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Who does a girl go out with here?

imvu makeout cuddling by the fireI wrote once before what I was looking for but thought I should expand on that. This isn’t just me, but some things girls in general look for. Someone that shows affection and appreciation. There are lots of ways to do this. I’m not a gift hound but some really respond big time to that. I like sexy or exciting messages. Role play opening messages are the best.

Someone that writes often, and talks well. Silence is golden and that’s fine sometimes but being more expressive is the biggest thing to me. Don’t just stop talking! I love someone that pushes me and makes me feel sexy or seduces me.

meeting in imvu doorstepThe person that has a fun, sexy, different room. I admit I like sexy poses and especially a good progression that just makes me melt and want to, no NEED to go further.

The person that’s persistent and committed in imvu. A lot of people take not being available as a sign I’m not interested but its really just that I’m busy. Sure at some point you have to move on but err on the side of patience if you can.

The person that’s available at the right time. If someone was available at 11 pm one day, try again at that time the next day. If it was a weekend try them again the following weekend. Consistency is important in a relationship.

Someone that invites and or writes sexy notes. I have too many people on my friends list so I start with my messages and missed invites to see who I should talk to. Don’t invite too fast when someone comes on because they may not have loaded or may need a mi ute but you can write right away.

When you write its ok sometimes to just say a quick Hi! How are you? But sometimes write something clever or exciting. (Save a file or document of great messages you’ve used). Also try to send messages from your webpage which you access at when you’re notable to get on for a while. Part of building a relationship is staying on the top of someone’s mind.

imvu castaway island3Someone that seems to really care (loves?) is VERY attractive as long as its in here and sounding like it goes into real life. That may not be much of a concern for some people but to me being married, that’s cheating and could very easily be the end of this whole thing. So I love real passion in here but it has to very safe too.

The biggest thing about who I go out with and see repeatedly is who makes it exciting and makes me feel really sexy and wanted. If you shut up and don’t make me feel sexy I’ll probably keep going and carry it but I won’t look for you again any time soon. If you make it awesome I’ll look for you and do my best to curl your toes and make you scream (with me).

It’s nice to have History

AlexisGB01 dancing with imvu familyTime flies in here and people I knew three years ago seem like almost 2 lifetimes ago. But there’s something special about people you have a lot of history and connection with. I feel like I can trust them and like we have a stronger connection because of it.

The way to take advantage of this is simple. If you don’t delete your old messages, go back through them. Don’t invite random people. Invite someone you used to know but list contact with. An old friend has fewer walls and the history effect will make them predisposed to reigniting.

talking about old friendsIt gives you something good to talk about and they will want to catch up and hear how you’re doing now. It lets you talk about how bad you used to look, or funny/sexy things they did, or even what you liked best about them or how you always had a secret crush on them. All the bad things tend to fade leaving only the good things over time.

a special long time friendEven people who you had an issue with will have forgotten what that was and not care any more. You’ll definitely thank me for this one later. This is an especially good thing to do if you’re on over the holiday and all your friends are away. Go back through your really old messages and you can find old friends that are online even if you’re not friends any more and they’ve changed their name. It’s probably equally quiet for them and it’ll be a good time to reconnect!

You’re vulnerable with your walls down

imvu can be dangerous because your walls are so down

imvu can be dangerous because your walls are so downThis is an amazing place once you learn to let your walls down. But that’s also part of the danger and why you have to be so careful too. The danger isn’t just that someone random could assault you the way you first think. The bigger danger is how vulnerable you become when you let your walls down so much.

If I met Gabby or Holly or anyone I have a full heart connection with, in real life, I’d have no defenses and be very vulnerable to put it mildly. It’s not being physically hurt but emotionally such an open book that it would be easy to be really stupid. It’s the level and intensity of the connections that makes it dangerous.

It’s obviously dangerous to meet someone you don’t know that well but it’s also dangerous in a way to meet someone you know too well.

Messages, sweet or just for fun?

A few days ago, I got a great idea to send several friends the same message. A little inspired by Kait, her previous story in “Passing sexy notes” in the category “Fun Messages“.

