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Where do you start in IMVU

help getting started in IMVU

help getting started in IMVUIMVU will tell you how to log in, but where do go from there? If you have friends on here, start by looking to see which friends are online and where. It’s especially nice if you see some in a public room because you can go in and say hello more readily and can’t be declined.

If you don’t see any interesting friends to invite or go see, you can search for new people and invite people in IMVU directly (called Random Invites) but you’ll get a lot of rejection. I think a better way is to search chat rooms in a genre or theme you’re interested in. Chat rooms won’t reject you, and they tend to get you in front of better people than random invites.

meeting a group of friends makes this much more funYou may also find a close group of people that you like, that way. A group of IMVU friends is important and can be stronger and more fun than just individual connections and can lead to individual connections too. Being part of a group is also one of the best ways to get comfortable here and learn the basics is to find a group you enjoy and can feel a part of. Make sure you favorite the room because it’s easy to search just within your fav rooms to see if anyone is in your favorite rooms.

It’s fun to explore and meet new people but picking up where you left off with people you’ve already clicked with is usually much more fun. It helps if you can be consistent in your times online because you’ll meet people who are typically on that same time too which is nice.

An IMVU Review

imvu reviewsHere’s an interesting review of IMVU that I thought was interesting. I left a comment but also figured it might be good to have a few other users with positive experiences leave comments since so many of the people commenting clearly don’t know anything about this place. He sees it as a game of dressup a little but it’s been called a lot worse. I like this point he made about the social experience being more worthwhile than simply shooting bad guys. So for what it’s worth take a look at Rise and Shiny: IMVU

Explaining IMVU Photo Stream

There’s a new feature in IMVU called Photo Stream. This new future is at this moment only available for VIP’s and will be within a few weeks launched to the entire community.

Photo Stream allows IMVU members to capture and share their favorite IMVU moments with others! You can share and showcase your own photos and explore the latest fashion trends, décor styles and expressions of creativity by others. This is a way to make new friends who share your style and interests! IMVU also gives you as a bonus, 250 promotional credits for the first photo you share and 250 additional ones for the first “like” you get for that photo.

Use the camera tool to take your photos within your screen and then check the “[v] Share to my stream” option from the Save Photo dialog box. But be careful a couple people have accidentally shared pictures they didn’t mean to. Other people will see these photos in the recommended section of the stream, and could send you a friend invite or visit your IMVU home pages. They can also block and / or report you for inappropriate content if your pictures aren’t appropriate for everyone. So especially in the beginning be careful about any adult pictures here.

There’s a profit which are only for VIP Exclusive members. If you share a photo and someone purchases one or more products showcased in that photo, you earn 5% of the total purchase price for that order. The opportunity to earn these promotional credits is endless and I think this will be popular for developers to show off things.

IMVU is all about Friends

Exactly 7 months ago today, I stepped into IMVU. I didn’t know what it was or what I had gotten into. I was curious about being able to chat with people all over the world but I didn’t have a clue what to do or where to start or even if this was really what I wanted? It was fun to dress sexy and make different looks in IMVU, but choosing the right friends and build relationships can be very tricky! But after several weeks I met some people known and have become very special to me and I have to say, even a big part of my Life. Sometimes even bigger than my rl friends!!

Accepting people and building your friends list isn’t difficult in here, but finding the RIGHT people isn’t easy. Try to be yourself and be careful who you accept, ask before you send an invite. It takes some time before you know someone well enough to let your walls down speak and share your real heart felt feelings. Do not forget that behind all the pixels is someone with feelings and hopefully with their heart in the right place!

It feels really good to make close friends but it also hurts really bad when you lose that too. A little while ago I was thrown out of a room and immediately blocked by several people, wich I thought it where my friends simultaneously. At that moment I felt a lot of pain and briefly I thought that it could be better for me to leave IMVU. Luckily I stuck it out and made some new friends that I really love.

So as I look back after 7 months I can’t help but say the friends are amazing and why I’m here and what I love about IMVU. That’s why I wanted to shine the spotlight on all my dear, special friends. Ideally, I would like to thank everyone personally but I know they really appreciate this too and I won’t mention names so I don’t forget someone. The people who know me wwill smile when they read this. Thank you all for your sweet, loving and most dearest friendship in my life. I love you all so much…xxx

Like a teddy bear, full of love for my dear friends I like to say,
how you make my heart sing and how beautiful you are each day.
Your friendship and kindness makes me giggle always and today too,
I just love each day sharing my love and my friendship with you.

