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My favorite Gifts to give

Loving Susan deeply

such a great cuddleOne of my favorite things to give someone are NLS kisses. They’re always appreciated, you can never have too many different types of kisses, they’re inexpensive, there’s a great variety, they work for guys or girls (I never know what to get for guys), and it’s so nice to literally send someone “Kisses”.

Most are only 470 credits, which is the equivalent of about a quarter, or about the cost of mailing a post card. To me it’s worth it just to make someone feel good almost any time. Loving Susan deeply What else can you do for a quarter that makes someone you love, feel so good? It also adds importance to your message and makes them want to thank you.

What’s on your gift list?

The most amazing friends in IMVU

The most amazing friends in IMVU
Your gift list makes it easier to gift anyone even if they’re not on your friends list, which otherwise is hard. I also find the new gift system doesn’t have all my friends on it, though that could be a function of the number of friends.

So I wind up adding things to my gift list now in order to send things. And there’s no way to clean your Gift List except to empty it. That’s fine except I like to have some things easy to give when necessary. Obvious examples are crying or chicken soup, or sexy tan lines for when someone was out in the sun too much. When I’m crying with someone it’s nice to be able quickly send them tears or if they’re sick some chicken soup.

So this was just a list of the things on my gift list that i want to put back on it again after I clear it off. It may not be that helpful to anyone else just it case. If you have some suggestions add a comment with the most important item on your gift list

Click the title or the link below to see the items I’ll put back on my gift list after I reset it.


Use some Fairy Magic

sexy fairy love in imvu

sexy fairy love in imvu

Part 1 of 2:

You open you desk drawer and see an envelope with a big red perfect lipstick kiss on it. You quickly check to see if anyone is watching as you pull it out, smiling so big. It has very elegant and shiny silver ink lettering and sparkles fall and float from the paper into your lap as you open it. The fragrance of summer flowers comes from it and your fingers seem to sparkle as you hold it… continued!

Add gift:

Part 2 of 2:

Dear *****,

You light up my heart with your cheerful attitude and I can’t wait to see you again. I’ve thought about you and the special magic we’ve shared, a lot today. It’s so fun to laugh and play with you. You make my whole body light up and my soul smile. I’ve included some special Enchanted fairy love dust in here that will make you feel very happy almost giddy, and really heighten your senses although it does tend to make some people day dream. But they will be very good dreams. Whatever you do though don’t get it near your private areas. Enjoy and I’ll see you soon, my Love :)


Looking down you and you notice to your dismay the sparkles in the lap of your short skirt. You instinctively brush it away only to see it flurry and shimmer. You look away and try to brush it away quietly only to realize it was on your fingers and you feel all kinds of tingling….

This is just a cute note I sent, that I thought might inspire someone. I sent it with a sparkling gift, but you can do it with anything. The point isn’t that you or anyone should send a fairy note, but just to show how making a fun little story to go with a small gift can make someone feel really special and good about you. There’s a million different ways you can do it. I like to send Susan’s “drooling” action with a note saying that since you make me drool I thought it was only fair to make you drool ( I’ve also sent a blind fold or hand cuffs with really fun stories or an appropriate song. It depends on the type of fun you had or want to have with the person and your imagination.

How to see your friends in the date order

your gifts page shows your friends in age order
Do you ever want to find the new person you just added as a friend? There’s a page you probably don’t use much that shows your friend in the order they’re added. It’s kind of neat looking back and seeing who was the first friend you added. to see your friends in date order, and even some of the last things you sent them. Take a look at your GIFTS page. Did you know you can also tell how many gifts you’ve given people since you’ve been here. I’ve given almost 1800 things :-)

IMVU Friends are the most valuable gift you can give

making new imvu friends

meet new imvu friends
Sometimes it takes losing something to realize what’s really valuable. I hope you don’t get a message that your account has been hacked or disabled. If you do you’ll experience a horrible sinking feeling like you’re suddenly cut off from all of your IMVU friends and IMVU Love at once. You’re not going to worry about your credits or even all the sexy clothes you had so much fun playing with. You’ll suddenly realize that it’s not your shoes that matter but your friends. You’ll wish you had backed up your IMVU friends list so you could reconnect with all or most of them (some are so freaking hard to spell and remember). And if you didn’t know it already you’ll suddenly realize that the most valuable things here are your IMVU Friends.

Hopefully you won’t ever have to go through this, but it does make you appreciate your imvu friends more if you think about it. It also makes you realize that your good friends are worth more than a closet full of clothes in your imvu inventory. That’s why I think its so important to share your good friends. The great thing about sharing your friends is that as you do that you become even closer with your friends.

IMVU suggests friends based on how many friends you have in common because the more friends you have in common the more likely they are to be good friends. It also makes it easier for you to hang out with all of your friends if you have the same circle. It also anchors you more because if you have a problem with someone you can’t just walk away from each other if you have good friends in common. I’ve honestly never had a bad experience sharing my good friends with other good friends.