While I was writing this story I could see in my mind the faces of many friends when they read it, and enjoyed it a bit feeling a little sneaky. A message with a wink and a smile should I say! I was curious about the reactions of those that I send this story, and whether there would be someone who would continued this story and would send it back. This didn’t happen, but the reactions I received have been very sweet and nice. I really laughed a lot with this story and especially because there were some who thought this story was actually really happening! Lol … I will not tell any names Kait, so don’t worry.

The point was just how much fun it was to and write a sweet, nice of sexy story. See what the reactions are of those that you send your story to. Maybe you get a sweet, cute or nice message back or maybe there is someone who continue the story where you have ended this. As a tip I would say, write your story first in something like word. This makes it easier to send everyone the same story. Have fun and good luck…xxx


Today was an exciting day for me. I have met some time ago, someone at IMVU and had agreed with her that she could come over for a few days and stay with me when she visiting Europe. Oh so exciting, our first real date! Today was that day dawned, very nervous and very tense where I waiting at the airport for her when her flight would land. I had already looked at the clock several times whether I would be on time and checked her flight data several times. On the TV screen at the airport I could see that her flight had landed exactly on time and my heart began to beat faster at the thought that we would meet today in real. I stood with a big sign with her name written on it and waited at the exit of arrival hall number 3! Many people came through the exit, but not the girl I was waiting for…I tried to call her but got no answer. Maybe she missed her flight? Quickly I checked my email…not any sign of her! Helplessly, I looked around!! Hopefully that I could find her between all the people. I looked so….. 

frighten and helpless until a hand was laid on my shoulder and an arm wrapped around my middle. A soft, sultry voice whispered behind me…I LOVE YOU WENDY! My heart began to beat faster and hit my sorrow into joy…I turned myself around and my eyes began to shine. Oh we both had already waited so long and finally were there the day that she has arrived at the airport! Our first meeting…We looked at each other and started laughing, both nervous and a bit tense! Oh she was even much prettier than at the pictures she had sent me. There was also our first kiss, first volatile followed by a passionate loving kiss. Oh a tingling floats through my full body and I felt myself glowing from the tip of my head till my toes! We had almost forgotten where we were and thought even less of all the people around us. That moment, we have had only eyes for each other! Even if we have stood on a treadmill it was not even noticed us!! After a while she picked up her luggage and I took her hand…….

Put them first and/or Friendship first

Stephanie is a great imvu friend

Stephanie is a great imvu friendI admit this so sounds so obvious that it almost seems stupid to say, but the surest way to not just a powerful intimate experience but real happiness with anyone is to put them first. Don’t just put the other person first, but them enthusiastically first. Even if all you’re really here for is just a little fun, you’ll turn that random encounter into someone who puts you on the top of their mental list not just another name on their friends list they will remove two weeks later when they don’t remember you. Your dance card will be full with people that really want to be with you, not just people who are there because you’re in the right place at the right time.

Putting someone else first in here doesn’t cost much. It’s really just an attitude. It’s being patient and focusing on pleasing them and makes them want to please you more than any other one thing you can do. I asked a good friend about what makes someone we both know good and it was this attitude, and their passion. Again that sounds so obvious it can’t be news to anyone. But it is so simple we all have to remind our selves sometimes. And the more you do that the more attractive you make yourself. So remember and focus on this the next time you really want to impress someone. It’s also the basis for the whole Dom/sub relationship.

So put the other person first with real enthusiasm and be the person your friends eye scans for in their friends list and the one they go out of their way to see.

Search and Fav Public Rooms

You can find great imvu rooms for almost anything

You can find great imvu rooms for almost anythingNo matter how new you are, whether it’s your birthday (very first day) or you’ve been here since before there was a 3D chat, it’s fun to find and explore new rooms in imvu. Sometimes I do that really late at night or if I only have a few minutes, not long enough to really talk very much. That’s when I look for rooms with exciting sounding descriptions and pictures. I look for ones with four stars too. You don’t want to favorite everything but unlike sending out blanket friend requests you can fav as many rooms as you like as fast as you like. Technically there’s a limit of 100, but by the time you reach 100 you’ll be able to remove a bunch.

