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Congratulations Katie and Jessica, a Great IMVU Love

Katie and Jessica IMVU Wedding Congratulations to Kate and Jess, married Saturday April 20th, 2013!

I kind of see the purpose of my site as showing how much fun, how beautiful this crazy imvu world can be. And I could say it a thousand ways and not capture the real emotion as much as this glimpse into a real relationship is. Their honest heartfelt love is beautiful and speaks for itself. It’s a great example of the beauty of IMVU. It’s not perfect, none of us are. But it is real, no matter how virtual. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into imvu love. (Click the Title above or HERE to read the full vows)

Jessica5186: Katie, there was a time when i thought i would never get married in IMVU, yet here we are on our wedding day exchanging vows. I know it is the love we share that brought us here today in front of family and friends getting married to each other. Love changes all of us when we let someone into our heart. I let you in my heart and i have changed. I, the very girl who said “I am never getting married in IMVU” has been looking forward to this day, this very moment since you asked me to, to marry you.


IMVU Marriage

The idea of IMVU marriage really freaked me out when I first saw it here. That’s because I’m married in real life, and my biggest fear in here was hurting my real life marriage. So last June when Holly asked me to break this one rule (I was so nervous coming on here I had a lot of rules) I was reluctant but agreed if we used a different word. The different word idea didn’t work that well and took too much explanation. And pretty soon I just called it married like everyone else.

I don’t know exactly what the point is to this except that the word “marriage” carries so much weight and can be very difficult or even scary. I’ve been struggling with and thinking about this a lot lately. Yes I’m single again and kind of enjoying that. I’m honestly not really looking for anything else right now either, just enjoying things a little. I guess that’s really nothing new but still. Being “married” isn’t what’s going to make you happy here. Marriage really just means you give someone priority.

I think the point is don’t get hung up on the word imvu marriage. It’s just a word and in this crazy world it literally means almost anything you want it to be. There are almost as many different rules or types or marriages as there are types of relationships. I think the key thing to remember is that the only way any of us have of holding on to anyone is loving them more than anyone else does. And if you stop feeling and doing that you’re slipping.a very special couple

The good news is that your imvu lover doesn’t just see your pixels when they see you. They see the sum of all the love and emotions you’ve shared. So share the heck out of them and always do your very best to make your partner feel like you love the heck out of them more than anyone else ever has! And be sensitive to their needs. Then no matter what words or title you use, you’ll never be lonely.

Beautiful IMVU Wedding and Tips

Kait watches and shows great imvu love

Kait watches and shows great imvu loveCongratulations to KayNightwindMoore and MrThomasMoore on their recent wedding. I had the privilege of attending their gorgeous wedding Sunday afternoon, and made one of the best videos I’ve ever made out of it. (I rushed to get it done because several people in the wedding had to leave because of bandwidth and I wanted them to be able to see it ASAP. I loved the style and colors of the room, and other than the person officiating not being able to get into the room, it was great. OK well it was still great.

I’m also going to include some wedding tips I had started earlier, though they’re not really related to this wedding.

* It is as important as you make it.
* Get dressed up in real life as much as possible to make it feel more real.
* Write custom meaningful vows with your own promise. Don’t just say I DO.
* Don’t paste more than one bubble at a time.
* Take lots of pictures. Or have someone else do it. Or better yet both!
* Put a friend in charge of the music that you want.
* Don’t be afraid to do something fun and different. It makes it memorable.
* Include a posing spot in the wedding hall.
* Communicate and make each other a priority.
* Don’t be afraid to ask for help from good friends.
* A wedding can be a little stressful so do some fun things together not for the wedding.

IMVU is really about relationships Weddings are a symbol of a powerful relationship. You don’t get married here because you have to, because your parents expect you to, or you’re pregnant or your biological clock. In some ways this is like a huge singles party so why would want anyone want to get married. I think people get married in here more for pure love, and not to become committed to but express their commitment. Marriage here is what you make it and can be almost anything but no matter how you look at it, it’s about committing to make your partner your priority.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it and that it gives you a glimpse into one of the most powerful types of relationships in this crazy place. And congratulations again Kay and Tom!

IMVU Marriage is an acknowledgement of Priorities

my loving imvu wife

Holly is my loving imvu wife
Real life marriage is a obviously one of the most important commitments that we make in life. Being happily married irl, it definitely scared me when I first heard about IMVU weddings. I was afraid that it would hurt my real life situation. Fortunately a year later I can tell you that it doesn’t necessarily hurt and can actually help.

