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Have a THEME Party

imvu green lanternHalloween is a great time to have a party, but you can do it ANY time really. Pick a really different room with a theme and make or send some costumes. The more unique or different it is better. These are the memories and times you’ll always remember and laugh about for a long time, and make your friendships so solid. You can’t help but laugh and have an awesome time, whether it’s a holiday theme, or motor cycle gang, or space station, super heros, Indians, mermaids, gangsters, or, or, or…. It’s a great way to build a strong group and great friendships. Any excuse for a party, and this is a great way to have a memorable party! (Search 1Krisslyn for these costumes and the room)

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Everyone Loves ALLY

I also recommend that you download it here if you want the HD version.

Missing You KRISWe’re doing something special tonight for Ally, one of my long time closest friends of all time. I was kind of naïve when I came here and didn’t know much about a lot of things especially collaring. I didn’t know what being a sub meant and I certainly didn’t know that I had any inclination in that direction.

imvu doll to be collaredA collaring ceremony is like a wedding in some ways in that it’s a commitment ceremony. Like a lot of things in here it has as much meaning as you give it, and making a special ceremony for it gives it more weight and makes it more meaningful.

welcome to imvu collaring ceremonyI videoed the collaring ceremony and added it here with pics and I wanted to say and do something special for Ally publicly because I really feel this and love her!

Doll imvu collaringWhat can I say about one of my closest friends for over two years? Beauty is just pixels in here but over time you get to see and know people from the inside out. And when I say Ally is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met, I don’t just mean in IMVU or just in pixels, which you can see but on the inside. She’s got an amazingly playful, adventurous passion, and if I had to pick one word to describe Ally more than anyone else, it would probably be FUN! She’s one of the best subs ever but she’s also got tremendous range. Most of all, she’s not only beautiful in here she’s truly beautiful inside and an amazing friend!

Merry Christmas to the most amazing friends

christmas cuddlesHave a Beary Merry ChristmasThe hardest part of Christmas here is trying to put into words how much such special people mean to me. The connections and friendships here are truly priceless. And even if this isn’t entirely what Christmas is about, the love you feel I feel in here is… Trying to explain how much my friends in here mean to me is like trying to explain how important Christmas or family is!

christmas girlsI can’t believe Christmas is here already. It seems like just the other day was Thanksgiving. This has been an especially hectic holiday for me and I haven’t got half of the things I wanted to done. So I apologize but I’m going to be late with some Christmas presents. Please forgive me and know how much you mean to me.

Don’t pressure or complain to your Friend

building lasting friendshipsDon’t make your definition of friendship, whether or not someone will leave their other friends to talk to you. Or even whether that person invites you. Some of my best friends don’t invite me much and vice versa. What matters is the connection you feel with that person.

If they are in a room go join them. Don’t invite them and expect them to leave their other friends. That’s the definition of the opposite of a friend. Your wife or lover might do that but not a “friend”. And anyone that puts requirements on being their friend clearly isn’t a friend anyway. Threatening to leave or unfriend someone for not spending enough time with you means you’re the one not being a friend. It’s ok to unfriend acquaintances. But if you’re doing it to be vindictive, then you’re the one that’s not being a friend. We all lose track of even some good people. There are only so many hours in a day and there are way more good people here than there’s time to see. the best friendships in the world can be built in imvu

Here are some good tips for building a friendship: If you really want to see someone that you’re not able to get time with, look for clues to who their friends are and try to make friends with them. Also search for their rooms and add them, or add any room you see them in to your favorite rooms. Never pressure someone in here to do anything, because they can just click away and pressure may back fire. Make them WANT to do it. Send them a nice roleplaying note with a gift that shows you shopped for something appropriate. Ask for a favor or for their opinion or tell them something small but kind of personal.