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I can’t act this way in real life

Happy Birthday KrisA lot of the benefit here stems from the anonymity. It frees you to do or be anything you want to, and to be more aggressive more sexy more bad more exciting more of whatever you want. We all need or crave that freedom in some ways.

sexy imvu birthday partyWe do the right thing in life, we try to be respectable and we care about what other people think of us. We have to live with our choices in real life. In here you can experiment and be much crazier and freer than you ever would be in real life.

It’s not that we are hiding things about who we are really, we all just want to control who we are and our life a little bit more or do things a little bit differently in here. Nobody shows everything exactly as real life in here. You don’t have to and aren’t expected to 100%. But on the other hand don’t go so far that you lose credibility by having to make bigger and bigger stories.

You need enough reality to be able to relate and connect with your life here and to stay consistent. Over time people will see little things about you that lineup and make sense and make them more comfortable and feel closer, or they’ll see things that make them leery and nervous and pull back a little.

imvu birthday partyThese are real people, and even more importantly these are your friends, and you have to remember and respect that. Don’t do anything to them that you wouldn’t want someone to do to you.

Don’t let the anonymity and excuse to abuse your friends. If you value your friendships, don’t make bigger and bigger stories or more and more crazy things. Sometimes lies or stories or exaggerations tend to grow and grow. It may seem exciting and fun at first but you are literally hurting the most important thing you have in here. That’s your credibility, the faith people have in you, and your relationships. That’s all you really have here, so don’t trade that for an exciting story that fizzles.

It’s great when it feels real, but just because it’s not real doesn’t mean you feel it any less. Sexy imvu dancers These are real people and if you stay on track things will get better and better and better, but if you start to get off track and out of balance you will crash very painfully too.

Things grow more quickly but are more fragile in imvu than real life too. It’s not meant to last like real life is. It’s got more of the live fast and die young experience and attitude. Think of it like a movie. The closer you stay to reality, and what you know, the more believable it will be and the stronger and more lasting it will be.

Made up make up sex

imvu MoonlightWanna try something fun? Pretend you just had a knock down fight with a friend and apologize profusely. Tell them you are so soo sorry and can’t wait to make it up to them. Who says you have to have an actual fight to have makeup sex?!

It takes someone good at playing. I admit that the first time I tried it the other person thought they had upset me or done something wrong. So it is helpful to suggest that you’re playing a little first. But it is fun if you get into it really feeling the intense emotions. It creates intense emotions which ultimately leads to great passion.

Another trick I learned recently is that the first message can set a great tone. Instead of Hey, or Hi How’re you doing? Try “shhhh… I don’t wanna talk about it any more” or “I can’t believe I did that, I’m sooo sorry, what can I do to make it up to you??” or “I’m sooo sooo sorry… ~she says flashing her biggest smile~”

Oh and it can be fun to start via message too. Write a message saying how could you have said I look fat in that dress or apologizing for something and promising to make it up to them as soon as you see him or her. Messages are fun to build anticipation.

If you’re bored…

finding someone excitingi in imvu

finding someone excitingi in imvuI always wonder how can people say they’re bored in here. It’s like saying you’re bored in Adult Disneyland. It’s the most unboring place in the world and can be anything you want it to be. I think maybe they just don’t know how to use it.

First of all never say you’re bored. It makes you sound boring. I made a great list of IMVU activities you can go do. There are is an almost endless variety of fun toys and things to do and rooms to explore. One tip, if you’re looking for interesting IMVU rooms look for ones with four stars. Pick rooms that you have an appropriate costume for but just get out there and wander around.

kait on the ringsMake a crazy and exciting costume. There are studies that show when you smile you feel happier and the IMVU corollary is, when you look exciting you feel more exciting. Make yourself someone that someone exciting would want to hangout with. If you’re bored you’ll attract other boring people. If you’re exciting you’ll attract other exciting people.

A lot of guys seem to say they’re bored when they mean horny. Maybe they think saying they’re horny will sound bad. I actually think saying you’re bored makes you sound worse than saying you’re bored. I’d rather talk to a horny guy than a bored guy.

