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Open up and enjoy the emotional intensity of IMVU

intense imvu loveHave you had the type of intense passion that just blows you away? You feel like your whole heart just exploded and you can’t think about anything else and even long after you’ve left, just tingle still lost in that love. How does that happen? It takes some getting used to and time here to really put yourself into your avi, and to learn to open up, to lower your walls and ultimately to open your heart and totally give it away. You also have to find the right person that you fit with and that’s done all those things, put themselves into their avi, opened up and truly totally loves you back, the flow can be amazing.

intense imvu passionI think of it like a fight, where you push your partner’s buttons, and they push yours, and you scream louder and louder, each pushing and escalating, until it spirals totally out of control, but in a good way. You both explode and feel the earth shake! And the amazing thing is that a relationship is the accumulation of the emotion you’ve shared and sharing like this definitely adds up. I wrote recently about being sluttified, because as soon as I see my love, I feel that passion aching to get out, pulling me even if we’re just hanging out and talking. It’s always there, waiting, craving.

Even more excitingly, just like sometimes a relationship gets into a fighting rut, and you tend to fall into the same posture and fight over and over again more and more easily, the same thing happens here in love and passion here. You fall right back into it, opening up, pushing their buttons and getting yours pushed, escalating more and more intensely until you can’t stop it. It’s fun to change things, to change poses, and situations, but you can get seriously addicted to the passion.

intense imvu kissI worry a little about how this would have affected me when I was younger. The intensity of IMVU is almost dangerous in some ways, and it’s also what makes it hurt soo terribly when it falls apart too. But it’s the most amazing rollercoaster of emotion you’ll ever find. I don’t know how to find words for it really. Songs tend to describe it better than words to me and I love my music in here.

I feel like the luckiest person in the IMVU world, having a decent life and good family, and being able to have the most amazing fantasy at the same time. I guess I’ve probably said this in a lot of posts, especially lately because I’m feeling it so much. Put yourself into it, open your heart and learn to let it flow and you’ll have more fun, more love and more passion than you can probably even imagine. Find the right person, someone on the same page with you in terms of their time and likes here; someone that has done those things too and share this amazing ride together, day by day.

Falling in love in IMVU

imvu loves kissWhen I first came here I didn’t really think you could fall in love in imvu like this. It is fun but how could it be as good as real life? Everybody’s results will be different, every relationship is different. Honestly though not only can you fall in love here but it can be even more intense more exciting and more passionate then real life.

I don’t know exactly why it’s more intense in imvu. I don’t know if it’s because our brain feels in the gaps with what we want, or it’s a fantasy so we can make it look even better than reality, or just the fact that there is no dirty laundry no little things that bother you. imvu motorcycle chics Maybe it’s a combination of all of those things and something else, but whatever the reason not only is it possible to fall in love but you can fall deeper and more intensely and love here then almost anywhere else.

Everything happens faster here, so it’s understandable that love happens quicker but the intensity can be a little bit of a shock sometimes. The other side of the intensity is that what goes up usually comes down and unfortunately if you thought it was fast and intense falling in love, falling out of love can be even faster and more intense. It also seems to get better each time too, so hang in and hold on. It can be a wild ride.

So much Happiness

happiest girls on imvuOne of the most amazing things about IMVU has got to be the happiness. I never realized or expected to be so happy in imvu. I don’t think anyone would ever expect to be this happy. I don’t see people being this happy in real life short of someone winning American Idol or maybe Hue Heffner or someone like that.

happy imvu kissesI know everyone can’t possibly be this happy. If they did nobody would leave. Oh wait, people don’t leave. Well some do but it is pretty addictive. I also realize that as good as it feels if things go wrong losing something that good is extremely painful. It’s not just the love that makes you feel so good but that’s definitely a big part of the intensity in imvu.

Reading books, watching movies or going to parties is fun. But no other hobby makes this type of connection or has the potential to make you this happy. And interestingly it doesn’t matter what your real life is, or what’s happened to you in the past, at all. Just having the potential to be happier than you’ve ever been in your life is really special. Stick with it long enough to experience some of this. I promise it’s worth it!

What’s the downside of IMVU

downside problems negative things about imvuI talk a lot about the good things in IMVU but what are the downsides? First and foremost, the biggest downside for many people is that it sucks up so much time. It’s a great feeling and a lot of fun when it’s going well and it’s easy to let that suck up more time then you probably should.

The next downside is probably more painful. That’s the intensity, especially when things go wrong. Things happen very fast in here, and when they go wrong it can often be even faster and more intense then real life.

