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Girls Girls Girls in Concert

Have you ever wanted to be a rock star? Katy’s wife Susan made a great rock concert room and we had such a blast there last night. She made a video of it to the music Girls Girls Girls, which is very appropriate. I’m going to work on some rock videos, but she did a good job with this one already! Thanks Susan.

My VBFF Gabby

I am very fortunate to have the honor of calling Gabrielle Bleue Doll my very best friend, my sister, my boss, secret partner, occasionally my mistress, and all the time my very friend ever. And I don’t mean just my best friend in IMVU, I really mean my best friend ever. In a lot of ways she’s my mentor and I certainly look up to her, and can’t help but smile when I look at her either.

The pixels aren’t real but the emotions definitely are, and you can say that the sex isn’t real, but I have to tell you that the friendships definitely are very real. And Gabby is a pure friend and I’ve done my best to help her and be a pure friend since I had the privilege of getting to know her. Yes I may be crazy but the rumors that she was the night nurse in my psych ward are false. She is one of the most competent, level headed and loving, beautiful people I’ve ever had the good fortune to know.

Sometimes I swing and my emotions get the best of me, but you can always count on Gabby. She’s a rock and the most amazing friend anyone could ever imagine. And yes I hear she’s the most amazing lover ever, but I would trade in a heartbeat, all the gratification in here to have just one pure real friend like Gabby. Gabby is the Queen of Real, and is really and always my friend.

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Calling all Imvu Girls

my beautiful girlfriends rank first for imvu girls

gorgeous imvu girls
I wrote a post titled “Imvu Girls” the other day after talking with someone about Internet marketing. It’s a popular query so I thought it would be smart to write about and see if I can rank for that term. I put up a short post about it with pictures of Gabby (and Katy) and now a few links and a month later that page is ranked 7 or 8 on google for the term Imvu Girls, which is awesome since the first two are imvu, and then the next three are videos, so it’s number 2 or 3 after that.

I’m sure that’s because Google realizes that my best friends are the best girls in IMVU of course. So I wanted to brag for a moment but also say that if anyone else wants their pic up there it’s GIRLS, not GIRL so I could include more if you wanted ;-) This is your website too and I want to include a few more friends and even future friends. You can put them in an album and tell me to download them or email them to me at  Sharing is the fun of of this, both in Imvu and the website too. 

An IMVU Conversation about what girls look for.

tips for meeting sexy imvu girls

what imvu girls want
Did you ever wish you could be a fly on the wall listening to the private conversations about what IMVU girls look for? This was totally unplanned but I talk about a lot of stuff with my girlfriends and this wound up being such an interesting discussion I thought I’d just keep it in conversation form. I took off a little bit of pleasantry up front and edited one or two typos. I added a link or two, to posts that I’ve written about those topics, too, but other than a word or two, this is just a candid conversation about what women look for.

My friend mentioned an interview process which intrigued me and started the conversation. I cut it off when it turned to talking about specific people and things. Who the conversation was with isn’t important but she is gorgeous and has been here for several years. She’s been here quite a bit longer than me and I enjoyed hearing some of the same things I’ve found and learned from it too. And lets continue the conversation if it sparks any thoughts back to you.

Click the title, the picture above, or here to see the full conversation…


IMVU Dances

imvu dances


imvu dances

imvu dancing girls

One of the things I try to do in this blog is capture and show some of the magic of IMVU. It’s so hard to share that with the outside world. They can only see the pixels. I took a few pictures of the dancing the last night or two of some very sexy imvu dances. It’s nice but I still have a feeling that you can’t really feel it as much watching it from the outside because you won’t appreciate how much you associate yourself with the pixels. I watch this and feel the room spinning, the warmth of it and her hand in mine. I know it sounds a little silly to the rest of the world but I think the people that matter will enjoy and feel it. I guess the point of this post is just to show one more small sliver of the magic.

Making the most Amazing Friends

some of the IMVU girls in my heart
Just like the way a blind persons other senses become even more sensitive to make up for it, in IMVU you can’t see the physical and there is no little things to get in the way, so you get better at sensing the non physical. I call this IMVU vision.  It’s almost impossible for someone who hasn’t been here for a while and experienced it to understand I know.

You can’t see with your eyes so you have to learn to feel with your heart. I think that’s why we sometimes feel such a powerful deep connection and I even say this place proves there is a soul.   These pretty pixels and words can get pretty powerful, to the point that I feel closer to friends in here than I do in real life. 

I say than “friends” in real life because I kind if feel like the friendships are more real in a sense than the love, in here.   Don’t get me wrong I do love the love too, which sounds funny to say.  But it’s loving friends in here that is my favorite part. I’d say the best thing I’ve learned in here is to love with all my heart. And I honestly couldn’t put just one person’s pictures up for this one so I picked a couple (not all!) of the IMVU girls who I feel so strongly connected right into my heart. You’ll find your own people and understand when it happens to you.

IMVU girls with Stunning style and class

Quidlyn is the queen of cute

It’s really not that hard to look good in here. I mean it’s a land of awesome beauty. It’s literally crawling with not just beautiful but stunningly sexy IMVU girls. Ironically it’s the fact that it’s so easy to look good that makes it even more important to develop a unique IMVU style. This is one thing that I confess to struggle with at times. It’s fun to shop but I tend to do it hap hazardly at times. I’m trying to develop better looks by buying a whole set of things from a designer with style, by looking through lots of derivations of things that I like, and by copying more from the Daily Outfit Challenge.

I thought about because I was going through the hundred plus pictures from last night and so many of them seemed to just jump off the screen. Katy is in the banner for this post, on the top of the page is clearly the Queen of Cute, and my VBFF and Sister Gabby, is the Queen of Style, although she would be the first to admit that she gets it from her wife, Kim. That’s probably another post about how you can feel even closer by sharing styles and looks with a spouse. And OK, I admit that this post is mostly just an excuse to show off amazing pictures of my best friends. I’ll call it a visual tip, high lighting some amazing examples of how you can have stunning style and class, even in a world crawling with drop dead gorgeous IMVU girls.