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Why does it get better and better?

imvu loveOne of my best friends, says this all the time. It’s going to get better and better from here. And I didn’t believe her at first because it was already amazing, but honestly it really does seem to keep getting better and better. I was trying to think about that and understand why that is.

Most of us go through the Random sex stage. But as fun as that seems at the time we tend to go back to the one that seemed really good. Then we realize that as exciting as the new person and spontaneous situation can feel, sharing the passion with someone you really care about is much more intense.

So it’s easy to understand that it gets better as you move from the random stage as youo move into a relationship. But why does it seem to get better and better even in the relationship stage?

There's more than one kind of closeness in imvu

You can’t see it there but we’re holding hands!

I think the answer is that the more you share, the more connected you are, the more powerful it gets, and therefore the more you share and then connected you become. And so forth and so on. This spiraling, as you get to know someone, opening up and learning the turn ons if your partner, is awesome. Sure we tend to get blind, and we do fill in the blanks of the other person with what we want to see. But this is one of the most amazing things you will experience in here and it’s so addictive.

more rowingHow could you not want to come here and have that kind of love and experience? And along the way, I think we also tend to get trained, to see someone and connect the feelings you’ve had with them before. I see my lover and suddenly all the passion we’ve shared wants to come flooding back in. I feel like pavlov’s dog, seeing my love and bells start ringing in my head! Except it’s not my mouth that starts watering. giggle giggle…

Imvu and Vacations

dirtyroleplaygirl showing me her new dungeon sex room with machine and new poses (13)Vacations can be an issue when you’re really addicted. I admit I’ve had trouble tearing myself away at times for vacations. I know I’m sick. I’ve sat out on the balcony late at night on vacation more than I want to admit. I even remember this on small hotel room in Disney where I sat on the bathroom floor till I couldn’t stand up.

Internet connections can also be such a pain. One hotel had free Internet but it was so slow it barely worked at all. I could load a room that i had opened recently and had in cache, if I waited long enough but everyone stayed as Granny Ghosts. It was such a pain. It definitely made me miss everyone! We all go away but absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I’ll certainly be here waiting for you when you get back. The picture below to the left was just friends talking about missing Katy when she was away. We’re all so glad she’s home and missed her a LOT!

missing katyI try not to let my addiction affect my plans too much but it’s hard not to think about that when we talk about summer vacations and plans. I know we all need a break and I need to get away sometimes, but honestly I’m happier staying home than I used to be. Most people will probably think this just shows I’m a fool, but promise you I’m the happiest fool you ever met!

This place encourages Bad Behavior

my imvu bad girl Mistress

the super sexy bad girl of imvuThere are a couple churches here and some people that bring a wholesome attitude here. But there is something about the anonymity and safety of it that allows people to be much worse in here than they ever could be in real life. It’s a fantasy and I get that, as much as anyone, believe me. And we all have a dark side and it’s an awesome feeling being able to let that lose and share with people who really want that too. But this is also why it’s not appropriate for minors. IMVU can also be addictive and if you spend too much time here per day, it can make you crazy. I have seen people spend literally 60 or more hours per week here and it definitely makes you a little crazy.

I guess if you played video games for 60 hours a week it would probably make you crazy too. I think this place works on your head more though. It’s not just that you get bleary eyed like you would from shooting aliens or bad guys all day, but your emotions get bleary eyed in here. Everyone has a different tolerance and different life situations. I can’t say go get a life, because this is the majority of my social life too in a lot of ways. And if I didn’t have a family and kids I’d probably be even worse too, I’m sure.

my imvu bad girl MistressThe point is though if you are young and or have an addictive personality type, please be extra careful. It’s amazingly fun, but anything good can create issues if you abuse it. And there are always people wanting to keep you here but you have to let go and keep it in perspective sometimes too. As much as I don’t want to leave and dread missing this while I’m vacation with my family I know I need that too. And you know you do too.

Is IMVU Bad or Fake?

IMVU bad girls dancing

bad girls on imvu
Is email or texting less effective than talking or evil because you’re not actually talking to someone? Is it fake or stupid because you don’t really see the person you’re talking to? It certainly doesn’t replace talking to people in real life. You could say that email is fake or facebook friends are fake in a sense. I feel closer and more connected to friends on here than ones that I email with. There are people that get carried away with it and take it too far and spend too much time doing that. You could say that IMVU is more sexual, but a lot of people say that facebook has ruined their marriage when they hooked back up with people through it. So is facebook evil or bad?

The answer is that it’s not if you use it reasonably. Anything can be damaging or bad if you use it wrong or overdo it. Fast food or even vitamins can be bad for you if you don’t eat anything else. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to eat any fast food or vitamins. Yes, IMVU is addicting, but playing online games is addicting too. There are a lot of situations where IMVU can be really beneficial for people, giving them a social life that they wouldn’t have been able to have as much otherwise. I guess anything that is beneficial and so much fun is going to be addicting to some degree. And if you abuse anything it can have a downside.

I admit that I probably spend too much time on here. But the incredible fun and gratification you get here is still better for me than anything else, even when I divide it by the number of hours I’m here. So as long as it doesn’t cross over into real life, and I’m not spending too much money or taking too much time away from my family to hurt things significantly here, I think it’s a good thing. We are off the edge of the map to some degree, doing something so new that there really aren’t always answers. I guess that’s part of the reason I started this to try and figure these things out a little.

This is just one view though and there are probably as many different answers to this as there are different situations. So this is one post I think a number of people will be able to wade in on and add some perspective to.