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One year ago today….

one year ago todayOne year ago today I met someone that changed my life. I don’t write too much about my personal life here. I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable like I’ll talk about things too much. I show too much already, I don’t want to make everyone I’m with show too much but I love this person so much, I just have to stand on the top of the rooftop and scream I LOVE YOU KRIS!!!!

I made a short summary of this special day and just wanted to share it, to show how special it was. You never know when your whole life which change so take pictures and enjoy everything here. It’s soo special. I’ve had the most magical year. I can’t really show it all to you but I will gladly spend the rest of my life here showing you Kris, how much you mean to me!

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Kait and Kris Wedding Pictures and Video

snuggling by the fire on the beach after weddingI wanted to put up and share the pictures of our IMVU wedding and a video of the vows. I’ll just link to the actual WMV file of our wedding video here because it’s hard to read the bubbles on the lower reserve version it plays. But the original in 720P is big 800megs for 30 minutes but gives you more of the experience of being there.

It was immensely powerful and touching for me and I wanted to share it with you. IMVU is nothing if not intense and emotional and it’ll touch your heart if you let it. I hope you can see how special not just the wedding but ALL of the people are to me!

Getting married right NOW!!

congratulations married page

Wow, super excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time. I’m worried about the size of the room and how many people can fit. So it’ll be important to have the link for JOINME readily available. If the link’s here it’s available. I’ll take it down when it’s not active any more.

Wow it was so wonderful!! Going to bed so happily married!!!

You’re Invited

Warm imvu kisses2I’ve been head over heels and floating ever since I met Kris and am so excited to invite you to our Wedding Sunday night at 10pm Pacific time June 29th. We can obviously only have so many people in the room but I’m doing something special, to share it all with everyone. I’ll post a link here before it starts so people can join and watch right though my computer. That means you’ll hear the whispers, see me type and everything I see. With the Joinme link, any computer can see and join and can even chat privately too.

I’ll post a video here afterwards with most of it, but this lets you join right in and share it even closer. I want to share this happiness and special time with everyone. So come back Sunday night and feel free to share the love. It’ll be a sexy fun special party for everyone! Thanks so much to all my friends and everyone that’s made this such an unbelievable time. Luv Yew!

Kait’s Engaged to Marry Kris!

soaring love with kris
I’ve had a lot of amazing times here in IMVU, but last night was the most amazing nights of my life here! It was my four month anniversary with Kris and I knew she was doing something special for that, but she surprised me by asking me to marry her. It was soo magical, Fairy Flying, unbelievable flowers and the most romantic cuddles. I’ve never felt so close, so loved, and so unbelievably wonderful and so blessed.

proposal2Kris is not only the most loving, passionate person I think I’ve ever know, but she’s an awesome designer and developer and truly fun person and friend. Kris fits in with my family and friends even better than I do and is always such a blessing. She’s everything I could ever want. I Love you with all my heart Kris, and am sooo sooo glad to be able to tell the world how much you mean to me.

proposal3You’ve made the past four months since we met mind blowingly amazing. A picture’s worth a thousand words so I spent most of the day yesterday going back through thousands and thousands of pictures (is that the equivalent of millions of words) from just the past four months to pull out some of the most interesting or memorable pictures. I tried to keep this one mostly clean, (although it’s probably rated R), but I wanted to try and show people a little of the love and Our Story.

So I’m married now

imvu wedding kissWhat does being married here really mean? We had an amazing wedding! It was really beautiful. So much fun with such great friends. But what does it mean now? How does it make you feel?

Sure it’s only symbolic and it doesn’t create any actual physical commitment. But a lot of things here are symbolic but it is still a very powerful thing and feeling. Before the wedding I was rereading my wedding tips and one line stuck with me. It’s as important as you make it. That is probably true of a lot of things in here but especially of marriage.

I’m proud and thrilled to be her partner and to commit myself to pleasing her. I was already putting her first, but there is something special about saying it in front everyone so clearly. It is the most amazing feeling to stand there in such a beautiful dress in front of her and all your family, crying and promising yourself.

daisies in loveI talked to a friend who has been dating the same person for a long time. She said her partner didn’t really want to be married and was happy as girlfriends. And I can appreciate that. I was so afraid to get married for a long time. And theres clearly no teal need to get married here. But even if they aren’t really ready for it or thinking about that, if you ask them in a good way that gives them the ability to quietly say, no they’re not ready yet, I think it can be a great thing for most relationships. Just make sure they understand that it’s not necessarily a yes or no thing but a yes or not now thing.

imvu marriage is awesomeI honestly knew pretty quickly with Taylor that I wasn’t just close enough or in love enough to marry her, but that I was meant to be with her. I don’t mean to go on too much about her but I really do love her more than I can ever say. So bear with this newly wed a little.