I also think people that are really bored just don’t know what they want to do, because you really do find what you look for here more than anywhere else. So look around at all the different things here (and there’s a ton of exciting themes in here) and pick something. You can always change, it’s not like you’re stuck with just one thing. Make a different costume, a story and maybe a fun room, and go out and meet other people. This place is addictingly fun and you can be tired or have an off or quiet day but its never ever boring!

Have fun with it.

imvu superbowl partyMake your life in here reflect what you like in real life. Be expressive and have Fun! You can be anything you want to in here so have fun with it. Ham things up, and be bold and decisive. I’m not really into football, but hey, any excuse for a party! IMVU is about relationships and relationships are built on shared emotions. And the drama of a good game can be a lot more fun if you share it. Just like it’s more fun to watch a game at a bar full of fans than it is at home by yourself, it’s more fun to watch it with friends in here. There’s also no cover charge and you can yell and scream all you want.

So even if you’re not a giant fan you can still have a lot of fun at a party in here. You don’t have to be a huge fan to dress up and have fun in here. Don’t just sit there by yourself. Watch the game together and have a good time! If you’re shy and new rooms make you nervous this is a great opportunity and excuse to get out and have a good time. Or if you’re not into football come in here and have your own good time while your fan is preoccupied.

Different rooms and activities in IMVU

ice skating in imvu with erick Sometimes we all fall into ruts. There are so many fabulous activities you can do in here. There is practically no limit other than your imagination.

It doesn’t take very much to have a great time in here either. You can find good public rooms for these things or get your own room with these things. And often just the empty room is enough to make a pretty great adventure.

skydivingYou may want to dress appropriately and you’ll definitely want to take a lot of pictures! Looking back through thousands of pictures it’s often this type of thing that makes the best pictures (and the best memories) so try something fun and different with a good friend today.

Snow boarding
Scuba diving
Kait and Susan riding the ridesRoller skating
Roller Coasters
Flying (fairy style)
Flying a jet fighter
Life size board games
Jet skis
Dragon riding

What other things have you done or seen in here that you can add to this list?

Oh the Places You’ll Go

kait oh the places youll go dr seuss

kait oh the places youll go dr seussKaty made a good point in her recent post asking if IMVU is cheating. She said IMVU allowed her to do all of the things she never hit a chance to do. That kind of reminded me of the Dr Seuss book “Oh the Places You Will Go”. (It’s a life book not a kid book, though don’t tell the kids.)

That’s true and a great point. IMVU lets you do a lot of exciting things you never would have done or maybe even dreamed of. Actually anything you can dream up you can do in here. Sexy things, crazy things, silly things, impossible things, wild things, romantic things.

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“Oh the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all.”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“You will come to a place where the streets are not marked.
Some windows are lighted. but mostly they’re darked.
But mostly they’re darked.
A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin!
Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in?
How much can you lose? How much can you win?”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

reading the instructions in imvu

We all have our place.

sexiest girls on imvu in the fashion show

sexiest girls on imvu in the fashion showDon’t compare yourself to someone else. There’s always someone that’s better at something than you. This is as true in here as it is in real life. Someone will have better relationships, be sexier, cuter, smarter, (and sometimes all of these things, no names!) but you can’t beat yourself up about that. All you can do is be the best you can be and look for something you’re good at. You don’t have to be perfect or the best to have fun and feel good here.

sexy girls of imvu in bed togetherYou don’t love someone because they’re perfect, though when you’re in love they do seem perfect don’t they? Just don’t turn this into a competition. It’s so not, and nobody is as hard on you as you are on yourself. This is a fun place to experiment, share things you can’t talk about or do in real life, and have a blast. Don’t make it into a job or create issues, if you can help it.

Focus on what you’re good at and what you enjoy. Share your heart and have fun with your friends. Turn the other cheek once in a while and let your light shine in here. You can be as bright and have as much fun as you want in here. Just do it all with love, uplifting everyone and be the best you can be.

Have fun with it

flying imvu demon dragon

flying imvu demon dragonThe default room is boring. Inviting people there is boring but it can be fun to surprise someone that invited you to the default room with something really different. When you change the room in someone else’s chat your furniture doesn’t show up. But some rooms don’t need much furniture and can be very shocking and fun.

