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IMVU can be such a pain

I thought buying from IMVU directly instead of going through a reseller would be easier. They had a sale last week and I bought 300K for $120. I’ve never bought anything over the internet that made it as much hassle as this. You would think I was trying to buy $10,000 of computers and shipping them to a mail box address in another country, the way they treat you. They can be such Natzi’s in their attitude, and they honestly act like they don’t care about what their members think about them at all. Like they are God and you are guilty until proven innocent, even when you’re trying to PAY THEM.

Sorry to vent a little… On the other hand I have paid for credits from a reseller (Sphinx Credits) and they never provided them and IMVU flatly refused to even get involved. Sphinx Credits is criminals and are hurting IMVU and there’s a reason why they don’t have a phone number or email address on their website! Buying credits in IMVU can be such a royal pain.