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Making the most Amazing Friends

some of the IMVU girls in my heart
Just like the way a blind persons other senses become even more sensitive to make up for it, in IMVU you can’t see the physical and there is no little things to get in the way, so you get better at sensing the non physical. I call this IMVU vision.  It’s almost impossible for someone who hasn’t been here for a while and experienced it to understand I know.

You can’t see with your eyes so you have to learn to feel with your heart. I think that’s why we sometimes feel such a powerful deep connection and I even say this place proves there is a soul.   These pretty pixels and words can get pretty powerful, to the point that I feel closer to friends in here than I do in real life. 

I say than “friends” in real life because I kind if feel like the friendships are more real in a sense than the love, in here.   Don’t get me wrong I do love the love too, which sounds funny to say.  But it’s loving friends in here that is my favorite part. I’d say the best thing I’ve learned in here is to love with all my heart. And I honestly couldn’t put just one person’s pictures up for this one so I picked a couple (not all!) of the IMVU girls who I feel so strongly connected right into my heart. You’ll find your own people and understand when it happens to you.

Don’t judge a book by it’s Cover

One of the most important lessons IMVU teaches you is that you can NOT judge a book by it’s cover. It’s as easy to change your whole outfit or even your entire body in here as it is to hug someone. The cutest girl can turn into the scariest vampire queen in the blink of in eye. It’s also all just virtual, so the pixels on the screen aren’t what ultimately matters. It’s the person and what’s in side that matters, more specifically their character and intellect.

Make your pixels as attractive and interesting as you can, but don’t be fooled by them. Learn to develop your IMVU vision and see into the heart of people. Because that’s one of the secrets that makes this place so special, the ability you develop to see past the pixels and connect directly into someone’s heart. That’s when you realize that the surface is virtual but the hearts underneath are real and can be very beautiful.

Nobody’s Perfect

nobodys perfect even in imvuWe’re still real people and nobody is as perfect as they project in here. It’s easy to forget that sometimes. Our mind fills in the gaps with beauty, especially when we’re in love! We get caught up and see what we want to see and refuse to see things that don’t fit the image we’ve created. It’s not your fault, we all do it.

I think it’s part of nature and our drive. It helps us fall in love and get married. Reality usually sets in after a while. That’s when we say “the honeymoon is over.” I’m not saying to rush through that fantasy, love stage. Enjoy it! Just don’t make crazy decisions in that stage. You’re not perfect and ultimately neither is the other person.