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Send a joke to friends…

my sexy imvu friend made me laugh

sexy imvu koala bear pose
We all love to get messages. Whether it’s for a holiday, or something important or just something funny. I get a lot of stuff in my regular email that some people blast out to everyone and I read it if it’s short but don’t like to do that with email. But in here messages seem a little more personal. You can’t really blast them out as much so people don’t get as many and they seem more personal.

My friend Cindy, recently sent me two jokes about Koala bears that I thought were funny. They weren’t original, they’ve been out there for a little while if you google them. That really doesn’t matter though. The point here isn’t the joke, but just that sending a joke and making your friend smile and think of you is a good thing.

“A Koala bear walks into a bar and picks up a woman. Takes her back to his place and perfoms oral sex on her. After satisfying her he just gets up to leave. She insist that he stay longer. He hands her a handout from Australlia that idetifies him as an animal that “eats bushes and leaves.”

“So this koala bear is hanging out in a tree smoking weed when a lizard comes strolling across the branch and says “watcha doin there koala bear?” the koala answers “smoking some weed. you want some?” so the lizard agrees and they smoke a joint. well the lizard gets cotton mouth and decides hes gonna go out to the end of the branch and get some water out of the river. he gets down to the edge of the branch and falls in. he crawls up the bank and sees this gator hanging out. the gator asks him what he was doing. the lizard says ” well i was up in this tree here smoking weed with a koala bear and got cotton mouth so i went to the edge of that branch to get some water and i fell im the river.” the gator says “a koala bear and a lizard smokin weed? i gotta see this!” so the gator goes to the trunk of the tree and yells for the koala bear. the koala bear looks down and see the gator and says ” holy shit lizard! how much water did you drink!?!?” hehe “

Bonus giggle:
Q: What is a bear’s favorite drink?
A: Koka-Koala!

Laughter and Orgasms

I love you

“Laughter may be the best medicine but orgasms are the best happiness pills…”

~Kaitlyn :)

Tag Lines

IMVU Taglines entered in Account PageThis is just a list of fun tag lines I’ve used in here. It’s just to give you some ideas. Please post your own, anything you like in comments or message me a list and I’ll add them.

IMVU is Swedish for NO SLEEP
In imvu safe sex means a towel nearby
The internet your mother warned you about
Shopping, dancing, friends and sex. What’s not to like?
I’m just drawn that way
What’s a MILF anyway?
last chance before, world ends! (worked on 5/20/11)
It’s High School, without any teachers or Rules
We don’t just EMBRACE INSANITY here. We feel it up, French kiss it & then buy it a drink
God made man then he made woman to give man a brain
Welcome to the edge of insanity
Sleep deprivation is your friend.
Les is more, more or less.
Scrape the Burnt part off
Warning!! Real people behind these avitars
the Serial Snuggler and intimacy slut
It’s more than a game and less than real life.
I don’t care who you are, that’s sexy!
For erections lasting more than 4 hrs invite me!
Any time not spent on love is wasted. -Torquato Tasso

Role Playing should be fun

Role Playing is simply acting and behaving to fit into the story, or playing the proper role. People sometimes make a big deal about role playing, like it has to be hard or complicated. I found this funny clip on youtube that made me laugh and showed how comical it can be playing along. You have to have fun and ham it up. It makes it much more fun! What is your favorite role playing scenario or fantasy??

Fun Message from IMVU Neighborhood Watch

imvu security, neighboorhood watch, joke,
WARNING: This is IMVU Security. Someone has been seen reading your profile and visiting your home page frequently. We believe they may be stalking you and even trying to get close to and take advantage of you. If you see any suspicious activity, please reply to this message right away and we will send someone over to investigate more thoroughly. In the mean time, dress in sexy clothes and keep plenty of alcohol on hand, and check your batteries, in case of emergencies.

~~IMVU neighborhood watch!