You all touched my heart and I thank you for the love we together share,
gives me giggles in my heart with the love together full of such care.
Like a teddy bear full of love and your precious friendship in every way,
I love you all my dear friends and this is all I needed to say…xxx

Silent Commands

secret to imvu triggers

secret to imvu triggersA lot of products, voices, and poses are triggered by either the menu when you right click on your avi, or by saying the trigger word. It’s easier for me to type the word (if I remember it) but it’s annoying having the trigger words show in the text or bubbles. It doesn’t show if you use the menu with a mouse but that can be a pain when you’re doing several things at the same time and when you have several things with commands on. But here’s a little trick you can use to hide the the triggers even when you type.

Just put a * /trigger. There has to be a space after the *. And another trick is that you can put several triggers on the same line like this: * /command1 /command2. Now I just want a list of all my triggers. I made some of those before and might make some online too in case that’s helpful too.

New to IMVU?

If you knew me back then I would give you a lot of hope!

One of my oldest outfits and my original room. I got angry at IMVU and threw all the furniture out one night, lol

If you’re brand new to IMVU, start by dressing. Experiment with how to change your clothing and how to save outfits. You get a few credits to start with, so buy something. One of the fun things to do here is shopping. Shop for a new imvu outfit or hair style to match how you look or want to look. If you get a few extra credits to start play with a few of the less obvious things like skins or avatars and try to get a smaller head as soon as you can too. Write something for your imvu profileand change your picture.

Go to an empty room to explore and get used to moving around a little. Learn to search rooms and add some to your favorites. Learn how to move your point of view and opening and closing windows. Learn the difference between clothing and items you wear with actions and furniture the owner adds to a room. Learn a couple basic actions, like how to hug and how to use the popup menu.

Once you’re comfortable with the IMVU basics try some rooms with other people. Remember the most important rule of thumb to follow is to try to say and do the things you would in real life. Observe more and try to be a part of the room or group you like best but keep exploring too.

Try to make a couple good friends but don’t friend request everyone to fast. Fav lots of rooms but go for quality over quantity in friends. And like real life, the best way to make a good friend is to be honest and open and be a good friend. Also realize that although there aren’t many rules the people that try hard to do a good job and fit in have a lot more fun.

A current outfit and look :-)

You don't have to be perfect to have a lot of fun. Trust me I've just made more mistakes than most people in here.

Find a room with people dancing to start with, it’s an easy thing to start with. Beaches are also good rooms to start with since they tend to be easy going party type places. Avoid serious role playing rooms till you’re more comfortable and experienced as they require elaborate costumes, talking in character and because they tend to be less forgiving to new people.

There are a few more things you can do As you get comfortable with things. Learn how to use the friends page to send messages and invite. Explore your settings and preferences a little bit.

Avoid buying furniture and many rooms until you are really comfortable with it. If anything, just get a nice fully furnished room to invite people to or learn how to invite someone by name to a public room because there are always a lot of fun empty rooms too.

I spent almost 2 weeks staying in empty rooms afraid to talk to anyone. I was so afraid of everything in here when I started this. If I can get this far almost anyone can. Believe me, this can definitely be amazingly fun and addictive if you give it a chance.

To show your Location or not?

imvu beach girls

should you show your imvu locationi status?
Someone asked me this and it’s a good question that can be very important.   I think this was actually a factor in the breakup I had with a former girlfriend. She and her friend saw I was in a sex room and her friend made comments about it and it hurt my GF and our relationship. 

There are times when it’s appropriate to show your location, like when you want friends to come by and there are times when you don’t want other friends finding you.  I switch it back and forth a lot but this inevitably leads to mistakes sometimes too. 

The funniest story about leaving my location on has to be about 7 or 8 months ago. My then girl friend and I played a game and I had to seduce someone in a back alley room, nut not just anyone, the scariest looking full blown demon.  I’m getting into it and playing it up and in walks my good friend Kim. She’s one of the classiest friends and so sweet and sitting there next to Holly eating popcorn while I’m having sex with a demon. It was funny but also so embarrassing. 

So the moral of the story is don’t leave your location on when you don’t want your friends to see where you are. And leave it on if you want people to be able to come and see you. That may sound obvious but like I said, this is one of the mistakes I’ve made and had to learn the hard way.