I have a dragon room for example ( that’s very different and really fun. It doesn’t have or need any furniture. Put on a scary demonic outfit and describe the sulfur smell and the beating of his wings as they feel your claws digging in into them a little. Yeah I know you’re not supposed to hijack someone else’s chat but it’s fun to shake it up and have fun blowing their mind a little.

If you have any other really different room you can suggest, leave it in a comment!

Living on the fun side of the island

The best couple on IMVU

The best couple on IMVU
The best part of a relationship is the head over heels falling in love part. In reality this tends to be kind of rare but in here it can happen so often that you get addicted. I call this “the fun side of the island” from the first Madagascar movie. It’s not shallow, it’s actually very heart felt. I have amazing connections and real heart felt relationships.

a new imvu loveAdd to this my golden retriever personality, and wearing my heart on my sleeve and I admit I tend to get carried away in a good way (or at least a fun way!). A less nice way to say it is what one of my first gfs called me, an intimacy whore. I guess this is probably true, but I don’t look at it as a bad thing.

imvu moonlit lovePart of this is probably my real life and what I need. Not having real life potential frees me up in some ways but it limits how far I can go or how serious I can be in a sense too. I bounce around too much in here sometimes and honestly just love loving. I give my heart away a lot, maybe too much. But that’s what I do and to me it’s the best part of this crazy place. I don’t expect anything or want anything from anyone and I NEVER want to hurt anyone. I love pleasing people and love living my fantasy life on the FUN side of the island.

IMVU Surfer Girls

imvu surfer girls and great virtual water fun

imvu surfer girls and great virtual water funMy great friend Susan makes the most amazing rooms and made an awesome video that I think really highlights just a few of the amazing things you can do in here. I think Katy or someone said that this was like the early version of the Holo Deck on Star Trek and I can’t help but think that and see it when I see things like this.

You really are only limited by your imagination in here. Do you wanna be a rock star, go sky diving, or just date that cheerleader you loved in school? Do you want to make an oval office room, dress up and make political commercials out of sound bites? Or have aliens land and take over? Wander around an alien space ship? It really is the holo deck and you can do anything or be anyone you want.

Send a joke to friends…

my sexy imvu friend made me laugh

sexy imvu koala bear pose
We all love to get messages. Whether it’s for a holiday, or something important or just something funny. I get a lot of stuff in my regular email that some people blast out to everyone and I read it if it’s short but don’t like to do that with email. But in here messages seem a little more personal. You can’t really blast them out as much so people don’t get as many and they seem more personal.

My friend Cindy, recently sent me two jokes about Koala bears that I thought were funny. They weren’t original, they’ve been out there for a little while if you google them. That really doesn’t matter though. The point here isn’t the joke, but just that sending a joke and making your friend smile and think of you is a good thing.

“A Koala bear walks into a bar and picks up a woman. Takes her back to his place and perfoms oral sex on her. After satisfying her he just gets up to leave. She insist that he stay longer. He hands her a handout from Australlia that idetifies him as an animal that “eats bushes and leaves.”

“So this koala bear is hanging out in a tree smoking weed when a lizard comes strolling across the branch and says “watcha doin there koala bear?” the koala answers “smoking some weed. you want some?” so the lizard agrees and they smoke a joint. well the lizard gets cotton mouth and decides hes gonna go out to the end of the branch and get some water out of the river. he gets down to the edge of the branch and falls in. he crawls up the bank and sees this gator hanging out. the gator asks him what he was doing. the lizard says ” well i was up in this tree here smoking weed with a koala bear and got cotton mouth so i went to the edge of that branch to get some water and i fell im the river.” the gator says “a koala bear and a lizard smokin weed? i gotta see this!” so the gator goes to the trunk of the tree and yells for the koala bear. the koala bear looks down and see the gator and says ” holy shit lizard! how much water did you drink!?!?” hehe “

Bonus giggle:
Q: What is a bear’s favorite drink?
A: Koka-Koala!