You’ll have to try several rooms to find really great rooms. But that’s the fun of it. And when you have a lot of good rooms saved you just click favorites in your chat rooms tab and you’ll be able to see the ones with people in them very easily. That way even if you don’t have many friends you’ll never have a hard time finding something fun to do. When I come in I usually check my outfit, then my messages, friends and then favorite rooms before deciding where to start. Private rooms are ok for a place to invite someone special to, but you’ll usually have much more fun in public rooms. So especially if you’re new fav a lot of good rooms, and you’ll also start to know the people in those rooms and find a good crowd to hang out with. Another great perk is that even if you don’t like crowds yet, you can find someone alone in one of your fav rooms much more easily.

How to turn a good costume into a great fantasy.

imvu costumes help make great fantasies

imvu ironmanShopping in IMVU is a lot of fun. Ive made some cool costumes though that I never wound up using. And sometimes I see someone with a great costume that I just don’t know how to get anything started with. I’m usually pretty creative but sometimes just need some help. This post isn’t about a specific fantasy as much as how to find the spark for a great fantasy for almost any character or situation.

A friend made a great Ironman costume. I liked the movies and the costume was excellent. But I just wasn’t sure how to get the ball rolling or in what direction to go with it. So I asked Google.

It took a couple minutes to find the right answer because most “ironman fantasies” are more about the triathlon in Hawaii. But I found a very interesting site with stories about all kinds of story, movie or cartoon characters. I haven’t actually had a chance to read it all and get back to him yet but now I’m really looking forward to it in stead of being stuck for what to do. So with a little luck maybe it’ll even be good enough for a video too.

If you have an ironman costume read this page and of you have a character costume search for it in the fun site:

Women want to be seduced

sexy imvu couple

chained to my imvu bed
The good news is that you can act like an idiot in here and still get lucky sometimes. Jimmy Buffet says it’s 5pm somewhere. It’s also 1 am somewhere and someone just came in from dancing and drinking and is horny and looking. A stopped clock is right twice a day. But if you want to get the best girls and want them to look for you and come back to you again, you have to be good. You don’t have to be great or be perfect, but you should try to be as good as you can.

Even if gorgeous women grow on trees in here, women want to be seduced. And if you play along and give them what they want, making them feel special and flirting and teasing them they will give you what you want getting more into it and will want to do it again and again. Flirt with and play with them, be confident but not arrogant, sexy but not degrading, keep talking, be descriptive and make them feel sexy, put emotion and passion and energy into it. Be creative and make it fun. Read a romance novel like 50 shades of Gray or some sexy stories online. These things take a little effort but you’ll get much more out of this if you do that, I promise.

How to start IMVU Fun in 1 sentence

how to start imvu sex

finding imvu sex opening lines
A lot of times I think people just don’t know how to get things started and one of the purposes of the site is to help make imvu sexy and fun for people. So I wanted to share an easy way to start the ball rolling.

Please sir, could you help me… My car broke down out on the road in the middle of a horrible thunder storm and you’re the only house for miles so I wanted to ask if I could borrow your phone and maybe stay until this storm passes.

You get bonus points if you have a thunderstorm mix and a wet T shirt to wear. Maybe a sexy bathrobe too. There are a lot of sexy imvu fantasies in the Fantasies section but you don’t have to make it elaborate. Just throw that out and start playing from there. The only thing I ask is that you post your experiences if you start with this opening.

The single best thing you can do to meet sexy imvu girls

how to meet sexy imvu girls

sexy subway chat
Someone said something to me yesterday, that I didn’t think much about at the time but realized is important. I said I like RP. He said he liked Roleplay but not Roleplaying. I understood what he meant by the context, meaning that he liked to play, but not the more serious type that makes it more than playing. I think some people need to realize the difference. Serious role playing, being a demon in a family of demons or vampires or a dom or sub is very different than just playing. It involves building a whole persona and taking on that person and BUILDING a character. RolePLAY is much simpler and less involved. It’s just acting out a sexy situation.

