get to the right menu for that trigger. That’s why I used to use the text. My fingers were already there. Now you have to jump back and forth to avoid distracting commands. So I love this change but they need to do a little bit more to allow it for text too.