Kiss Me in IMVU

lots of imvu kisses


I put this post in the FRIENDS category because these are mostly all my friends, not random people. It was hard to pick and limit this. I probably could have included several times as many kisses and people if I had had time. But I wanted to make this as a video for the song. It’s actually what I see in my mind every time I hear this song. I hope you like it. Did you see yourself in it??

Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have

hapiness in imvu

hugging one of the must fun girls on imvu
I know I’m not the first person to say that but I really am having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have!  Sometimes I say it differently, that I’m the luckiest girl in Imvu. If you feel like you are, I won’t argue because I’m glad for you, especially if we are friends. But I have the most amazing loving friends, which you can see in here a little. 

I also have mind blowing once in a lifetime sexy adventures oh… at least several times a week. I get to basically live one fantasy after another.  My job so to speak, if you could call it that, is to live out fantasies and share them here, along with enough good advice and stories about Imvu to make it a valuable resource for everyone. 

I have several things irl that could probably depress me if I wasn’t here. My husband has had a lot of physical challenges and they are actually especially bad this past week.  But I am anything but depressed and am able to honestly whisper to him that I would do anything for him and help him much easier having this insane place. None of our realities are perfect. But this does fill a need and help me to be there more patiently and lovingly than I think I would have been able to be otherwise.  

kait i love you head sign cliffsSo I’m the luckiest girl in the world and having more fun than anyone should be allowed to have but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. The most amazing part though is being able to honestly say that in spite of everything else, not because of it. That really is very special and I appreciate IMVU very much. I hope you stick around and have at least half as much fun as I do.

How to start IMVU Fun in 1 sentence

how to start imvu sex

finding imvu sex opening lines
A lot of times I think people just don’t know how to get things started and one of the purposes of the site is to help make imvu sexy and fun for people. So I wanted to share an easy way to start the ball rolling.

Please sir, could you help me… My car broke down out on the road in the middle of a horrible thunder storm and you’re the only house for miles so I wanted to ask if I could borrow your phone and maybe stay until this storm passes.

You get bonus points if you have a thunderstorm mix and a wet T shirt to wear. Maybe a sexy bathrobe too. There are a lot of sexy imvu fantasies in the Fantasies section but you don’t have to make it elaborate. Just throw that out and start playing from there. The only thing I ask is that you post your experiences if you start with this opening.

Try something different!

imvu hell

hell in imvuOne of the best things about this crazy world is the variety and how easy it is to do such different and often amazing things. If you always tend to do something do something different. 

I don’t care if you like the poses in that room or you are afraid of role-play or vampires or whatever it is. Go in and play in a room you’ve never been in before. Exploring new rooms and new friends keep things exciting. 

I don’t care how long you’ve been here, you are only seeing a tiny sliver of this amazing world. Pick a new word to search on and go visit the first four star room that comes up for it or the one with the mist interesting picture. And when you get there play along and even ham it up a little.

Do this and leave a comment here about what you found. I’ll do the same thing!  Actually I’ll post this without a picture and add a picture or two after I do it too. 

Kaits week in Review

kaits crazy imvu adventures

Kait dancing with imvu family
I had an idea for a fun post. This doesn’t fit into any category exactly so I’ll stick in into About Me. I take a lot of pictures of everything I do in here. This morning I had 239 Megs of pics and a few video clips before lunch, (I know crazy right). Anyway I thought it might be fun to make a quick review of this past week in IMVU. It shows in a cute way the diversity of this crazy world and how much fun it can be. All I did was pick out a picture or two from each group and sort them by date order and throw in some music and a title.

No two people will ever have the same experience in here, and I admit this probably means more to me than anyone else watching this cause these are all memories to me. But it seems to make my sleep deprived week seem good and worthwhile somehow. My awesome friends are what made it so amazing, and you’ll see quick glances of them. I hope this says in an interesting way just a little bit of why IMVU is so addicting and can be so mind blowingly fun. It sort of shows why it feels like time passes quicker in here. It’s never boring and you never know what you’re going to be doing even an hour from now. It also shows why I feel like the luckiest girl in the world in here. Just another week in IMVU…