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Instant Message power

imvu maid outfitThe last IMVU software update included one small thing that could turn into your favorite new feature. I always thought there should be a way to say something when you invite someone, kind of like an opening line. Now messages are your opening line!

No matter where someone is, in a public room, a private chat, shopping or making a room or in create mode, as long as they’re not in Do Not Disturb, they can now see your message instantly. So a message becomes both your opening line and a more polite way to invite someone.

I think the easiest way to make something sound exciting in a note is role playing or describing an erotic or romantic scene. Take a minute and just write a sentence or three painting a vivid picture that fits a sexy outfit and room you have.

imvu cuddle with taylorYou’ve been away for three weeks and I really miss you, so I’m making you a romantic candle lit dinner to welcome you home. I decided to have fun, cooking in just an apron to get into the mood and dancing around the kitchen. But you surprised me getting home almost an hour early and caught me with my pastries down, so to speak.

You bought me more than a few drinks and we seemed to hit it off so on a whim, you slipped me your room key when you were leaving, and smiled as I tucked it into my bra. You probably figured that was the last of me you’d see but thirty minutes later as you’re flipping through the cable channels hoping for something sexy you hear the door unlock and I stagger in, even mire drink than you, in the sexiest lingerie you swear you’ve ever seen…

Startled to see anyone in the woods at this time of night, you stop short as you enter the clearing and see a slender yet surprisingly curvy fairy dancing happily in the meadow.imvu cheerleader You hear a harp playing so beautifully somewhere beyond her as she twists and twirls like a gymnast to the music, oblivious to your approach….

You feel the steam hit you as you open the door even before you hear the shower running. You walk up quietly and peek around the corner seeing me in the shower, all soapy and singing and showering…

You can do anything but its fun to do something more than just Hi, how’re you doing? Wasup? Be creative and make it fun!!!

Imvu Invite Etiquette (part two)

imvu guide on meeting people in imvu rooms

imvu guide on meeting people in imvu rooms
I wrote a post about imvu inviting a while ago but had a few more things to add.

When you invite someone ask if they other are busy before you get to far into a conversation.

When the other person is getting very slow in responding then using short replies (and not because you’re in the heat of things) offer to get together later to give them an out if they’re busy.

When someone invites you try to at least say something in the decline field. It acknowledges them. The exception is a public room with people because they won’t see it anyway.

When you invite someone if they can’t accept or don’t reply send a note, even if it’s just to say, I just wanted to say HI! It increases the chance of being accepted and reinforces that feeling of wanting to talk with them.

If you’re doing random invites try to at least have something interesting to say or an interesting room or something in common or that you can comment on. You don’t call someone and not have something to say, especially someone you don’t know but might like to.

hot imvu chicks on the prowlIf someone declines you from a room it may keep declining anyone in that room so try to invite them outside of that room if you need to invite them again. Yes this can be very annoying.

If you crash early or in the middle of things and you’re not my best friend, if you don’t send a note I’m gonna be a lot harder to get a hold if in the future.

Pulled in so many directions

prioritizing and my imvu vampire mistress

prioritizing and my imvu vampire mistress
Katy (my favorite inspiration for posts) said something just a few minutes ago in a comment about connections, “I often feel pulled in so many directions at once and feel bad for having to decline so many invites…” I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. The other possible title I thought about for this thought was, “Does Declining or Someone’s avoiding you?” The answer is NO. And if you think I’m avoiding you, the answer is almost always no. I really don’t avoid very many people. I occassionally unfriend a couple that don’t want to spend more time with. But my problem lately has definitely been not prioritizing way more than making anyone a low priority.

Part of the issue for me is that I’ve let my friends list get so big, because I figured with the website it was important to build my contacts and friends. And I’m on a lot but have trouble getting to see even the important people. I also tend to end up hanging out with the people that seek me out more than the ones I seek out. Sometimes that’s the people that invite me and sometimes it’s coming to say hi. I apologize because there are definitely a lot of great people that I don’t get time to go see.

Another thing that makes it hard is that I don’t have or use my own home base or room. Some friends make amazing rooms but I don’t ever get around to doing what I should and I end up hanging out in lots of differenot rooms. It would be easier if I stayed in one room and had all my friends in the same room at the same time. I wind up with my finger in too many different pies. Again I guess it might be better if I prioritized more and used DND a little more too. If I had one single big circle rather than so many. Alot of the people I know are individual connections which like katy said in her comment makes it harder.

I guess the lessons in this at least to reach me are, be persistant and patient, get to know some of my friends if you can, and don’t just invite me pc, come and say hello in the room I’m in. But just make sure it’s a room you fit in with first. Guys don’t follow me to lesbian rooms or theme rooms you’re not into, or a birthday party for someone you don’t know. And know that I take being invite as a compliment even if I can’t go, and don’t be offended if I can’t go, or sometimes accept even though I can’t stay and just wanted to say Hi. I’m not avoiding you.

How to increase your odds

imvu friend requests

how to score with hot imvu girls A guy asked me after looking at the website “So what would increase the odds of accepting a cold invite or friend request?” Some people never accept cold requests and some accept all of them. I tend to be somewhere in the middle. Everyone’s going to have their own things and I didn’t survey anyone else for this, I just tried to put down a few of my ideas to start with. Some friends may have a few good ones to add.

1. An Interesting picture and or a professional look. Your IMVU profile pic is the first thing anyone sees and is the basis for the first impression. Make it attractive and unique.

2. Not a Guest. Being a guest isn’t bad if you’re new. But if you’ve been here a while and you’re still a guest it makes you look like you’re not serious.

3. AP a must, VIP a plus. It’s not bad if you don’t have VIP, but it is a plus if you do have it.

4. Clever or funny tagline.

5. Matching or interesting things in your profile.

6. I like guys a little older in here. 18 reminds me too much of my teenage daughter and older guys have more experience and resources. Young guys also tend to want RL pics which are against my married rules.

7. If you invite IMVU Girls to the default imvu room that’s also a strike against you too, although that’s more after you accept the invite.