Imvu marriages vary more in terms of who and even how many can marry more than they do in real life. And what it means varies even more too. Most people like to picture a real life marriage level of commitment but in reality it can be almost anything you can imagine or the two of you want. To me it all boils down to making your partner your priority and some commitment level. And no matter how you treat it, I think being married in here is definitely a good thing.

In life many people have a drive (your internal clock) pushing you to marry. In here you don’t have that. There is no expectations or parents looking for grand kids or feeling like you have to get married or you’re living in sin. In fact the opposite is probably true, there are so many distractions and temptations in here it seems like some type if singles paradise. So why would anyone get married in here?

I don’t think many people getting married In here do it to make a commitment. I think they do it to acknowledge the commitment they already feel. Marriage in imvu varies in terms of openness from exclusive to wide open. But the common thing both of these extremes have is that you make the other person your priority. You get married to tell them that and show them that they are your priority. That’s when you realize another imvu secret a lot of people don’t realize. IMVU is actually much more fun as a team sport.

Virtual Marriages on IMVU?!

virtual weddings on imvu
Virtual marriage is a crazy concept to anyone new here. Being married in real life, I was probably more afraid of it than anyone. I made one of my rules that I can’t possibly do that. In some ways it sounds silly in such a free crazy place to want to make that type of commitment. Don’t worry we all think that. Just have a good time and play it by ear.

Just don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and realize that is the only way to describe what you feel. About the time you realize what’s happened, you’ll also realize that it’s really not making a commitment, so much as acknowledging how you feel and the commitment you already have. That’s how this place sneaks up on you. That’s when you’ll turn around and realize how beautiful it is and that you suddenly want to do this very badly for your partner. And honestly it doesn’t have to take away any of the emotion from your real life marriage or relationships if you keep the worlds separate.

Congratulations Cyndia and Macey Poena

Cyndia and Macey Poena Wedding

Congratulations Cyndia and Macey Poena, married 11/28/11.

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I tried something different and made a video of the whole thing in 1 frame per second, to make it manageable size wise. It’s a little jumpy and long, but you can watch the whole thing if you want this way at least.

This video doesn’t exist

Wedding Gifts

Usually I think it’s more thoughtful to give people gifts that show you know them and care. I like to find something that’s not on their wishlist that I think they’ll like. But a wedding is different and it’s actually more thoughtful to give a meaningful amount of credits instead.

IMVU Weddings are dirt cheap compared to even the cheapest RL wedding. But there are still a lot of things that they need to pay for and get. It’s not always easy to put things on your wishlist and then wait for someone to get them. It’s very helpful to give them the credits to use for some of the things that come up. Also realize that sharing this type of emotion and special time is what this place is all about.

There are occasionally exceptions for some people that have lots of credits and this wouldn’t mean much. In this case, doing something special for them that takes time and shows you care, means the most. For example I made the wedding vow videos for Gabby and Kim as a special way to contribute.

Wedding Vows

all the Bleue Doll Girls

Weddings in IMVU are slightly different than real life. You write you own vows because it’s not a question of being legal as much as meaning a lot to the people involved. Here are the vows from a wedding from my best friend’s wedding. Actually it was between two of my best friends that I introduced. :-)

IMVU Weddings

Imvu wedding dress

Imvu wedding dress

IMVU Weddings

When I first heard about people getting married in IMVU I was shocked and scared. Scared that this would be damaging to my RL relationships. This is such a hard concept to explain to anyone outside of IMVU. It’s one of those things that you have to experience to appreciate. You will have to experience for your self the unbelievable closeness and connections you’ll create here. Then before you know it you’ll be in a relationship that could only be described as a marriage level connection. That’s when you’ll realize that there’s no other way to describe what you’re already in.

That’s when you may find one of the real secrets to not just IMVU but life as well. IMVU is much more fun as a team sport. There is a wider variety of teams and ways to play here than you can possibly imagine. But the bottom line is that sometimes when you make someone else’s happiness your priority you wind up being more happy than you could have possibly imagined or done on your own.

Don’t try to explain any of this really deep stuff to anyone outside of IMVU. They’ll think you need to have your head examined. And when your soaring relationship crashes and fails, you’ll think you should have had your head examined too, but you still won’t be able to leave. Face it, we’re all crazy. Embrace the insanity and enjoy the ride.