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Dirty Hotel Room

play dirty hotel in imvu room

play dirty hotel in imvu roomDisclaimer: This one isn’t so much a fantasy as much as a booty call when you just want dirty sex. Use this when you’re in the middle of things and your partner crashes and you don’t have much time. There’s just something very sexy about a cheap hotel room like this. You wouldn’t want to use that all the time but it can be very sexy.

Your opening is important and starting things off right is the key.

For girls:
Taking the fist full of bill and tucking it into my purse as I pull out a condom and turn back to you with a smile. I unbutton my top flashing my breasts and my best Fuck me smile, while stepping closer and gently rubbing your growing cock through your pants.

For Guys:
It’s been so long since we’ve been together, and after trying so many hotels with no rooms available, I didn’t care where we went or how cheap the hotel room is, I can hardly keep my hands off of you.
As the door closes I take your hand in mine pulling you close, my arms slide around you holding you in a warm embrace.
Your beauty stirs me as I breath in you perfume and lean close to kiss you.
Pressing you against the wall as we kiss, the closeness is intoxicating.

Oh I forgot this is the room if you’re interested.