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Where did Apple go wrong?

Dancing in the moonlightMaybe they should follow the IMVU model. Apple babies it’s developers. They should be attacking them and blaming them for things, not making it easy for them. Apple should institute the three strike rule and if three bugs are found in developers apps then they should be banned for LIFE!

Apple should allow the things they don’t want to go through so that afterwards they can attack the programmer for doing it. Apple should make vague rules and change them as they go, and enforce them without any recourse or appeal process. Think how much more money Apple could make if they charged the programmer 100% of the sales for any programs sold that had bugs in them!

Maybe even better, if they find a programmer with bugs in his or her programs they should ban that programmer and still sell all of that programmers other programs and keep all of the funds for themselves! Since they’re making so much money from users complaining about anything they should also allow users to file totally anonymous complaints against their programmers and assume they are guilty until proven innocent, because the more programmers they ban the more money they make!

Apple business model vs IMVUI was going to add a developer section to the website. Unfortunately the most important advice I have for you if you’re interested in developing is to use other accounts so that when you do get attacked (which with IMVU seems to be just a matter of time) they can’t steal as much from you.

Unfortunately in IMVU the more items you have made, the more at risk you are for getting complaints about things that might or might not even have been objectionable. Someone can just get mad at you because of some honest misunderstanding or a bad breakup and all of a sudden you are getting complaint after complaint and getting kicked out of the system you were trying to support.

Apple supports it’s customers and especially it’s developers way too much. It should do anything and everything to enforce its morals regardless of how much it hurts it’s supporters and its community. It’s all about money to IMVU and that’s how they make money (in the short run). Sure in the long run it hurts their community much more than it benefits them but new tech companies don’t make money because of the size of their user base or community, it’s just short term revenue. Oh wait tech companies do make much more from the size of their user base just than the actual revenues, at least the smart ones do.

IMVU is like Living in Disney World

IMVU is Adult DisneyI just got back from Disney World and can’t help but make a comparison here with IMVU. For me IMVU isn’t just like going to Adult Disney World. It’s not even like getting a season pass for the Adult Disney World. It’s like falling in love with the top ride designers, and living out every fantasy you can imagine with people actively trying to design the most amazing things ever, all to make you crazy head over heels in love! That’s all it is. And guess what, it totally works!

Katy bee dancin her ass offThey think I do a lot, I just ride and have the absolute time of my life!! And Love them more than I ever thought was even possible! That’s all… It’s just being head over heels with the most amazing people who constantly push your buttons and seem to be able to make you more and more in love every day… ALWAYS!

Then it’s sharing your heart and soul with the Queen of Happiness and better friendships than you ever had in real life. It’s more than passion, it’s honestly loving and sharing friendships, laughter, and tears. It’s almost unlimited sexy clothes, music and people that want to love and be with you all over the place. The only downside is there’s never enough time to see it all. It never closes and never gets old. It just gets better and better every day! It’s totally addicting and gets better and better every day.

The pursuit of happiness

What makes you happy? seagulls and waves equals happiness

Great friendships and relationships
Playing video games
Intense passion
Falling in love
Travel and adventure
Being beautiful
Being powerful?
Having a thrown
All the sex you could want
Living out exciting fantasies
All the material things you could want
Listening to your fav music
D. All of the above!

Happy DanceWhen you think about it, IMVU really is all of these things and more, so it’s easy to understand why it can be so addictive. Of course your actual mileage may vary, but even if you don’t feel all of this right now, it’s exciting to think that you’re doing something that really can be all of these things.

This was just a quick list off the top of my head. What is this place to you? What other things do you find in this crazy place that you would add to this list?

Leave a comment, even if you’re new or want it to be annonomus. There’s no wrong answer! Just tell us what makes you happy.

The IMVU scientist explains all the sex on here: oxytocin

oxytocinIf you stop to think about it, what we do here is really weird. I’ve talked in the past about how our brain is an excellent simulator of things we see, and imvu allows us to live out our fantasies. But let’s face it, a lot of what we do here is sex. And a lot of what we do here is form really tight relationships we call sister, sub, wife, gf, fiancee, etc… When the world is so vast and we could live out so many things, from being an astronaut, to fighting dragons, to dancing the nutcracker ballet, why does imvu seem focused on sex and marriage?

I unlocked a part of this puzzle this week talking to a friend who doesn’t orgasm during cyber sex, and therefore doesn’t see the big deal about imvu relationships. Because thinking about it, these two are linked.

Research shows that when women orgasm, they release many hormones, amongst them oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone associated with bonding and trust. It is the hormone that helps mothers bond with children. Making someone inhale this hormone can make them trust you. Men release oxytocin too when they orgasm, but less and only when it is with someone they love. For women, as I was warned by a former biology teacher, orgasms start you on the dangerous path to love.

And that help explains the hold imvu has over us. The sex is addicting not just because it is fun but because of the emotional ties it holds over us.