Another thing you have to watch out for is assuming this is more than it really is. This isn’t real life and although it’s exciting to imagine it as real it’s a danger and not something to be tried lightly. I think there’s also a danger, especially for young people to take the things and lessons and attitudes from here and let them spill over into their real life.

This is gonna hurtNo discussion of the downside could be complete without talking about the Darkside. IMVU Definitely has a dark side. There are a lot of really bad people and anonymity seems to empower them. There are child molesters and people that you would never want your children anywhere near. The freedom here is fun but it can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful too. The corporate attitude also tends to be anti user at times.

All that being said it can definitely be the most exciting and amazing thing ever. So watch out for the downsides but go for it.

It will hit you…

imvu phone cuddle couchIt’s amazing how fast your world here can change, both in good ways or bad. I look back at the things I’ve written in the site or in my phone (where I write most articles) and they are all about love. I try to mix in a few other things to give it a more balanced look but I cant help but feel like my life here has just blossomed.

I could never say enough about the people around me. They are amazingly insanely mind blowingly beautiful and loving beyond measure. It’s not even just one but everybody. I don’t know what happened. I know I couldn’t possibly have deserved all this. Nobody could. I just know I love my family with all my heart.

It’s 430 in the morning and I should go to bed but I just can’t help but gush and bubble in my Heart. I smile and feel like my whole world is love and magical. I probably can’t even post this it’s so over the top. But it’s so how I feel. May you all get a glimpse of this, this priceless wonderful pure passionate heart felt love.

imvu phone sexKeep growing and open your heart and give yourself and your love energetically and passionately. And even of it seems like nothing much is happening just keep going because tomorrow might be the day that you get bowled over and swept away.

We all need a break some times

taking a break from imvuWe realize this in real life and we almost all take some form of vacation from time to time. We may not get to take them all over the world every month or two like the president, but its helpful to have some time away occasionally. Imvu is an escape but it can be emotionally very intense and sometimes we need an escape from this escape. So it’s very understandable to need a break sometimes.

The good news is that the love and good feelings tend to last and the anxiety fades quicker. It generally only takes a couple days. It can help you think more clearly to let some of the emotionality out and can help you appreciate things more.

So if someone you love us under a lot of pressure and says they need a break, don’t worry or freak out. Look at it as a good thing. It’s just a pause to catch their breath, to rebalance and sharpen their axe. This isn’t a race. Loving someone means putting their needs first and wanting what’s best for them. So take a deep breath and love them with all your heart when they come back.

Virtual passion can create real emotions.

imvu friends in bed

imvu friends in bed
There are some people that I’m a pure friend with. There are some people that it’s pure physical (OK I admit there’s more of these than pure friends, so shoot me). But the best relationships are usually a combination of both. That’s because friendship makes it more real and more meaningful. Passion releases powerful chemicals and powerful emotions that strengthen the friendship and open your heart.

It’s certainly possible to have a lot of passion without the relationships or friendship (especially if you’re a guy). But it’s still much better to combine both. You do get a little bit more drama with friends than you do with random people but that’s because you care and it becomes more real.

The strength of your friendship also helps make it all last. One of the benefits of a pure friendship is that real friends in here can be rarer and longer lasting than the typical relationships in here.

The sex though it can certainly be great, obviously isn’t real. But it can make very real and powerful emotions. So watch out because this rabbit hole is very deep, and very crazy and will be awesome but it can and often does get complicated.

Why is this so intense and intimate?

sexy imvu girls on the beach

sexy imvu girls on the beachI came here to feel sexy but was blown away by the intensity of the emotions and intimacy you can feel here. It takes a little while to get comfortable with it, to learn to lower your walls and share from your heart. New people you don’t know can be fun but it’s also helpful to find the right really good people and build strong friendships too.

I think part of it is that it’s how anonymous it is that frees us up. Part of it is how much we express emotions saying what we feel or think, creating a kind of mind meld. It probably also helps that anyone can be drop dead gorgeous and there’s no disease or risk of pregnancy. Part of it’s a shared fantasy but the emotions are real and very powerful. It can hurt if it falls apart and you have to protect your heart at the same time that you give it away, sharing very deeply. A network of friends can help even more in here than in real life too, both if anything falls apart and giving you loving support system.

We can’t actually see the other side but you develop and share a real heartfelt image as we get to know people from the inside out. It is surprisingly powerful, intimate and addicting. If you haven’t experienced the intensity of imvu sex, try it for a while. It takes a little while to develop but this is definitely part of the future, and worth some effort. It can be one of the most amazing powerful intimate things you’ve ever felt.