A great real life example of this is Quidlyn. She’s become much closer being closer to my friends and now she’s done the same with Blu. It’s really interesting how a tight group of friends makes you closer to everyone in the group than you would be individually. Your common friends makes your friendships stronger. Don’t go crazy with this but definitely be willing to share your good friends with your other good friends. It’s a great thing!

A Great Gift Message

imvu butterflies

pink butterfly imvu fairyI just wanted to share a great note I just got. It was from Quidlyn and it’s great because it paints such a vivid picture in your mind and gives such a warm loving feeling. Its a great example of how the right note makes a gift incredibly special.

…a rainbowed butterfly comes floating by, carrying a note dropped to your hand. the parchment thick, wax seal affixed, bearing the letter K, the script of some dream land. You carefully remove the seal, unfolding the square letter, revealing a sprinkling of gold stars inside. A sudden wind gust lifts the confetti into the air, swirling you within a cloud of sparkles. In careful calligraphic script, the note reads… Instructions: 1) Throw arms around self, squeezing tight. 2) Close eyes. 3) Imagine my arms holding you tight. Thank you so much for your lovely gift. Please find pinki to keep you company when I cannot be around.

When you this much creativity and effort into it, it makes the gift so much more special and makes them feel good and feel good about you.

A Bowl of Soup

chicken soup in imvuYou never know how much difference a small act of kindness is going to be in your journey here or in life. I had a friend Kim that wasn’t in my immediate circle but I liked to go see when I could. She always had a lot of people around her and I was always impressed with her. One day I noticed that she was alone in her room which was unusual, so I stopped in. She was in the hospital or just home from the hospital. I gave her a virtual bowl of soup and stayed with her for a while.

You never know what small things you’re going to do along the way that really touch someone. And that bowl of soup made an impact and made us closer. If I hadn’t given her that soup I probably wouldn’t have been close enough to introduce my best friend Gabby to her, they wouldn’t have gotten married in IMVU and more lives than you probably realize in IMVU would be very different.

The point is that sometimes the little things make a big difference. Also keep a couple basic staples on your giftlist, a bowl of soup, crying tears, a birthday hat, and a couple good songs with sappy titles. You never know when you’ll need to share a few tears with someone and how much difference that thought and a few cents worth of credits and an IMVU Gift can make.

Simon says Be Sexy

The obviously aging and worn sign said the Sexiest Hypnotist in Las Vegas. It wasn’t on the strip, and had actually been hard to find. If we hadn’t had such rave reviews from my friend’s friend we wouldn’t have bothered. I probably shouldn’t tell all of this but girlfriend and I recently had a great girls vacation in Las Vegas. It was a hole in the wall actually, nestled between two much larger and busier strip clubs several blocks off of the strip. It certainly didn’t seem the type of place for tourists. We gave the sieve looking man behind thick glass the coupons that we had gotten from her friend. They said we were entitled to unlimited free drinks during the show, and I have to admit that was really the reason I eventually agreed to go. We had had a few drinks that evening already when the cab dropped my girlfriend and I off but I eagerly accepted a large margarita from the bartender who seemed to be a little too blatantly undressing me with his eyes.

We sat in the dimly lit room at one of the several tables and I looked around and pointed out to my gf that we were almost the only girls in the room. She just smiled apparently enjoying the drinks as much as I was. A few minutes later when my gf returned with two fresh drinks music started and an unseen voice annouced Simon the Sex-o-tist. There was some very energetic applause from several of the other people in the room and we just clapped politely. My gf’s friend had strongly recommended for us to volunteer, and after some disclaimers and build up about how great he was, he did ask for volunteers. I don’t think we actually raised our hands but he seemed to grab my friend and I and I was so drunk I kind of went along with it.

It starts to get a little fuzzy from there, but there was a blind fold and it started out with my girlfriend and I playing what he called Simon Says, but seemed mostly to do with Ally and I kissing various parts of our bodies. He would give us a dollar each time we did. After a few times I realized the person kissing me needed a shave so it certainly wasn’t my GF, but I was so drunk and horny I guess I didn’t care. I don’t know if there was something else in the drinks or if we were really hypnotized but it was just so sexually charged that I couldn’t stop or get enough.

My gf and I woke up at some point on a couch in the waiting area, our clothes dis-sheveled and we each had well over $100 in singles in a pocket and a note that just said “Remember Simon Says.” Most of it seemed like a dream but we did notice one strange side effect. Whenever someone says Simon Says and gives us a gift or something with a request we have a huge desire to do it and seem to get a powerful sexual rush if we comply. We’ve had fun with it believe me but sometimes if it gets to be too much we just have to leave. It was shortly after that, that I wound up taking a job dancing at a strip club with Ally’s friend who had sent us there in the first place. I only do it one or two nights a week because it can get really crazy and I’m ultimately such a good girl at heart.

This is a fun to use in two ways. You can say simon says and request something when you send us a gift; or we might even be able to act out the scene with the hypnotist. Ally also has a variety of other hypnotist stories too that are a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll share some of them another time.