Until next time dear reader…

Your oxytocin addled imvu scientist, signing off

Our weird (Virtual) Reality

IMVU can be very weirdA sis of mine has been struggling with how weird it is on imvu. We do do extreme things–have 3 ways, 4-ways, 6-ways; enslave ourselves; make love to demons; dress up in fur, fall in and out of love over the course of days, make new families. And we experience the world in such a different way. Sis pondered, “Here we are in our little virtual lives, looking for dots sound…just words. And yet I’ve learned to look for the signs, when you’re distracted or sad, angry…happy so much emotion…exchanged in such a strange limited way”

I suppose to me, what we do is definitely no stranger than the games the boys play, the nuk’em gears of metal world of war. Somehow its become totally acceptable to shoot and kill and run people over virtually so why not demon sex.

And as for the fact it feels so powerful, so real, even if is limited, shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Plato said the real world we see is only a flickering shadow in the cave of the truth that really IS. I think here we can see the truth of somebody’s soul just as well even if we have to use our imagination to supplement our limited senses. Maybe even better, as we are not encumbered here by real world physics and limitations. Just because somebody loses their eyesight, doesn’t make their world any less real. In fact some blind people say it makes their world more vivid.

IMVU Fairy Magic

I was reminded recently about Kathryn Bigelow’s earlier movie, Strange Days, and how when I saw it, I longed for the virtual reality that was promised, the ability to see new worlds and visit new places. Philosophers since Hume have noted that if virtual reality became good enough we would have no way of ever knowing what’s real. I had an odd expereince the other day, noticing that as I thought back to a memory of me and my wife, the memory wasn’t of me typing at a keyboard, the memory was of her touching me, I could remember the feel of her against my skin, her breath on my neck, her lips, my tingles. Maybe for some of us, here on imvu, the dream of that virtual reality is already here.

Different rooms and activities in IMVU

ice skating in imvu with erick Sometimes we all fall into ruts. There are so many fabulous activities you can do in here. There is practically no limit other than your imagination.

It doesn’t take very much to have a great time in here either. You can find good public rooms for these things or get your own room with these things. And often just the empty room is enough to make a pretty great adventure.

skydivingYou may want to dress appropriately and you’ll definitely want to take a lot of pictures! Looking back through thousands of pictures it’s often this type of thing that makes the best pictures (and the best memories) so try something fun and different with a good friend today.

Snow boarding
Scuba diving
Kait and Susan riding the ridesRoller skating
Roller Coasters
Flying (fairy style)
Flying a jet fighter
Life size board games
Jet skis
Dragon riding

What other things have you done or seen in here that you can add to this list?

Would you please LIKE my Photo Sharing

Kims zen moutain room photo sharing

I take a ton of pictures, averaging about 40+ gigabytes per month. Yeah so I’m crazy, I know. I don’t do very many of them on Photo Sharing. But my best friend Kim, recently developed the most amazing and dramatic Zen Mountain room and it had all her own things in it, so we put on all her clothes (GA only) to take some Photo Sharing pics. If they get enough likes they’ll show up on a lot of pages and viewers can click on them and see the products in the picture. I wanted to do this to support Kim and see how many I could get. If you’re in IMVU and like these pics, take a second and go to your Friends Photo Sharing section and LIKE my pics. Free Kisses to anyone that LIKES me… ok anyone that LIKES my photos!

CLICK to Like my pics:

IMVU crashing more than usual?

Does anyone else seem to be crashing more often? It seems like every night at 1:15am too, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

When will my reflection show who I am inside?

I don’t know what kids did in the car before dvd players, or maybe it’s that I don’t know how parents were able to drive kids without dvds. I’m not even sure our car will work right without a disney dvd playing. I have memorized some videos I’ve never even seen. The other day I was listening to a song and realized it was singing about IMVU. The song was “When will my reflection show who I am inside?” from Mulan.

I was going to just link the YouTube video in here but wondered how it would look in IMVU. So I bought it on iTunes and went to a couple rooms and started singing. It’s my first real music video, well other than my Kiss Me one. It is so neat and kind of opens up a lot of neat possibilities. :) I love the words of this song, and don’t know where to put it in here, but it just seems to be about IMVU in a sense.

If you like it please Like it at YouTube or watch it there if you prefer.

Is IMVU Bad or Fake?

IMVU bad girls dancing

bad girls on imvu
Is email or texting less effective than talking or evil because you’re not actually talking to someone? Is it fake or stupid because you don’t really see the person you’re talking to? It certainly doesn’t replace talking to people in real life. You could say that email is fake or facebook friends are fake in a sense. I feel closer and more connected to friends on here than ones that I email with. There are people that get carried away with it and take it too far and spend too much time doing that. You could say that IMVU is more sexual, but a lot of people say that facebook has ruined their marriage when they hooked back up with people through it. So is facebook evil or bad?

