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Make it sexy

how to be sexy in imvu

how to be sexy in imvu
You can make anything sexy if you describe it graphically and vividly. The more detailed you make it, the more the reader can feel it. Say how you feel. Describe even little actions descriptively with lots of adjectives to make it fun.

Katy is the best and taught me this. She also taught me something else recently. The longer the description the more it means. That’s true in everything. If you write wb it’s nice but writing Welcome Back is stronger. Writing, “running across the room and jumping into your arms enthusiastically” means more than “Hugggs.” I guess that’s kind of obvious when you think about it, and I knew it, but it’s easy to get lazy when I’m just reading and typing away and trying to be effecient.

bunny love You can see this when you see someone really good at it. I watched Katy make Gabby a virtual drink one time and was just amazed at the vividness of it. I’m not a bar tender and honestly don’t know many drinks but it was awesome to watch. That’s also what I look for when I go to a room looking around and wondering who to approach. Even if I don’t talk much to them when that person leaves I’m going to request them, because you just know that person would be good to talk to. So be vivid and paint a picture everyone can feel. Share your heart and thoughts and describe every little detail at least sometimes. All we have here are words so be super descriptive and make it powerful and fun.

Beauty and Sexy in IMVU

a real imvu angel

a real imvu angelBeauty in IMVU comes from the heart. It comes from sharing your heart and your love after you’ve lowered your walls. Pixels are easy to change and only make you sexy on the outside but your heart is what makes real beauty.

Sexy Is a little different. Sexy in IMVU comes from the Mind. Sexy takes some creativity, some romance and some animal passion. You don’t want sexy without beauty or beauty without sexiness. a sexy imvu dark angel

Love Is a combination of sexy and beauty mixed with strong emotions and often a healthy dose of friendship and commitment. I wish there was a way to explain the love I feel in here. I don’t mean to write exclusively about that, but I’m just so blown away by things right now it’s hard to think about anything else.

Falling in love second hand

very sexy imvu stories about real life

sexy stories in imvu
What an amazing week! It’s an such an awesome feeling falling in love, but what I didn’t realize was how awesome it is to share that feeling with someone you have a full heart connection with. In your 40s you don’t get that first true love feeling very much but I got a double dose big time this week. Like so much of what you experience here, its extremely hard to explain, but I have to try to share just a little of that here.

First of all I have to say for the gazillionth time, I have the most amazing friends! And even better, I have the most amazing connections with them. On a side note, it’s interesting how every relationship is different even within a very tight knit group. I came here for intimacy and again in a surprising and hard to explain way, I really feel a wonderful version of that intimacy with my close friends. It’s not overly physical with many of them. But it’s definitely extremely heart felt with all of them though.

sexy fairy fun with stephanieAlly had her first “date” with a real life GF on saturday and then an awesome sexy adventure Thursday. She was told to bring her bathing suit although they actually went skinny dipping instead. When the police came though they had to sacrifice their clothes but they made a slightly less than clean get away.

Not to be out done, Stephanie is head over heels herself with her new boyfriend, Granola boy. It was so much fun dragging the story out of her with such amazing friends. I really do live vicariously and feel the emotion more than anyone will believe. I’ve laughed to the point of tears for hours with the most amazing friends ever. Second hand love in a place with such amazing connections can be so awesome.

Has your Real Life gotten any sexier since Imvu?

amateur night at strip club real life story

Sheri's real life strip club open stage night story
Holly literally asked me this question last night. Coincidentally Sheri came in from quite an adventure and shared her story with me barely an hour later. She met her real life partner in imvu and they went to compete in an Amateur Night competition at a local strip club. She was very nervous and I think part of the fun of this was probably the build up and anticipating it too. But here’s her story. I’ll add something about my answer (which is kind of boring) in the comments because it’s nothing compared to Sheri’s sexy story.

As you know, my wife and I went to a strip club where they were having an open stage, we thought we were late, but actually got there 2 hours before it started, my wife dressed in Daisy dukes and a white button down shirt with the 2nd and 3rd buttoned and the rest tied into a bow with a old pair of tennis shoes. I wore a school girl outfit with Plaid skirt and a white top with a Plaid neck tie loose around my neck and a pair of Mary Janes with anklets, My hair was in pigtails with pink ribbons, There were 8 of us at the open stage we shared a hugh mirror with only 3 chair to put our make up on!

They announced us on stage 1 by 1 and they were playing really cheese music. All the fears I had on the way there Left me as soon as I got on stage! 2 of the girls were already down to their G strings within 5 minutes, I was going slow and flirting with the guys. I kept looking at my wife and I was really dancing for her! The guys there and a few girls I saw there were shouting out the names of their favorites girls on stage. I slowly pull my top over my head to expose my pink lace bra! While still swaying to the music I pulled the ribbons out of my hair as I let my hair fall round my shoulders and back!

Walking to the front of the stage I started shaking my breasts as I put my hands behind my back and unbuckle my bra and let it fall to the floor! I started to tease the guys that were standing in front of the stage! I then kicked my shoes off watching them spin in the air! I then put my hands on my skirt and started to wiggle to the music as I started to slide my skirt off me so slowly.

We started to dance closer to the end of the stage and the guys started to tuck bills in our g strings, One guy said his hand slipped and he grabbed my pussy! I acted cool cause I did not want to spoil the mood there! Every time a guy would tuck a bill id feel his fingers against my waist I would feel a bit wetter! After the strip part was over they had a vote to see who was first.

I came in second and my wife came in fifth. After the vote we were able to give lap dances and I had 3 that want me! After the place closed we were counting our winning in the dressing room! The Girl that came in first and I both had a business card wrapped around a 20. I won the bet I made with my wife on who would get the most money, I won by 15 dollars. I certainly didn’t do this for the money though. It so fun and even exciting to do it together with my wife.

Leave comments for Sheri (a regular reader and imvu friend) and tell us how imvu has made your life sexier too.

Getting in the mood

Don’t ask me about this one in person because it’s embarrassing and I don’t want to talk about it. I wasn’t sure whether I should even write about this.  I really don’t like to talk about real life when I’m visualizing sexy things in a chat. I think it’s because to me crossing into real life is where it becomes cheating and I come here for the fantasy.  But late at night I like to watch something sexy while I’m on imvu.  I like Cinemax or as we call it Skin-omax.  I like it because it’s sexy but I don’t feel guilty because it doesn’t feel like porn.

If I’m feeling really bad, I also like RedTube, which is like an adult version of youtube.  Someone also told me about PornHub recently too.  Unfortunately Lacey isn’t around any more but we used to watch movies together talking about it and teasing each other.  When I first started doing videos I used to make mostly porn. It just seemed more fun and I even uploaded a few to Redtube so Holly could see them.  They are only for friends and I don’t add many friends there or even watch them any more.  I guess I’ve kind of grown a little more and prefer making movies that I can at least share with someone or part of on the website.  I also wind up keeping my clothes on more now because I want the pictures to be usable, because I find that I just can’t really use or share the bad ones as much.

A lot of this probably belongs under the category of TMI, too much information! The point of this post was that watching something sexy can make you feel sexier and it even gives you something fun to describe and can make your chat sexier and more descriptive. I admit I can’t or at least don’t do half of the things I see in movies, but sometimes it’s fun to have that inspiration while playing with imvu friends. If you know me you know that IMVU isn’t just sex to me, it’s relationships and being able to open up your heart to special people. But sometimes a little alcohol and sexy TV does make it more enjoyable, hopefully for my partner as well as myself.

There’s a video that went with the picture above, Fairys gone wild, but I put it into the private section for a little too much nudity and threesome sex.