You can’t really have sex without roleplay. You’re not doing anything physically, you’re just talking it through in your head. You don’t have to get into it or be totally committed to it. You just play along. You don’t need exotic fancy costumes or to talk like a baby or a demon to do it. You just have to paint the picture with words, describing as vividly what you’re doing at the moment, as possible.

I would take it one step further and say that if I could only learn and use just one tactic in imvu, and wanted to maximize my opportunities and the quality of my IMVU encounters, it would be to role play aka play along more. Not creating a whole character, but playing. There is a tremendous range of directions you can go as you play, but in my opinion, this is clearly the best way to get the most out of your time here. If you’re standing there trying to get something started with that hot girl, stop staring and start playing.

Instead of saying wow, you look hot, say “I try to look away but find myself glancing back repeatedly mesmerized by your charms.” Next time you go into a room, don’t just type Hello. Say, “A (tall figure/curvy girl/attractive young woman/handsome traveler) slowly enters the room, waving a friendly acknowledgement to the others.”

Don’t think of it as Role Playing, think of it as Playing along. If you want to play with someone you’ve got to play along. Out of all the things you could do to increase your imvu fun factor just learning to play along, is probably the single most important helpful thing you could do. Here’s a good example of Role PLAY, playing along which a friend and I had earlier today. It wasn’t anything brilliant, but it takes some playing to

Are you ready to meet your Virtual Love in Real Life?

Click for details at MTV NewsMTV is doing a show or special of some kind about people meeting their virtual partner in real life for the first time. We’ve all felt so close to someone that we want to meet, but it can be tricky. They often live very far away and it can be great, but it can also be less than great which can hurt a lot too. Deciding to meet in person is a very tricky thing and can certainly be very dramatic. I think it would be a compelling show and if you don’t mind a little bit of reality show type attention and wanted to meet your partner for the first time with the cameras rolling, this

My take is that this raises the stakes a little. If it goes well it will be fun to share the powerful emotion of it. But if it goes well, the pain may be slightly worse too. It may make it harder to slink away and crawl under a rock if it blows up. You also have to consider what will happen if someone in real life sees you too. It’s not like it’s American Idol and the whole world is necessarily watching but still. This isn’t for the faint of heart and you have to be really sure of your feelings and desire. But if it works it will be something you will always look back on and they will probably pick up a few of the expenses too. So in some ways you’ll probably get a free vacation and an amazing adventure out of the deal.

I kind of hear Clint Eastwood whispering in my head, “Do you feel lucky?” I don’t but someone some where probably does and it will make for a compelling show, I will definitely be able to relate to and laugh about. I will also announce it here if I know ahead of time when it’s going to air, because it would probably be interesting to watch for all my virtual friends out there. If you’re interest click the MTV logo at the top of the article for a news article about it or just send an email to

An IMVU Conversation about what girls look for.

tips for meeting sexy imvu girls

what imvu girls want
Did you ever wish you could be a fly on the wall listening to the private conversations about what IMVU girls look for? This was totally unplanned but I talk about a lot of stuff with my girlfriends and this wound up being such an interesting discussion I thought I’d just keep it in conversation form. I took off a little bit of pleasantry up front and edited one or two typos. I added a link or two, to posts that I’ve written about those topics, too, but other than a word or two, this is just a candid conversation about what women look for.

My friend mentioned an interview process which intrigued me and started the conversation. I cut it off when it turned to talking about specific people and things. Who the conversation was with isn’t important but she is gorgeous and has been here for several years. She’s been here quite a bit longer than me and I enjoyed hearing some of the same things I’ve found and learned from it too. And lets continue the conversation if it sparks any thoughts back to you.

Click the title, the picture above, or here to see the full conversation…


How to get a 3 some

imvu 3some, threesome

imvu 3some, threesome
Every guys fantasy to some degree or another is a threesome. And there are more girls here than guys so you would think this shouldn’t be too hard.  I may be wrong but I don’t think most get this very often though. So I figured I’d see if I could help.  This is for guys looking to get a threesome with two girls.