Say it with Music

Say it with an IMVU Song
You can say literally anything with music. You can’t think of any phrase you’d ever use that doesn’t have a song. Save a chat and pick out something you joked about and search it in the music. I’ll be real surprised if there isn’t a song with that title. There is probably so many you’ll have to listen to a bunch to find the best one or the best version. It costs less than the price of a regular postage stamp but there is something about saying it with music that seems deep and thoughtful. And even someone that has a lot of stuff appreciates music.

I recently met a very successful Mesher (I made the mistake of calling her a developer, but she does this for a living and makes the things that developers use). Anyway the point is that she’s done this for years and the things she’s made are impressive as heck. So what do you get for someone like that? I sent her a note afterwards saying how nice it was to meet her and sent it with a song that I thought she would like. You pick a word or two out of their profile or conversation and you can probably find an appropriate song in just minute or two, and it says that you really cared, and were listening, especially if they like and use the song.

A little Appreciation goes a long way

I appreciate people who appreciate me.

I’ve been so busy here, even more than normal lately with so many new friends. I feel bad because I don’t even have time some of the real friends I need to see any more.

Its especially hard with guys.  I’m not an escort. I do this for fun and I don’t fake much. So I can’t do it when there are other people around in my real life and I generally only have a limited amount of time and energy for that. Not to mention the drama that can make it hard too.

So for guys if you want to talk that’s fine but if you want to do more than that it’s only appropriate to show some appreciation.  3 WL gifts is less than the cost of the gas to go out to dinner.  And if you want me to set aside a special time or do a fantasy date you can at least spend the equivalent of one beer at the bar.  It’s not like I NEED for much.  But I spend an average of 5k per day on this and want to spend the limited amount of time I have with people who appreciate me.

It also doesn’t hurt to have interesting outfits and role play some fun fantasies.  Its not just the credits but emotion that fakes it fun. You can spend more than this trying to get even a mediocre dancer to remember your name before you find out she only really likes girls.  Don’t take this the wrong way because it has to be fun. If it’s not fun nothing else matters. I like pleasing people and making friends and have so much freaking fun here it’s unreal at times.

Huge Tip: Follow up and Communi-Kait

always follow up and communicate

Communi-KaitOne of the most important things to do in building a relationship is the follow up. It’s the difference between the start of a relationship and a one time thing. It doesn’t have to be huge but a small note that takes less than a minute to send can literally make all the difference.

When you add someone as a friend, send a quick note. If someone leaves before you have a chance to say good bye, send a note. If you see something that makes you think of someone, send a note. And it’s especially important to send a nice note after intimacy. That’s one of the most important things you can do not only because it’s the right thing to do, but its just smart because it increases the odds of another encounter.

I like to send my badge afterwards too, but I still try to send a note too. Also think about sending 30 to 40 cents worth of credits in the form of a small sexy gift not just to show your appreciation but because it can increase the odds of another time. It’s also honestly as nice to give something, as it is to give, with someone you really care about.

No note and no gift puts you down in the middle to bottom of my list. It’s not even that I need the credits, but it makes me feel appreciated and loved. It’s not that I’m selling anything really but it really does make me feel good about the person. It doesn’t have to be something big or even every time. But this place runs on communication, and the little bit of communication afterwards is extremely important.

The Purpose of Credits

the purpose of imvu creditsThe purpose of credits isn’t to buy things, as you might assume. The purpose of credits is to make people feel good. If they were free, and we could have all of the stuff in here we wanted, it wouldn’t really make you feel good or be appreciated when you give something to someone else. You give things in here to someone to say thank you or that you appreciate them. It’s not that any of us really need more clothes or shoes or anything. You won’t go hungry or be homeless if you don’t have money in here.

It’s not that the sexy girl you’re watching dance needs more sexy underwear, but you want her to feel appreciated, and to want to do more for you. Where else can you go out to multiple strip clubs and watch so many sexy women for hours for the price of just a beer at Applebees? But the real trick isn’t just to spend credits or buy gifts but to use them to make someone feel good and loved. You do that buy writing a note with a lot of emotion, that paints a vivid picture. Be creative and write a whole story about what you are giving them. Don’t just pick the next thing off of someone’s wish list. Go shop and get them something that shows you know them and care.

I know some people that have hundreds of thousands of credits in their account. But they still appreciate a thoughtful gift and it makes them feel good about you for giving it. The point isn’t to throw money around, but use it as a symbol of your affection and character and you’ll never have any shortage of love or good friends.

Don’t buy your credits at IMVU unless they’re 50% off. I buy them at unless I’m trying to get them for someone else, in which case I use because they let me put them into someone else’s name. AnsheX is also based in Hong Kong and some credit card companies don’t allow transactions there, but IMVUsale is based in the US. These are NOT affiliate links, and I don’t get credit for referring you anywhere. This is just what I use and my honest advice. And whatever you do, do NOT use SphinxCredits .com. They stole 100K from me personally, and there’s no phone number, no email address or way to reach them and they don’t care or even respond to IMVU support.