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One year ago today….

one year ago todayOne year ago today I met someone that changed my life. I don’t write too much about my personal life here. I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable like I’ll talk about things too much. I show too much already, I don’t want to make everyone I’m with show too much but I love this person so much, I just have to stand on the top of the rooftop and scream I LOVE YOU KRIS!!!!

I made a short summary of this special day and just wanted to share it, to show how special it was. You never know when your whole life which change so take pictures and enjoy everything here. It’s soo special. I’ve had the most magical year. I can’t really show it all to you but I will gladly spend the rest of my life here showing you Kris, how much you mean to me!

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You’re Invited

Warm imvu kisses2I’ve been head over heels and floating ever since I met Kris and am so excited to invite you to our Wedding Sunday night at 10pm Pacific time June 29th. We can obviously only have so many people in the room but I’m doing something special, to share it all with everyone. I’ll post a link here before it starts so people can join and watch right though my computer. That means you’ll hear the whispers, see me type and everything I see. With the Joinme link, any computer can see and join and can even chat privately too.

I’ll post a video here afterwards with most of it, but this lets you join right in and share it even closer. I want to share this happiness and special time with everyone. So come back Sunday night and feel free to share the love. It’ll be a sexy fun special party for everyone! Thanks so much to all my friends and everyone that’s made this such an unbelievable time. Luv Yew!

When am I on

a strange shadowy figure

We all have a real life and different schedules. This probably isn’t really a big lesson but a tip to catch me. Even if you see me on for a little bit, inviting me after school or at dinner time is very hit or miss, and isn’t as likely to be a good time to talk. I tend to sneak on sometimes if it’s quiet but shadows in imvuI can’t really talk very much when have kids around. I sometimes have some time in the late mornings but the best time to try me is after my husband and kids are in bed after midnight. The best time to catch me is midnight to 130am (EST) before we’re dancing in Gabby’s Jazz club or a little after 3am or so when that breaks up. I try to leave my location on when I’m in the club with my friends so friends can see or in some cases come and say hello.

Also please don’t take a decline as a snub. I try not to double chat and would decline most people when I’m already talking with someone. I always think of it as a compliment to be invited though and try to answer or reply if I can. I’m often pulled in several directions so it’s not easy to keep up with everything. I have great connections and relationships which are important to me which doesn’t mean that I can’t or don’t meet new people but it does require a little more persistence to move from acquaintance into a good friend.

What am I looking for?

what are you looking for?

what are you looking for?Someone asked me this and it got me thinking a little how it’s changed and grown. When I first started here I was just looking for a safe way to feel sexy. Now I kind of want more. I still want to feel sexy but I have gotten kind of spoiled and know how much more this can be. I want to know your heart and have a magical intimate moving experience.

I like sex but don’t just want sex. Feeling sexy doesn’t even require sex as much as it does intimacy but good sex creates a feeling of intimacy. So many people who think this place is all or mostly about sex have no idea that they’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I think we’re all here because we want to be loved. (Am I talking about real life or imvu? Or is it true for both??)

looking to be loved in imvuI also want my friends to be happy and I want to please and love them. In some ways I’m actually best at being a second place safe and loving best friend. I love seeing my friends in love just as much as I love being so connected. I bounce around a lot and wear my heart on my sleeve a little too much sometimes. A friend and I were talking earlier today and she takes her time opening up and sizing people up before getting close. I am the opposite. I jump right in and then try to figure out afterwards if it’s the right thing.

What do I not want? I don’t want to own anyone or be owned all the time, although I do like to submit to someone strong that I can love and respect. I don’t need gifts or credits. They are a nice way to say you love someone and a way to show your appreciation though. I certainly don’t need drama or an attitude. I’m also not looking for anything real life. I realize I’m in a minority here when I say I have a great marriage and family but I do.

Would you like a Dance?

new imvu dancer

come see sexy imvu dancers
I’m just starting to dance. I was always kind of intrigued with that before but made me nervous at the same time. I know a few imvu girls that do well with it. I kind of figure that it’s part of the imvu experience and if I only do it one night a week it won’t change my attitude or make things less fun or take me away from my friends very much. 

I come here to feel sexy and have fun and I love to flirt and play.  So this seems like a natural thing to try.   Some clubs have rules that the girls can’t actually do anything but tease. I like teasing but I kind of want to be able to do more though if I want to, so I’m going to try a club that does escorting too. I don’t fake things and want to really enjoy it though so I have to wait till late at night when everyone here is asleep.  Anyway come see me if you can tonight for a sexy imvu dance. I’ll leave my location on when I’m there so feel free to join me if you can too. 

Am I married?

Married to Holly, the sexiest girl in imvu

Married to Holly, the sexiest girl in imvuYes and Yes. I’m kind of weird I guess, being straight and happily married to a man in RL with three kids, and married to a the sexiest woman I’ve ever met in here. I was mostly lez when I started in here, afraid that every guy would turn into a stalker or that it would hurt my RL marriage. It also seemed that women were easier to talk to and it wasn’t centered around or focused on sex. Over the past year I’ve gone from being unwilling to friend guys to having half my sex with them, but I have to confess I don’t have the type of relationships with guys that I do with girls.

Sometimes people assume that if I’m married here that means I’m taken. Marriages here have a lot more variety than they do in real life. I feel like I have the best of both worlds cause my IMVU wife doesn’t just allow me to have fun, she pushes me like crazy, not just to have fun but to share my heart and I do. The connection with Holly is way above anything else, but it’s an amazing feeling to feel so much in love with her and have so much fun at the same time. It makes me feel even closer and so much more appreciative of her. The badder I am the more she likes it, and the more fun it is for me as she pushes me. This wouldn’t be for everyone but is so one of the reasons why I say I’m the luckiest girl in imvu.

Update July 2012: Almost a year later, we’ve downgraded, not broken up, just not really married any more. I still love Holly with all my heart and know she loves me. But her priorities have changed a little and she isn’t on that much and despite my protests, thought I needed to be free to love and be loved more. She’s still the sexiest person I’ve ever met in here. I didn’t really want it, felt safe being married sort of, though I have to admit I do like being single to some degree. I think the key is to be happy no matter where you’re at in here, and you really can be as happy as you make your mind up to be pretty much.

October 2012: This tends to be a little fluid. Holly basically left IMVU, going in other directions so I’m pretty much on my own and enjoying a lot.

Kait in the garden

Who is Kaitlyn?

The Urban Dictionary Definition of Kaitlyn

Hot, gorgeous, sexy woman. Who loves to have a good time. Gives good advise and very wise. is very caring when it comes to other peoples problems, she is very trust worthy. Loves it rough, but you better watch out because her nice church girl personality will fool you, once you get to know her your will find that there is a wild women inside waiting to show herself. Everyone wants to bang her but she’s taken. Every guy wants her but they cant have her, has amazing boobs and ass. But don’t touch or she will fuck your world up.

I’m really just a regular person who was curious and came here to feel sexy in a safe, fun way and was totally unprepared for the dazzlingly unique world of virtual relationships here. I spent the first week or two here, just exploring empty rooms because I was afraid to talk to people. I was even more scared when I saw how strong virtual relationships can become here. Being very happily married I was very afraid how this would impact my real life family. I made lots of mistakes and kept saying I wish there were teachers or some way to learn from other people’s experience in here.

I started this because I thought there should be a place for people looking for some type of help or a guide. So I writing this to share some random ideas and help anyone interested.