First don’t ask two girls on the middle of sex unless you know at least one or are spoken to first. They know you would want to and will say something if they’re interested in the possibility.  And don’t go to lesbian rooms to look for a threesome, that never works.

If you have a girlfriend, ask if she’s ever had a 3some and then ask her which of her friends she would most like to do it with, or who she thinks would be most likely to do it. Even if she didn’t expressly agree to it, if her friend agrees you’re most of the way there. 

Now you can just ask the friend but you’ll often have to sweet talk them a little. Send her a gift and a nice note that you’d like to talk to her. Or try making up a story about her car breaking down and the two of them ringing your doorbell late at night. Or their boat sinking and you pick them up on your yacht. Or you rescue them from a dungeon or whatever type of situation you like best and have a room for.  If you can incorporate an article of clothing and you gift that, it makes them feel even more obligated to participate. It takes more planning and effort than a regular couple but if you write a nice note and include a gift or two you’ll probably at least make a new friend. 

The other way to do this is work the other direction. Ask a girl if she would join your GF and you. You can come right out and ask that much easier than you can just ask her to have sex with you directly. But don’t do this unless you’ve talked to your GF or are really sure she’ll say yes.   Another way is to ask for a threesome for your birthday. You might start by asking your GF what her fantasy is first. Then see if you can explore that with her, which you should definitely be doing anyway.

Suggest that it might be fun to spice things up a little. Even the most conservative girls can appreciate that because it sounds like you want to improve your relationship with them which is a good thing as opposed to them not being enough for you.  I admit this takes a little more effort than just the normal encounter. But the worst that will happen is that you wind up with just one and there’s a good chance you’ll have an awesome time.

Another very easy step you can take in that direction is to simply suggest having sex in a public room. Start this by finding a sexy room that’s empty. Just have fun and you never know who will walk in. But make sure when someone comes in that you say hello to them even if you’re in the middle of sex, because otherwise they will often run right out. This will also give you a chance to ask your friend if she’s interested in having someone else, when she’s most receptive to it too.

Remember, you can’t see the connections people have

IMVU connectionsMacePoena had a gave me a good tip. She and her twin have a special connection. that people often don’t realize. So when you walk into a room or see someone come in, just realize that there is often more there than meets the eye. You can’t tell whether the person you just said hello to is married to the other person or even people in the room and how connected people are. You also don’t know what issues they’re dealing with.

There are a lot of levels of conversations and connections in a busy room. The people there may have very deep history and connections with each other and they may also have sore spots you don’t see. So proceed with care and realize that the pixels are fake but the people and relationships behind the pixels are real and aren’t usually as simple as they appear on the surface. Honestly this is an area where sometimes I have to improve personally. I talk a lot and I guess that increases the odds that you’ll screw up.

The most attractive quality is LOVE.

a powerful love is very attractive in imvu or real lifeI recently met an amazing new friend and learned something or was reminded of something, very important. The most attractive quality anyone can have in IMVU or real life isn’t a certain look or even something with pixels. The most attractive characteristic someone can have is love.

In some ways it’s tricky because you don’t want to scare them or make them think you’re a stalker by coming on too strong. The right amount of love might also vary from person to person. But we’re all ultimately looking for love and can’t help but be attracted to a person that gives it to them.

I actually wasn’t even looking for love at all, at least not from anyone new. I have a lot of great friends here already. I have a wife, a family, some tremendous friends, an Alien Mistress, a couple cuddle buddies, and a whole slew of friends. Yet I have to tell you, the depth of Tammy’s love and passion bowled me over and makes my head spin. So wear your heart on your sleeve in here and share it as freely and purely as possible. The more you give it away, the more it’ll come back to you.

Go after the deserters

people leaving a room may be good prospects to chat with
One friends tactic for meeting new people is to go after the deserters.  He watches the people who leave a room and invites them. The logic is that they were probably interested in talking to someone and probably bored. They are also more likely to be available to talk at that moment.  You have to admit it makes sense.   For extra power use this tactic with the recent post about Imvu Hunting Tips!