PS. Thank you to everyone that sent even the shortest nice note. It means a lot and reminded me that the names and pics in your list are real people. That might sound dumb, but its easy to get used to seeing people and let them become invisible. And it reminded me that even if you get a chain letter type message, or just an announcement type thing, write back just to say hi. Being in contact and on their list and messages is worth it.

What do I do?

imvu ambassador

imvu ambassador
Someone asked me in a message what I do here. It’s an interesting question, though I’m not sure if most people really know or have a job here per say. I guess in a sense I’m lucky having found a fun job that I have a great time with here. Anyway here’s the answer that I thought was worth putting up here.

Sometimes I say I’m the IMVU Ambassador, trying to show the world how amazingly fun this place can be. Sometimes I say I’m the IMVU Fantasy Developer, because I like the fantasies section of my website and I try to help people live out exciting fantasy scenarios. Overall I’m just trying to help the whole imvu world a little and having a ball.

I’m not really looking for anything specific but I also like to pick good people’s brains and learn what I can to try to teach IMVU. There’s just a lot of things that it seems like we all have to learn by trial and error in here and I’m trying to create a fun happy resource to help teach a little of that and make it easier to explain to someone outside what this place is like. I guess that’s a long answer to your short question, but it was a good one.

Kaits week in Review

kaits crazy imvu adventures

Kait dancing with imvu family
I had an idea for a fun post. This doesn’t fit into any category exactly so I’ll stick in into About Me. I take a lot of pictures of everything I do in here. This morning I had 239 Megs of pics and a few video clips before lunch, (I know crazy right). Anyway I thought it might be fun to make a quick review of this past week in IMVU. It shows in a cute way the diversity of this crazy world and how much fun it can be. All I did was pick out a picture or two from each group and sort them by date order and throw in some music and a title.

No two people will ever have the same experience in here, and I admit this probably means more to me than anyone else watching this cause these are all memories to me. But it seems to make my sleep deprived week seem good and worthwhile somehow. My awesome friends are what made it so amazing, and you’ll see quick glances of them. I hope this says in an interesting way just a little bit of why IMVU is so addicting and can be so mind blowingly fun. It sort of shows why it feels like time passes quicker in here. It’s never boring and you never know what you’re going to be doing even an hour from now. It also shows why I feel like the luckiest girl in the world in here. Just another week in IMVU…

A little Appreciation goes a long way

I appreciate people who appreciate me.

I’ve been so busy here, even more than normal lately with so many new friends. I feel bad because I don’t even have time some of the real friends I need to see any more.

Its especially hard with guys.  I’m not an escort. I do this for fun and I don’t fake much. So I can’t do it when there are other people around in my real life and I generally only have a limited amount of time and energy for that. Not to mention the drama that can make it hard too.

So for guys if you want to talk that’s fine but if you want to do more than that it’s only appropriate to show some appreciation.  3 WL gifts is less than the cost of the gas to go out to dinner.  And if you want me to set aside a special time or do a fantasy date you can at least spend the equivalent of one beer at the bar.  It’s not like I NEED for much.  But I spend an average of 5k per day on this and want to spend the limited amount of time I have with people who appreciate me.

It also doesn’t hurt to have interesting outfits and role play some fun fantasies.  Its not just the credits but emotion that fakes it fun. You can spend more than this trying to get even a mediocre dancer to remember your name before you find out she only really likes girls.  Don’t take this the wrong way because it has to be fun. If it’s not fun nothing else matters. I like pleasing people and making friends and have so much freaking fun here it’s unreal at times.

What am I thankful for?

imvu thanksgiving reminds us what life is about, peopleBeing away for a week with family was great but it also made me realize how much I really miss so many people here. People encompasses a lot and a pretty wide variety of relationships. We don’t eat turkey in here and we don’t all even celebrate Thanksgiving of course. But we all have things to be thankful for, friends, families, spouses, and more.

It’s funny how this place parallels real life in this way and kind of teaches us or reminds us that the most important thing is really the people. There are more things to get in the way and distract us in real life, but the people and relationships in real life as in IMVU are ultimately the most important thing. So even though we may not sit down to a big dinner in here I am so very thankful for all of the people in my life here.

Older Women Rule

Anita and Kait at hooter lovers

45 years old and loving it.You may think that 20 year old sexy girl you met in here is hot, but think about it. A 40 year old woman here looks every bit as hot, probably doesn’t have as many opportunities irl, and often has fewer reservations, more interesting experience being sexy, and not looking for something irl means they can be free-er in here. They also tend to have more resources and much less high school like drama.

OK, I admit being 45 makes me a little biased. But the same is true in guys and it’s one of the easier things to look for when you’re looking at the people in a room. A lot of people leave their age off or fib a little but it’s one of the best factors you can see on the cover of the book. But this is only if you’re not in your 20s and looking for someone with RL potential.