The answer is that it’s not if you use it reasonably. Anything can be damaging or bad if you use it wrong or overdo it. Fast food or even vitamins can be bad for you if you don’t eat anything else. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to eat any fast food or vitamins. Yes, IMVU is addicting, but playing online games is addicting too. There are a lot of situations where IMVU can be really beneficial for people, giving them a social life that they wouldn’t have been able to have as much otherwise. I guess anything that is beneficial and so much fun is going to be addicting to some degree. And if you abuse anything it can have a downside.

I admit that I probably spend too much time on here. But the incredible fun and gratification you get here is still better for me than anything else, even when I divide it by the number of hours I’m here. So as long as it doesn’t cross over into real life, and I’m not spending too much money or taking too much time away from my family to hurt things significantly here, I think it’s a good thing. We are off the edge of the map to some degree, doing something so new that there really aren’t always answers. I guess that’s part of the reason I started this to try and figure these things out a little.

This is just one view though and there are probably as many different answers to this as there are different situations. So this is one post I think a number of people will be able to wade in on and add some perspective to.

Who is IMVU good for?

imvu is good for and made up of all kinds of people

imvu is good for and made up of all kinds of people
I just started making a list of who IMVU is good for. I thought there would probably only be a handful of people when I started this list but it just kept growing. This is another one of those posts that I think visitors will have a lot of good things to add, because the list seems to keep growing the longer I think about it and talk to people.

  1. Single mothers with children or anyone with no social life.
  2. Anyone that feels younger at heart.
  3. Shy or inexperienced guys looking to learn and gain some confidence
  4. People with any type of Handicap, that want to feel and interact normally with friends
  5. Anyone physically restricted whether for legal reasons health reasons or geographical reasons
  6. Anyone that travels a lot and wants to be able to see their friends where ever they are
  7. Physically or emotionally abused people who want a place to have fun in a safe way
  8. Anyone looking to experiment either sexually or in almost any interpersonal direction
  9. Anyone that wants to change something about themselves
  10. People with unusual fetishes and tastes
  11. Perverts, Sex addicts and ??
  12. Lesbians or anyone interested or experimenting in that area
  13. People into vampires, demons, furry colorful animals or almost anything you can imagine
  14. Anyone who just went through a devastating breakup
  15. Guys who want to be girls (or vice versa) and pathological liars
  16. Married people who just want more intimacy and to feel sexy in a safe way
  17. Anyone bored or who can’t sleep at nights or needs an escape
  18. Shop-a-holics
  19. Exibitionists
  20. Nudists
  21. Anyone interested in clothing or computer design
  22. People looking to meet someone in another country
  23. People looking for a relationship with any of the above
  24. An outlet for designers and artists
  25. Anyone looking to waste a lot of time. :-)
  26. IMVU is good for Dreamers!
  27. ??? What else can you think of…

Almost as important as who it’s for is who it’s not for. It’s not for children except possibly without very close supervision. The faint of heart also have to be careful with it because it can be a little crazy, and no matter why you come here it will effect you in ways you probably aren’t expecting.

IMVU is good for and made up of ALL kinds of people, the most diverse population you’ve ever seen, and it can blow your mind if you’re not careful.

What is IMVU?

what the heck is imvu really

what the heck is imvu really
IMVU is hard to describe because it’s so diverse. It’s like trying to describe the internet to someone that doesn’t understand computers. And the amazing diversity means that it’s a lot of different things to different people. So unlike most of the other things which I write about and and let people respond a little bit to, I think this ultimately requires the input of a variety of people to be even partially complete.

I will start it off with a few things but it’s intentionally not thorough so there’s room for more contributions. I’m going to give this post a special link in the right column so it can be added to or accessed any time. You don’t even have to give a name or email address to respond. Just share a thought or two about what IMVU is to you. Anything that seems at all related will be accepted.

IMVU is:

…a virtual world that lets you be anything you want to be.(Kait)
…like High School except with no rules or teachers. (Kait)
…a safe way to meet people and be sexy. (Kait)
…all about relationships. (Kait)
…the internet that your mother warned you about. (Kait)
…more than an addicting game, but less than real life. (Kait)
…shopping heaven, with low prices and unlimited closet space. (Morgan)
…a great place to hang out and be with friends I’m closer to than real life. (Morgan)
…virtual reality, kind of the predecessor to the holodeck. (Quid)
…a way to live and star in your own romantic comedy. (Quid)
…what you make of it. (Quid)
…limited only by your imagination. (Quid)
…unfortunately half full of people who lack imagination, or common decency and are only here for sex. But the girls aren’t that bad. (Quid & Kait)
…gives you back what you put into it and then some. (Quid)
addicting. (Kait)
…only limited by your imagination, (or other people’s imagination.) (Kait)
…whatever you want it to be. (Kait)