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I am truly honored to be able to call Katy my imvu twin
IMVU twin mosaicThis is one more of those things that I didn’t get at first in here. (Wow looking back at it, it’s crazy how much I had to learn in here!) “Twin” in IMVU doesn’t mean you’re born from the same mother or even the same age. It means you feel a unique bond, kind of like “soulmate”. It’s not necessarily sexual, but more of an inner connection. Dressing a like can be an awful lot of fun. Dressing up is one of the most fun things in here. And it’s even more fun to share it with someone special, to dress each other. It gives you a special closeness feeling. Kind of like saying to the world, we belong to each other. We are a pair. Like a lot of things in here, it’s not about being born that way without any choice, it’s choosing each other.

The picture above is me with my Twin, Katy. We don’t always dress the same, but we’re twins inside. And if you know her, that’s the biggest compliment to me you can imagine. I love her with all my heart on so many levels. I admire and respect her more than anything I could ever say. She makes everyone’s life brighter, and any time with her is a treasure. That’s just my Imvu Twin. I often say IMVU is about Relationships, and an Imvu Twin is a very special kind of relationship. And I’m glad to include some awesome Twin pictures that show in a cool way how special and how much fun this can be. Click the pics on the left or the title or picture above or here to see all the IMVU Twins.


Twice as good with IMVU Twins

My IMVU Twin Lyn

my imvu roleplaying twinOne of the most amazing things about this crazy place is the degree of connection you can develop with people. And with some people this seems an almost impossibly powerful. We have been experimenting on a couple very special sets of twins and seem to have expanded dramatically the already exhausting biological connection. 

Our testing has been extremely promising and we’re ready for the first field tests.  Each twin will take the experimental drug before sexual activity. We are studying how much their twin can experience and feel when the other twin has sex.  It works best with  the twin in the room or at least nearby.  Some subjects are reported to experience 100% of the effect of their twin and so people claim that the drug heightens all feelings during sex so this looks very promising however significant additional testing is planned.  Test subjects must be prepared to have a hot imvu threesome too because it really is twice as good with twins.